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									                     Hopewell Hospice & Paradise Kids
                                      Gold Coast, Australia
                            Living Well, Dying Well
    An Integral Approach to Spiritual Care at the End of
                     Life… and Before
    Some cultures talk about “walking with death at your left shoulder” as a way to live more fully.
      On his deathbed Socrates told his students to practice dying as the highest form of wisdom.
  Some students asked their spiritual Teacher how to practice dying – “Live fully” said the Teacher.
                   “How do we do that?” they asked. “Practise dying” was the reply.
Unless you have prepared for your own death, it is difficult to find true empathy for those who are
nearing the end of their life journey a little sooner than you. This program emphasises that doing
your own inner work and examining your own thoughts and feelings about death and dying will not
only support you in your own life journey but will enable you to offer compassionate care to others.
The two-day experiential workshop prepares participants to work with those who are dying, at the
Hospice, at home, in Nursing Homes, Hospitals or for their own loved ones. It provides information,
skills and spiritual practices to live more fully in the present moment so that when the end of life
comes, whether for a person diagnosed with a terminal illness or your own inevitable end of life,
there can be a sense of completion and peace.
This highly experiential workshop reflects Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach and in-
         A brief outline of Wilber’s Integral Approach to Hospice and Palliative Care
          Meditation, Centering and Relaxation Techniques as a transformative practice
         Unfinished Business, Forgiveness and Shadow Work
         Reflect on your own death through meditation, journaling and story telling
         Body Work as a way to connect with our life story
         Creating Ritual and Sacred Space
Presenters: Deirdre Hanna, Patrick Lynch, Sarah Forman and Cath Maddox (Details over.)
• “Loved being here and to feel my heart open safely in the presence of sacred community is what
   I miss in my lifestyle.” Colleen, Hospice RN
• “The facilitators create a wonderful space for deep inner exploration with skill, integrity, compas-
   sion and a good dose of humour!” Tess C, Psychologist
• “What an experience!! The space created by the facilitators and participants made it safe and
   exciting to explore some challenging and very personal material.” Tracie S, Social Worker/ Psy-
• “The facilitation by Cath, Deirdre & Patrick allowed me to find new depths to my connection with
   my intuition and my spirit. It gave me a freedom to write from my heart in a way I hadn’t ex-
   perienced before.” Sean P, Massage Therapist
     Expressions of Interest for Living Well, Dying Well
                      Course in the UK
                                       July 2010
                                ₤200 for 2-day workshop
Name:                                                           Phone:
Email:                                                          Postcode:
                      Email or
                                         or fax to 61 7 5563 3139:
             Hopewell Hospice Services Inc. Paradise Kids and Living Well Centre, PO Box 1290,
            RUNAWAY BAY, QLD, Australia 4216 or
                                  The Hopewell Centre
Hopewell Hospice is an eight-bed residential hospice on the Gold Coast, Qld. Australia, founded
in 1973 by Deirdre Hanna and Rev Dr Ian Mavor, OAM.
Paradise Kids, founded in 1996, is a Division of Hopewell Hospice Services Inc and supports over
500 children and their families experiencing loss
and grief each year, as well as children and their
families dealing with chronic or life-limiting illness.
The Living Well Centre, Transformative
Education in Palliative Care & Grief Counselling and
Integral Retreats
Deirdre Hanna:
President, Founder and Executive Director of Hope-
well Hospice and Paradise Kids, Deirdre has 20
years of experience with Hospice care. Her
qualifications include Bachelor of Theology (BTh);
Churchill Fellow (Spiritual Care of Cancer Patients, 1995); Certificate in Transpersonal Psychother-
apy and Counselling; studies at the University of Creation Spirituality; Multi-Disciplinary Certificate
in Hospice Care, St Christopher’s London; Certificate in Mindfulness Meditation, Massachusetts Medi-
cal School Mind-Body Stress Reduction Clinic; Certificate in Spiritual Retreat Leading and Direction,
Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics; and Diploma in Swedish Massage. Zonta Gold Coaster of the Year
(for the founding of Hopewell), The City of Gold Coast Women at Work wonderful 20th Century Gold
Coast Women Award, for founding Hopewell and Paradise Kids, winner of the Gold Coast Bulletin
Community Service Medal, 2007, member of the Churchill Fellows Association. It is through
Deirdre’s passion for and exploration of many areas of spirituality and health that she has acquired
the skills to lead THE HOPEWELL CENTRE into a new era of care and compassion.
Cath Maddox:
Currently the Coordinator of the Hopewell Living Well Centre, Cath is also a Churchill Fellow (Spiri-
tual Care of the Bereaved through End-of-life Review, 2008). A registered nurse, she pursued her
passion for complementary therapy while her children were small, and volunteered for many years
as a Reiki practitioner. She has a Graduate Certificate in Grief and Loss from UQ and has just com-
pleted a Graduate Diploma in Counselling from UNE. She has studied Mindfulness-based Core Proc-
ess Therapy and attended and assisted on a number of workshops in relationship to this. For the
past 3-and-a-half years she has served as Hospice Volunteer Coordinator and then as Coordinator of
Counselling, Education and Spiritual Care.
Patrick Lynch, B.Soc.Wk, MAASW; B.Appl.Sc (Physiotherapy)
Currently the Manager of Counselling Services at Paradise Kids and Hopewell Hospice Patrick has
over 20 years experience as a counsellor/psychotherapist. Originally trained as an Osteopath and
then as a Physiotherapist Patrick has a strong orientation towards the inclusion of the body in any
integrative practice. Extensive training in Arnold Mindell’s Process Orientated Psychology, combined
with a strong interest in Dreamwork, Breathwork, the work of Byron Katie and Shamanistic Ally work
means that Patrick’s approach to counselling and teaching is rich and varied. An experienced
Teacher and Workshop facilitator Patrick recently presented a paper ‘How to use imagery rescripting
in resolving complications associated with grief that involves trauma’ at the 8th International Con-
ference on Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society in July, 2008.
Sarah Forman, B. Couns. Masters of Counselling; Cert. Dance Movement Therapy
Sarah is a qualified and experienced counsellor/psychotherapist and workshop facilitator. Sarah cur-
                        rently specialises in Relationship Counselling and Dance and Movement
                        Therapy with extensive experience in a broad range of areas, allowing the
                        development of an approach that integrates emotional, physical, intellectual
                        and spiritual elements. Her strong interest in body psychotherapy led her to
                        study Dance and Movement Therapy (an embodied arts based psychotherapy)
                        at the International Dance and Movement Therapy Institute of Australia in
                        Melbourne. As well as raising three children, Sarah’s background includes
                        physical education, personal training, massage, Reiki and numerous courses
                        associated with holistic health and well being. She worked for 6 years at a
                        leading Australian Health Retreat facilitating Dance Therapy Classes and
                        conducting Individual Counselling sessions.

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