; Manifestation and The Law Of Attraction
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Manifestation and The Law Of Attraction


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Manifestation and The Law Of Attraction

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You can manifest your heart's desire if you get in touch with your Higher

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Yes, you can have anything your heart desires through applying the
universal law of attraction. However, the key is to really be in touch
with your Higher Self in order for your true heart’s desire to manifest
for you on a conscious level. If a desire comes to you which is
primarily revealed only through your personal ego – your lower self –
without actual guidance from your Higher Self, then this desire has a
lesser chance of manifesting.

How then do you tap into that part of you which is in touch with your
Higher Self ? The key is through meditation. By stilling the body and
the mind and allowing your Higher consciousness to flow through you in
order to guide and direct your true desires. Turning your energies
inward and closing off all outside distractions allows you to focus your
attention on your Higher consciousness which resides at the center of
your mind.

Now, once you are in touch and aligned with your true heart’s desire as
revealed by your Higher Self, you can begin to apply various
manifestation concepts to nourish your desire and bring it into fruition.

This is where the fun really begins!!!!

How To Manifest What You Truly Want For Your Life

Apply the following techniques in order to manifest your heart’s desire:

First, calm your body and your mind by sitting in a quiet place, close
your eyes, and turn your attention inward and focus on your third eye
between your eyebrows. Take 3 deep breaths-in through the nose and out
through the mouth. As you exhale, repeat the sound of “aah.” Next,
breathe in through your nose and exhale through your nose and focus on
your breath. Do this 3 times. Now that your body and mind are relaxed,
you can begin to visualize your desire as it is revealed to you.

Once you have experienced what you feel is a true desire, then you can
begin to visualize this desire in great detail already fulfilled in your
mind’s eye. Create a mental movie of this desire in as much detail as
possible. Use all your senses to see, hear, touch, taste, and above all,
feel, the end result in your mind’s eye.

Capture the feeling state associated with your desire. Would you feel
strong, powerful,love,peace,joy, having achieved your desire? The feeling
state linked to the visualization fuels the flame to manifest your

Practice these techniques on a regular basis and make miracles happen in
your life!!!!

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