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					 Issue 5 : Volume 4
   December 2009                                   CITY OF HULL OLYMPIC GYMNASTICS CLUB 
                                            AFTER MANY PROMISES WE NOW SEEM UNABLE
                                            FIND OUT ABOUT THE PIT ROOM.

                                             As many of you know, Hull Leisure have
                                             promised for the last two and a half years
                                             that the pit room would be refurbished and
                                             brought back in to use. Many of us
                                             remember Councillor Minns sat at a table in
                                             Woodford main hall when he promised
                                             Woodford would reopen. He specifically
                                             stated that this would include the                 YEGA Competition Success
                                             gymnastics facility. At that meeting, the          For Recreational and Intermediate
                                             vast majority of the audience were                 Classes
                                             gymnasts, parents and coaches from this
                                             club and others.                                   Gymnasts from these classes entered the
                                                                                                YEGA Floor and Vault Team competitions.
                                             You might wonder then why two and a half           The U8s team of Ellie Creighton, Sophie
                                             years later the gymnastics pit facility is still   ulford, Charlotte Dearlove, Zoe Dyble and
                                             being used as a store room. It was almost          Isabelle King won the bronze medal.
                                             ironic when we noticed a nice new plan of          The 13+ team, Lauren Atkinson, Bethany
                                             Woodford Leisure Centre on the wall in             Atkinson and Sophie Waudby won Silver.
                                             reception, which clearly shows the                 Congratulations to you all.
                                             gymnastics pit. We will of course continue to
                                             try to raise a response from Hull Leisure but      Other Clubs and Venues
                                             remain very disheartened, while we
                                             continue to train in different venues across       Even though we moved back into Woodford
                                             East Yorkshire.                                    on Fridays and Saturdays this is not enough
                                                                                                time for our Competition Classes. Some of
                                             Spectacular Competition Success                    them train for 14 hours each week. We
                                                                                                continue to be hugely grateful to Wolds
                                             The autumn time includes the Yorkshire
                                                                                                Gymnastics Club in Driffield and All Saints
                                             East Gymnastics Association's team
                                                                                                C. E. Junior School in Hessle.
                                             competitions. This year as ever the club
                                             entered several teams, mostly from the
                                             competition classes, but also some of the
                                             intermediate and recreational gymnasts
                                                                                                Keep up to date with what is happening in
      After our last                         entered the floor and vault.
                                                                                                the club or with important dates and
  newsletter, news on
                                                                                                competitions by visiting our website. The
 the pit room appears                        The U10s Level 7 Four Piece Team of Katie
                                                                                                address is
    to have stopped                          Corns, Jennifer Mearns and Freya Noman
         coming.                             won by 3 points. The U12's Level 7 Four
                                                                                                You may notice that at some point in
                                             Piece Team of Courtney Alderson, Louise
                                                                                                December the web site had a bit of a face
 Club's gymnasts end                         Craggs and Rosie Upton won by an
                                                                                                lift! Our thanks to Dave Williamson for
  the year on a high,                        incredible 6 points. As Natalie later told the
                                                                                                offering us a better service than the take
 winning many more                           Hull Daily Mail, "When you can lose a
                                                                                                away web site I originally constructed a
        medals.                              competition by 0.1, this is an outstanding
                                                                                                couple of years ago.
  Congratulations to                                                                            The website contains many of the forms and
   Lynn Yates after                          The club entered one U12 level 5 team and
                                                                                                documents we are unable to display at
   becoming a Club                           one U10 level 5 team. In the event the U10
                                                                                                present at Woodford Leisure Centre.
  Judge, and to Mrs                          team ended up competing at U12 because
 Laws for revalidating                       there were no other teams at that level and
                                                                                                Club Welfare Officer
as a Club Judge again.                       age to compete against them. The U10
                                             team of Jessica Cox and Rebecca Goodwin
Simon Mearns is                       now                                                       Until now Natalie has served as the club's
                                             came 3rd and the U12 team of Katie Hunt,
qualified as a Regional                                                                         welfare officer. From the start of this month
                                             Emily Charlton and Emily Wilkinson won by
         Judge.                                                                                 Emily Charlton's mum, Elaine Charlton, has
                                             3 points. Again, both teams performed
                                                                                                taken over this position. A picture will
                                             really well, with Emily Wilkinson particularly
Several coaches aim to                                                                          appear on the club notice board after
                                             worthy of a special mention, giving a career
 do the next stage of                                                                           Christmas for those of you who don't know
                                             best performance on beam, including a
 training (See Story)                                                                           her. Natalie will now serve as deputy
                                             cartwheel, straight into a tuck back
                                                                                                welfare officer
                               My Point Of View - By Emily Wilkinson            Coach Education 
                               Another year gone by and still travelling to
                                                                                Several of our coaches are just about to
                               various training venues, but still going
                                                                                undertake further training in the New Year.
                               strong. It all kicked off with the grades
                                                                                Becky Crisp and Di Craggs are about to do
                               which are very nerve wracking for the
                                                                                the Level 2 Women's Artistic Gymnastics
CITY OF HULL GYMNASTICS CLUB   gymnasts as they know they need to pass.
                               Luckily everybody that entered passed. We
                               have had new faces join and sadly old
                                                                                course and Lynn Yates will do her Level 3
                                                                                at Easter, less than a year after completing
                                                                                her Level 2. Simon is planning to do a
                               faces leave.
                                                                                Level 4 Women's Artistic Course also at
                                                                                Easter which will, if he successfully
                               It feels an honour to be in the competition
                                                                                completes the course, mean Hull has a
                               class because all the little ones look up to
                                                                                level 4 coach for the first time in many
                               you. It is very hard work and can be
                               frustrating when you can't get something
                               right, but very rewarding when you win
                               medals, which we have won at nearly
                               every competition.

                               The fundraising committee have made the
                               club proud. We got to dance at Craven Park
                               where the mighty Hull Kingston Rovers
                               play and won a great match. We raised
                               over £400 pounds.

                               It's good belonging to the club where the
                               coaches are nice and we have a good team
                               of girls that get on.

                               Thanks for reading.

                               Emily Wilkinson

                               Fundraising Activities

                               Many thanks to the fundraising committee
                               for the amazing work they have been doing
                               recently. The team have organised a
                               variety of events, ranging from the group
                               routine performed at half time at Hull K.R.
                               that Emily mentioned above to events like
                               the race night organised by Martine.
                               Jeanette and Anne have also run a Build-a-
                               bear event and a tombola for the
                               Christmas Competition. Perhaps the
                               biggest event has been the Christmas
                               raffle. Many thanks to all of you for making
                               this so successful.

                               All of this fundraising is aimed at paying for
                               the £3000 worth of new equipment that
                               the club has ordered recently. The first of
                               these items is the new beam which was
                               bought from the O2 Arena, after the World
                               Championships. The girls can now say they
                               have been on the same beam as Beth
                               Tweddle and the rest of the worlds elite

                                  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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