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					Curious about “what really lies behind the pepper spray incident and Jean   and international justice issues. He is the author of Silent Coup:
Chrétien”? Dr. Tony Clarke may have some answers, says UW’s director        Confronting the Big Business Takeover of Canada (1997), and founder
of Canadian studies, Dr. Bob Needham.                                       and director of the Ottawa-based Polaris Institute, “an agency designed to
    Clarke, the Stanley Knowles visiting professor in Canadian studies      enable citizen movements to rebuild their capacities for democratic social
this fall, will speak tomorrow night on “Challenging the Corporate          change in an age of increasing economic globalization and corporate
Security State: The Search for Democratic Alternatives.” The lecture will   rule.”
be given in the Humanities Theatre, Hagey Hall, at 7:30 p.m. Free tickets      Based at St. Paul’s, which administers the Canadian studies program,
are available from St. Paul’s United College at 885-1460.                   the visiting professorship was initiated in 1996. Last month, as part of the
    As part of the visiting professor program, Clarke is also teaching a    program’s lecture series, Canadian historian Dr. Olive Patricia Dickason
Canadian studies course (365K), Issues in Corporate Power and Political     spoke on “Recognized at Last? — Reflections on the Royal Commission
Ethics, which is examining the “increasing political power of               of Aboriginal People”.
transnational corporations” and the impact on nation states.                   Clark will also speak next Wednesday, Remembrance Day, at a ser-
    Clarke has worked extensively with churches across Canada in the        vice from 10:45 to 11:15 a.m. at the Chapel of St. Bede, Renison College.
development of social policy documents and plans of action on national

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