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Holmesglen is a leader in Australian vocational and higher education. Since its
inception in 1982 it has grown from a delivery of 90 programs to 7,000 students, to
its current offering of over 600 programs to more than 50,000 students including
4,000 international students.

Courses offered at Holmesglen are suitable for those who are interested in
receiving a practical education that provides hands-on skills and experience. Our
extensive range of industry approved and respected courses will provide students
with a pathway to university and professional qualifications. Holmesglen works
closely with prestigious universities in Melbourne to provide attractive pathway
opportunities for students into Bachelor and Master degrees. In addition,
Holmesglen continues to increase its own range of degrees, providing students
with a distinct difference to other degrees with the applied nature of the teaching,
and recognition by the relevant professional bodies.

Awards granted by Holmesglen are accredited by the Victorian Government and
are recognized throughout Australia. Awards are granted at Certificate, Diploma,
Bachelor Degree and Graduate Certificate levels.

Situated across three campuses in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne,
Holmesglen’s campuses are close to shops, parks, recreation facilities and within
easy access of public transport and only 20-30 minutes from the city centre.

Holmesglen is open seven days a week. This allows students to undertake
additional studies at the weekend or to repeat subjects. All Institute facilities are
available at the weekend. Holmesglen recognizes the additional difficulties
international students face in adapting to a new lifestyle and culture, as well as
differing approaches to study.

An international focus
Holmesglen has been offering courses to international students for more than 20
years and was the first TAFE institution to offer university pathway programs. Today
we offer students guaranteed pathways to Monash University, Deakin University, La
Trobe University and Swinburne University of Technology. Holmesglen also offers
its own degrees in Business, Building, Screen Production, Nursing and Early
Childhood Education as well as offering two Charles Sturt University degrees.

Services and facilities
Since 2001, Holmesglen has invested over $40 million across its three campuses to
ensure students experience the best possible education and training facilities
available. The Learning Commons library areas are among the most up-to-date and
sophisticated of their kind in Victoria. Most classrooms feature audio-visual facilities,
and new buildings on all three campuses have provided more space and updated
facilities for teaching.

Holmesglen: IC:LB 7-Apr-2009 Q:\CLP\International\Louise\IC Website\Website 2009 amended.doc
Holmesglen provides a complete range of support services to assist international
students. All services and facilities are available to all international students studying
at Holmesglen. Services and facilities include:

        Recreation and social activity program
        Assisting with finding employment
        Counselling services
        Prayer rooms
        On campus cafeterias and nearby restaurant and fast food outlets
        Fitness centres
        Clubs and societies
        Computing facilities (free internet and email access)
        Flexible Learning Centre for English language learning
        On campus medical centre

Accommodation and airport reception
The following accommodation options are available:
    Institute-owned off-campus accommodation.
   Cost: $160 per week includes utilities but not food or cleaning expenses.
   Minimum 10 weeks’ booking required. Students are required to provide their own
   bed linen. Holmesglen can provide a linen/bedding package at a cost of $210
   prior to arrival.
   Homestay accommodation
   Students live with an Australian family.
   Accommodation Placement Fee of $260 includes airport reception and transport
   to the accommodation. Cost: $240 per week includes 3 meals a day.
   Hostel accommodation
   Accommodation Placement Fee of $260 includes airport reception and transport
   to the accommodation. Cost depends on length of stay, single or shared
   accommodation, full or half board.
   International House / Cherry Tree Village / CampusWalk apartments
   Furnished townhouses and apartments.
   Cost: $220-265 per week.

Other costs
It is recommended that students have at least $3,000 on arrival in Melbourne to
cover the cost of temporary accommodation, purchase of extra clothing and the
setting up costs of permanent accommodation. These costs may include one
month’s rent, one month’s bond, household goods, furniture and service connection

Melbourne is a reasonably priced city providing good quality affordable living.
Students will need approximately $18,000 per year (excluding tuition fees) to cover
their living expenses.

Holmesglen: IC:LB 7-Apr-2009 Q:\CLP\International\Louise\IC Website\Website 2009 amended.doc

English Language (ELICOS) Programs
English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

The Holmesglen Language Centre is committed to providing students with top-
quality education and training. Recognized internationally as a provider of English
language training, the Centre offers intensive English language courses accredited
by the Australian Government.

Our student body is made up of people from many nationalities. This allows our
students not only to experience Australia’s exciting multiculturalism, but also to
make friends with people from every part of the world. Students enjoy small
classes and modern facilities under the guidance of well-qualified and highly
experienced language teachers. The Institute has modern facilities and an up-to-
date, communicative approach to English teaching. Students studying English
language programs have access to a modern and well-equipped Flexible Learning

General English Language Programs
  Certificates I – III in Spoken & Written English
  Certificate III in English as a Second Language (Access or Further Study)
  These programs aim to provide English language skills to students from non-
  English speaking backgrounds from beginner to advanced levels. The courses
  give practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as help with
  grammar and pronunciation.

Business English
  English for Work (Office)
  This is a twenty-week advanced level English course designed to provide
  students with the language skills required in an office environment. It would be
  suitable for students intending to study or work in the fields of office
  administration, accounting, trade, tourism or business.

English and Study Skills Programs
  Beginner Study Skills and Study Skills
  These are a four-week Study Skills and English language intensive programs
  commencing in early January and late May every year. Each program is 24
  hours per week and is designed for students who are preparing for further study
  in Australia.

     English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
     This is a twenty-week advanced level course aiming to provide students of non-
     English speaking backgrounds with the language, cross-cultural communication
     and study skills needed to undertake vocational or higher education in Australia.

English for Specific Purposes

Holmesglen: IC:LB 7-Apr-2009 Q:\CLP\International\Louise\IC Website\Website 2009 amended.doc
Holmesglen also offers a number of one semester (20 week) advanced level
English courses which focus on developing students’ English language skills in a
number of different work environments. All courses include a period of industry
placement and commence in January and July each year.

     English for Accountants
     The course has been designed for overseas-trained accountants and focuses on
     developing students’ technical English, communication skills and knowledge of
     professional work environments in Australia.

     English for Business Professionals
     This course has been designed for overseas trained IT engineers, technical and
     business professionals and focuses on developing students’ workplace English
     communication skills and knowledge of practices in a technical and professional
     work environment in Australia.

     English for Engineers
     This course is for overseas-trained engineers and focuses on developing
     students’ technical English, communication, computer and job seeking skills. It
     also provides students with knowledge of practices that exist in the professions
     that have an engineering focus in the Australian work environment.

     English for Health Professionals
     This course is for overseas-trained health professionals including doctors,
     nurses, dentists, veterinary scientists, physiotherapists and pharmacists who
     wish to prepare for the Occupational English Test (OET) exam. The course
     focuses on developing the English Language skills required to communicate in
     the health care work environment.

     English for Teachers
     This course is primarily designed for overseas qualified and experienced primary
     and secondary teachers and provides students with knowledge of current
     teaching practicum methods in Australia including lesson delivery methods and
     class management issues.

Holmesglen Degrees:
   Associate Degree in Business (Accounting)
   Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education
   Bachelor of Applied Science (Built Environment)
   Bachelor of Built Environment
   Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
   Bachelor of Business (Executive Administration)
   Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics
   Bachelor of Facilities Management
   Bachelor of Nursing
   Bachelor of Screen Production

Holmesglen: IC:LB 7-Apr-2009 Q:\CLP\International\Louise\IC Website\Website 2009 amended.doc
Charles Sturt University Degrees
  Bachelor of Business Studies
  Bachelor of Hotel Management

University Pathway Programs
Holmesglen offers a Diploma with guaranteed pathway into the degree at the
partner university and credit towards the university degree. Duration of the diploma
at Holmesglen varies from 1-2 years.

With Deakin University
   Bachelor of Commerce
   Bachelor of Design (Architecture)
   Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
   Bachelor of Engineering
   Bachelor of Information Technology
   Bachelor of Information Technology (Games Design & Development)
   Bachelor of Information Technology (IT Security)
   Bachelor of Social Work

With Swinburne University of Technology
   Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
   Master of Business (Marketing)

With Monash University
   Bachelor of Technology (Infrastructure – Design, Construction and

With La Trobe University
   Bachelor of Graphic Design

Holmesglen Certificates and Diplomas
Business: Accounting, Administration, Advertising, Commerce, Finance,
International Business, Marketing, Management, Human Resource Management,
Public Relations
Arts Industries: Screen and Media (TV and Radio), Professional Writing & Editing
Design, Multimedia and Art: Graphic Design, Graphic Prepress/Digital Production,
Interior Decoration & Design, Ceramics, Visual Arts, Interactive Digital Media
Education: TESOL, CELTA and Early Childhood Education
Engineering: Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration, Metal Fabrication, Manufacturing,
Building: Building & Construction, Building Design, Building Surveying, Bricklaying,
Carpentry, Wall & Floor Tiling, Wall & Ceiling Lining, Glass & Glazing, Solid
Plastering, Stonemasonry
Hairdressing & Beauty: Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Spa Management (these
courses are offered at Headmasters Academy)

Holmesglen: IC:LB 7-Apr-2009 Q:\CLP\International\Louise\IC Website\Website 2009 amended.doc
Furnishing & Joinery: Furniture Finishing, Cabinet Making, Joinery/Shopfitting,
Production Upholstery
Health Sciences: Dental Technology, Laboratory Technology, Biotechnology,
Pathology Testing, Pathology Assistance, Nursing
Hospitality: Management, Commercial Cookery, Patisserie, Bakery, Asian Cookery
Horticulture: Conservation & Land Management, Horticulture
Information Technology: Software Development, Networking, Network Security,
Social Sciences: Youth Work, Children’s Services, Community Welfare Work,
Tourism & Recreation: Events Management, Tourism Management, Outdoor
Recreation, Sport and Recreation, Remedial Massage

Professional Year Programs for Accounting or Engineering Graduates
These are year long programs for international accounting or engineering graduates
which aim to bridge the gap between formal study and the Australian work
environment. They consolidate the skills graduates have acquired through their
degree, by focusing on the key employability skills that have been identified by
Australian industry groups, employers and professional bodies. The courses are
specifically designed to assist graduates to gain permanent residence and become
practising professionals. The programs conform to the requirements of the
Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) as a recognized pathway to
obtaining points toward migration to Australia.

Holmesglen Graduate Certificates
International Business, Management, Marketing, TESOL

Preparatory and Foundation Courses
Certificate II in Hospitality, Certificate IV in Design, Years 11 and 12 Victorian
Certificate of Education

   ELICOS programs: A$280 per week
   Certificates and Diplomas: A$10,700-15,000 per year
   Degrees/Associate Degrees: A$12,500-18,300 per year
   Preparatory and Foundation Courses: $10,700 per year
   Graduate Certificates: $5,200-$5,350 per semester
   Charles Sturt University Bachelor of Business Studies: A$12,992
   Charles Sturt University Bachelor of Hotel Management: A$12,500
   Professional Year Programs: A$10,700 per year

Note: For information on tuition fees of courses offered at partner institutions,
students are advised to refer to the institution website for up to date information.

All courses start in February or March each year with some courses also
commencing in April, July and October.

Holmesglen: IC:LB 7-Apr-2009 Q:\CLP\International\Louise\IC Website\Website 2009 amended.doc
Disclaimer: Information contained in this brochure was correct at the time of
production and is subject to change without notice. Distribution of this brochure
does not guarantee that the course will be offered.

Holmesglen Institute of TAFE CRICOS Provider Number: 00012G

Holmesglen: IC:LB 7-Apr-2009 Q:\CLP\International\Louise\IC Website\Website 2009 amended.doc

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