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					Internet Studies through OUA

Study through OUA or Curtin?
There are two ways to do the BA (Internet Communications). One is through OUA and the other is
through Curtin University of Technology directly (while studying externally). The course is pretty
much the same – you graduate with the same BA (Internet Communications) from Curtin, either
way. But there are some key differences which are explained here – and some students find it best
to switch from OUA to Curtin direct. Others prefer OUA for various reasons.
As explained, the main difference for Curtin is that you must qualify for entry – you don’t just start
studying as through OUA – and that we offer a 2-semester pattern of study. Read on for further
explanation of differences and a brief checklist of questions to help you decide…

The main differences
Gaining entry to Curtin
You need to be eligible for university entry at Curtin and you need to apply for entry, and that is
done in September for the following year, or May for mid-year entry. Through OUA, of course, you
just study and see how you go. To see how you might get into Curtin and if you are qualified, visit .
Study pattern
OUA allows study over four periods a year continuously; Curtin has two traditional semesters. A
semester covers 18 weeks in total - including a preparatory week (week ‘0’), twelve weeks of
classes, two weeks of holidays during semester, a study week, and 2 weeks of exams. Assignments
have to be finalised by the time of exams – in most cases you have until the end of that week.
There's a shorter break in winter between semesters and then a longer break over summer. Because
of the longer semester, you can do two units more easily, then take a break.
Previously students could defer their study through OUA; now they cannot. However, it is much
easier for defer assessment for up to six months through Curtin and, with the longer semesters and
breaks, to then have time to complete the work effectively. You will also find there are slightly
more weeks to decide on withdrawals from units.
At Curtin University of Technology, units in Internet Studies and Design are designated HECS
Band 1 which is roughly the same as for OUA. There is also no registration, graduation or penalty
fee. Some units through business may be a little higher in cost, however. We estimate, however,
that the cost is virtually the same over a 24-unit degree. OUA students are, technically, paying fees
privately, and using FEE-HELP to defer that cost; Curtin students are government supported and
Curtin cannot offer as many electives as OUA because not all areas of the university offer distance
education. We have a few key areas of external study that might be relevant - principally
information studies (eg information design, content management) and marketing - but not
Department of Internet Studies

So what should I do?
Do I want to study over summer?
    •    YES       then study using OUA, so as to pack more study into your year.
    •    NO        You are probably better off with Curtin.

Do I have a lot of electives to do (will do)?
    •    YES       then study using OUA, to get a greater choice of electives.
    •    NO        You may be better off with Curtin since your restricted choice is less of an issue

Do I have trouble completing all my work in 13 weeks?
    •    YES Study with Curtin – 2 units, taken together over 18 weeks, is better sometimes than
         even 1 over 13 weeks..
    •    NO     The semester length will not help, then – stick with OUA

Do I want to get my degree as fast as possible?
    •    YES Study with OUA – either 1 unit / SP for ‘very part-time’ study over 6 years; or 2
         units/ SP to get a degree at parttime study rate, but in just 3 years.
    •    NO      Curtin may be better – think about the value of semester lengths (see above)

Do I have 8 units left, all of which are offered by Curtin?
    •    YES Convert to Curtin and you avoid the graduation fee, but will need to take 3-4
         semesters to complete those 8 units part-time.
    •    NO     Perhaps you should continue with OUA until in this position

In the end…
It is always your choice: we will welcome you either through OUA or through Curtin – but we have
recognised that ‘burnout’ can be a problem for students studying continuously over 13 week study
periods and believe that some students benefit from longer semesters. Equally, we value the wide
array of options and electives through OUA and the flexibility of entry and, if that suits, you should
stick with OUA.

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