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Internet and Email Use Policy


Internet and Email Use Policy

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     September 2005
Mosman Municipal Council – Internet and Email Use Policy                  Page 1

Internet and Email Use Policy

Policy Statement                  Council provides email and Internet
                                  facilities to staff to undertake Council
                                  related business. The Internet and email
                                  system has been developed to support
                                  Council’s business function and enhance

                                  Council will allow reasonable personal
                                  use of Council’s email systems and staff
                                  are encouraged to use good judgement
                                  and integrity when they do so. Personal
                                  messages should not interfere with the
                                  business function or processes of Council
                                  and should not be used for purposes that
                                  are expressly prohibited.

                                  The Internet can be used for personal
                                  reasons outside of work hours provided it
                                  is not used for reasons expressly
                                  prohibited by Council and that usage is
                                  intermittent and not regular. The
                                  accessing of websites that are not
                                  directly related to the completion of
                                  Council business inside of work hours is
                                  not permitted.

                                  There are some uses of the Internet and
                                  email system that Council expressly
                                  prohibits. These include:
                                     ! Promoting personal, business and
                                        commercial gain.
                                     ! Sending, receiving or accessing
                                        material that intimidates or is
                                        illegal, hostile, fraudulent,
                                        slanderous, obscene, pornographic,
                                        offensive, profane or erotic.
                                     ! Interfering with the ability of others
                                        to conduct Council business.
                                     ! Violating copyright.
                                     ! Distributing confidential or
                                        sensitive information as legislated
                                        by the Freedom of Information Act.
                                     ! Unauthorised access to data on any
                                        email system.

                                                           Updated September 2005
Mosman Municipal Council – Internet and Email Use Policy                  Page 2

                                      !   Breaching security standards of any
                                          email system.
                                      !   Obtaining access to files that don’t
                                          directly relate to your work
                                      !   Unauthorised misrepresentation.
                                      !   Chain letters.
                                      !   Buying or selling goods or services.
                                      !   Unidentifiable encrypted messages.
                                      !   Sending anonymous messages or
                                          sending messages using an alias.
                                      !   Downloading files from the Internet
                                          without the express prior
                                          permission of IT services.
                                      !   Sending or receiving video clips,
                                          photographs and other non-
                                          standard files not related to your
                                          work at Council. Standard files are
                                          Excel and Word documents. Any
                                          non-standard file that relates to
                                          your work at Council may only be
                                          received or sent to your Manager
                                          or through another official channel.

                                  Improper use of email and/or Internet
                                  facilities can lead to disciplinary action.

Applicability                     This policy applies to all staff who have
                                  access to the Internet and/or email.

Responsibility for Implementation

Directors, Managers                   !   Ensuring that staff have an
and Supervisors                           understanding of the Internet and
                                          Email Use policy and procedures.
                                      !   Implementing disciplinary
                                          procedures when there has been
                                          improper use of the Internet and/or
Corporate Support                     !   Monitoring Internet and email
Team                                      usage across Council.
                                      !   Reporting misuse of these facilities
                                          to their Director.

Staff                                 !   Reporting to their Manager the
                                          receipt of unacceptable material,
                                          from either external or internal

                                                           Updated September 2005
Mosman Municipal Council – Internet and Email Use Policy                    Page 3

                                      !   Not sending Council documents or
                                          information that is either sensitive,
                                          and/or confidential and/or to which
                                          a fee applies (unless that fee has
                                          been paid).
                                      !   Ensuring that file attachments
                                          received via email are checked,
                                          cleared of viruses and registered
                                          into DataWorks.
                                      !   Monitoring the use of their machine
                                          by others for Internet purposes and
                                          ensuring that other staff who use
                                          their machine are aware of this

Principles                        Monitoring

                                  As part of Council’s implementation of
                                  this policy, Council will randomly monitor
                                  email activity and Internet access.
                                  Monitoring will be undertaken by the
                                  Corporate Support Team and occasionally
                                  monitored by Manager IT Services or any
                                  other authorised Officer. Evidence of
                                  misuse will be reported and may be used
                                  as the basis for initiating disciplinary

Procedure                         If an employee receives material that is
                                  not acceptable, from external or internal
                                  sources, he/she is expected to:

                                          (i)      Inform their Manager

                                          (ii)     Send a message in reply to
                                                   the sender (whether internal
                                                   to Council or external), which
                                                   alerts them to the invidious
                                                   position which they have now
                                                   placed you in, reinforce that
                                                   the Council’s email system is
                                                   for business purposes only,
                                                   and ask that no further such
                                                   material ever be sent.

                                  If Managers/Supervisors receive
                                  complaints or have evidence about

                                                             Updated September 2005
Mosman Municipal Council – Internet and Email Use Policy                  Page 4

                                  email/Internet misuse, they should refer to
                                  the Disciplinary Policy for guidance.

Authorisation                     This policy was authorised by the General

Amendments                        Nil

Document Owner                    The Executive Officer is responsible for
                                  maintaining the accuracy and relevance of
                                  this policy.

References/Legislation Privacy    and     Personal                 Information
                       Protection Act 1998

                                  Mosman Council Code of Conduct

                                  Mosman Council Email Policy 1999

                                  Internet and Email Usage Agreement

                                                           Updated September 2005

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