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BULLETIN                                                                                    September 2005
                                                                                           Volume 1 • No. 1

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                   "Nobody is ever impoverished by the giving of charity" - Maimonides

                                                                        A McGILL UNIVERSITY AFFILIATED CENTRE
President’s Message
                                                             along with our Membership Drive, and your generous
                                                             donations, including our Tribute Fund are what keep
                                                             our Auxiliary going, and enables us to fund the many
                                                             projects that we support. These projects help meet the
                                                             needs of over 500 clients ranging from respite care,
                                                             day hospital and various long-term care
                                                             accommodations. Did you know that Maimonides
                                                             supervises Accredited Homes in the community, as
                                                             well as Intermediate Resources Maison Paternelle and
                                                             Lev Tov.

Auxiliary co-presidents (l-r): Terri Klein, Hinda
                                                               We also fund our Meals on Wheels Program,
Adelstein and Joan Ungar                                     companions for our clients, a shuttle bus to Cavendish
                                                             Mall and special outings, as well as our famous
                                                             Coffee Shop which services clients, visitors, and staff.

    t has been a great year! We are thrilled to have           We are also presently on a Membership Campaign,
    Terri Klein working at our side. Terri brings with       so if you know of anyone who would like to become an
    her a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and                Auxiliary Member, or if you have been contemplating
experience. She is a member of our young Satellite           becoming a Lifetime Member, now is the time to
Group, as well as our former Meals on Wheels                 register. We look forward to meeting you in the coming
Coordinator, (1982- 2002!) In fact Terri was hired by        year. If you are interested in volunteering with us, we
our late Past President Naomi Deckelbaum, (1982-             would love to meet you, call us at 483-2121, local
1984), who just happens to be Hinda's mother!                2230.
Coincidentally, Terri's own mother Rose Adelman
held the Presidential office immediately following             Our main focus this upcoming year will involve the
Naomi, (1984-1986). This shows us the depth of               40th Anniversary celebrations of the Auxiliary, so
dedication of the generations to our Auxiliary. Now          please be on the lookout for future announcements of
Hinda and Terri are happily working side by side with        our festivities. We would love to have everyone join us!
Joan! We are happy to report that we have as well              From all of us here at Maimonides Geriatric Centre
installed several new Board Members, some of whom            Auxiliary, we wish you and your families a very
are second generation!! Our Auxiliary membership is          happy and healthy New Year!
getting younger, and we are looking forward to
                                                               Respectfully yours,
several new and exciting projects!
  We are very proud to announce that our own Hinda           Hinda Adelstein, Terri Klein, Joan Ungar
Adelstein has been elected to the Board of AJHSA, the        Co-Presidents
Association of Jewish Homes and Services for the
Aging. This association is an affiliate of the Association
of Jewish Aging Services of North America.                                         DIRECTORY
  This past year of fundraising has been very exciting
and quite successful. Our projects included our              AUXILIARY OFFICE.................... 483-2121 Local 2230 or 2239
fabulous Bridge Luncheon, the opening night of the           VOLUNTEER SERVICES ........................ 483-2121 Local 2223
hit play, Tuesdays With Morrie, our ever popular             GIFT SHOP ....................................... 483-2121 Local 2227
Raffle featuring amazing prizes, and of course our
                                                             MEALS ON WHEELS ....................... 483-2121 Local 2214
beautifully, well stocked Gift Shop. These events,

2                                                                              MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY
              We are proud                                 Maimonides Geriatric Centre Auxiliary
        to welcome the following                                              Slate 2005-2006
          NEW LIFE MEMBERS                                                            EXECUTIVE
                                                           FOUNDING PRESIDENT                    Rhea Kaufmann
             to the Auxiliary                              IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT              Felice Caron
   Eleanor Altman                Judy Litvack              CO-PRESIDENTS                         Hinda Adelstein
                                                                                                 Terri Klein
   Anonymous                     Esther Mayman                                                   Joan Ungar
   Ricci Barmish                 Beverly Mendel            VICE-PRESIDENTS                       Mimi Brownstein Nattress
   Erin Slater Battat            Ettie Moscovitch                                                Estelle Caplan Finkelstein
   Issie Bernstein               Riva Obront                                                     Riva Obront
                                                           FINANCIAL SECRETARY                   Toby Gunner
   Ida Boretsky                  Esther Parker             TREASURER                             Sandy Goldstein
   Beatrice Derstenfeld          Dorothy Ransen            CORRESPONDING SECRETARY               Florence Garfinkle
   Frances Drazin                Debbie Rubin              EXECUTIVE COUNCIL                     Sandy Goldman
   Penny Echenberg               Frances Rubin                                                   Anne Nathanson
                                                                                                 Jackie Sheiner
   Peggy Fixman                  Mrs. Lyon Sachs                                                 Alice Skurnik
   Mrs. Morty Fruchter           Sondra Schwartz           HONOURARY MEMBERS                     Sylvia Ornstein
   Lynda Grossman                Diana Schweitzer                                                Shirley Zuckerman
   Judy Kaback                   Jackie Sheiner
   Terri Klein                   Dorothy Stein                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                           Vivian Billick                        Helen Malkin
   Sarah Kligman                 Joan Ungar                Beverly Bloom                         Marilynne Malkin
   Eileen Cohen Kokin            Gertrude Weinstein        Mollie Caron                          Bea Morris
   Bea Krupp                     Maytie Workman            Estelle Deitcher                      Ettie Moscovitch
   Elaine Lang                   Esther Yarrow             Beatrice Derstenfeld                  Esther Parker
                                                           Judy Elman                            Anne Perlman
                                                           Karol Epstein                         Rebecca Rockman
                                                           Rose Goldberg                         Franceen Roll
                  Membership                               Freda Gottlieb                        Sunny Sandler
                                                           Randi Kader                           Laura Schwartz
Your generous support enables the Auxiliary to             Shirley Kimel                         Sondra Schwartz
provide programs such as Meals on Wheels, sub-             Amy Kornik                            Evelyn Segel
sidized companions and day outings. Our resi-              Freyda Long                           Lottie Shevell
dents and seniors in the community are very grate-                            ADVISORY COUNCIL
ful to you.                                                PAST PRESIDENTS                       BOARD MEMBERS
We encourage you to increase your annual                     Rose Adelman                        Joyce Greenblatt
                                                           * Anne G. Baile                       Bayla Kligmany
Membership to the next level to help Maimonides              Marilyn Blumer
go even further in geriatric care.                           Bernice Brownstein
                                                           * Naomi Deckelbaum
        Donor                               $18.00           Anna Engel Browman
        Patron                              $36.00           Miriam Friedman
                                                             Bea Goldman
        Benefactor                          $54.00           Rhea Kaufman
        Life Members                       $250.00           Adele Malkin
                                                             Shirley Meltzer
                                                             Claire Smith Robertson
                                                             Aida Salzman
              August 2006                                  * Joan Shuchat                        *deceased
 40th Anniversary                                          CO-EDITORS:
                                                                          Bulletin Committee
                                                                              Riva Obront
   Celebrations                                            COMMITTEE:
                                                                              Felice Caron
                                                                              Hinda Adelstein, Auxiliary Co-President
Watch for future announcements of our festivities.                            Terri Klein, Auxiliary Co-President
         If you want to help in the event planning,                           Beverly Bloom • Shirley Kimel • Shirley Meltzer
   call the Auxiliary office at (514) 483-2121 ext 2230.                      Ettie Moscovitch • Mimi Brownstein-Nattress

MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY                                                                                           3
Summer Fun at Maimonides

         hat a summer! Along with          July, residents tried their skills at the
         the great weather, residents      fishing booth, tossing bean bags other
         at Maimonides Geriatric           fun games.
Centre enjoyed many exciting events           In August, our incredible summer of
organised through the Therapeutic          fun was marked by our very own
Recreation Services department.            unique staff fashion show. Residents,
  Summer started early this year with      families, staff and friends were daz-
our "Adult Education" graduation           zled by this annual summer event.
ceremony held in May. This ceremo-         Organised by representatives of our
ny marked the culmination of an            own Centre staff, professionals from
exciting education program geared          all departments donned their own for-
for Maimonides residents.                  mal wear as they danced down the run-
  June ended with our annual Canada        way. The event was a terrific success.
Day celebration. Our Auxiliary ladies         Many thanks go out to the group of
took great pride joining in with the red   dedicated Auxiliary volunteers who
and white team assisting residents to      manned Boutique Evie during those
the program and welcomed the resi-         hot steamy summer months and kept
dents by handing out flags and pins.       the service open and available to our
Many thanks to those Auxiliary mem-        residents.
bers who helped out that day. The             Evening and weekend concerts
Centre provided a festive environment      have been a great success and resi-
for the sights and sounds of Tony          dent Garden Parties during the week
Barbucci and his group of wonderful        have been most enjoyable. All sum-
musicians and the always entertaining      mer long, residents have been partici-
Rod & Mary who were here to pro-           pating in various outings to "hot
vide a great afternoon of music.           spots" in the community and loving
   The residents' bonfire ushered in       every minute of it! Many thanks to
July. Residents toasted marshmallows       those Auxiliary members who volun-
and sang along with Doug Rodriguez         teered on some of the outings, and to
at this fun annual event. A great time     all the Meals on Wheels volunteers
was had by all!                            who worked closely with our
  July also started off with our very      Summer Activities Coordinator to
own      Maimonides        March      to   ensure that all the lunches for resi-
Jerusalem. Residents "marched" with        dents going on those great outings
great pride to different stations in the   were packed and ready to go!
hospital and enjoyed the "frailach"           To cap off the very busy summer,
entertainment of Mindy Neustadt.           residents, families, staff and friends
The Centre generously supported this       were treated to a very special after-
year's event, with each resident being     noon of entertainment provided by
sponsored for his or her efforts.          our very own MISSIVE student vol-
Special thanks to the March to             unteers. As a thank you to the resi-
Jerusalem committee from Federation        dents, the students organised and per-
CJA who provided the t-shirts and          formed their own talent show, com-
medals for our "March".                    plete with music, comedy, and dance
   Following on the heels of the           with "Fiddler on the Roof" as the
March was the Centre wide BBQ.             theme, it was a most memorable after-
Always a highlight of the summer,          noon.
residents, staff, MISSIVE students,          Should you wish to volunteer in
volunteers and family members all          any of these, or other projects please
joined in the fun.                         contact the Volunteer Services
    At our Summer Carnival in mid          Department at 483-2121 Local 2223.

4                                                                                  MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY
        The Annette W. & Herbert Lichterman Outstanding Programming Award
                                                                                                 aged to bring with them specific
                                                                                                 items which have special meaning
                                                                                                 and would give them pleasure to
                                                                                                 have in their rooms, such as a
                                                                                                 favourite piece of furniture, pic-
                                                                                                 tures, photographs, mementos,
                                                                                                 plants, etc.
                                                                                                    In    addition,     Maimonides
                                                                                                 Geriatric Centre also welcomes
                                                                                                 new residents with a Chanukat
                                                                                                 Habayit. Within 2 to 3 weeks after
                                                                                                 their admission, the Chaplain and
                                                                                                 the interdisciplinary team wel-
                                                                                                 come the resident and his/her fam-
Auxiliary co-presidents Hinda Adelstein and Joan Ungar accept the Annette W. & Herbert
Lichterman Outstanding programming award along with Director of Volunteer Services Rena
                                                                                                 ily with a traditional ceremony of
Halickman. They are seen with representatives from Associates of Jewish Homes and Services for   psalms, a prayer for health and a
the Aging who gave out the award.                                                                blessing over the wine and

         inda Adelstein, Joan                                                                    refreshments.
                                                 with the resident until they are
         Ungar         and     Rena              comfortably situated with their                   This welcome to Maimonides is
         Halickman were all on                   belongings in their new room and                a way for all members of the inter-
hand in Boston on Sunday, April                  the nurse comes to meet and settle              disciplinary team (admissions'
10, 2005 as Maimonides Geriatric                 the new resident. After this, the               officer, nursing, social services,
Centre was awarded the 2005                      volunteer works with the family                 rehabilitation services, therapeutic
Annette W. & Herbert H.                          members to give them emotional                  recreation, chaplaincy, volunteer
Lichterman               Outstanding             support and orient them to                      services and Auxiliary) to work in
Programming Award for the "The                   Maimonides. To create a familiar,               a unified format and in the best
Welcome Team: ….. an interdisci-                 home-like environment, residents                interest of the resident and family
plinary partnership. This award,                 and family members are encour-                  members.
given out by the Associates of
Jewish Homes and Services for
the Aging (AJHSA) recognizes
programs that enhance the quality
of life for residents.
   To minimize the trauma of the
relocation to Maimonides and to
create a warm and inviting atmos-
phere, the resident and family
members are met at the door by a
member of the Welcome team, a
trained paraprofessional volunteer
who greets them and guides them
through the admission process.
This experienced volunteer stays                 Volunteer Carol Fogel welcomes a resident

  MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY                                                                                             5
                         Best Wishes for the New Year 5766
Rose & Gerson Adelman                    Sandy & Ernie Goldstein                     Ettie & Issie Moscovitch
Bernice & Morty Brownstein               Freda & Mark Gottlieb                       Anne Nathanson & Family
Mollie Caron                             Toba Gunner                                 Rebecca & Abe Rockman
Estelle & Saul Deitcher                  Shirley & Lou Kimel                         Sunny Sandler
Beatrice & Arnold Derstenfeld & Family   Shelley & Carl Kleinberg & Family           Lottie & Mel Shevell
Judy & Michael Elman                     Freyda & Jerry Long                         Helen & Mario Sinai
Anna Engel & Norman Browman              Adele & Lionel Malkin                       Dr. & Mrs. Harry Skurnik
Estelle & Norman Finkelstein             Shirley & Ben Meltzer                       Joan Ungar & Family
Florence Garfinkle                       Beatrice & Sol Morris                       Shirley Zuckerman

                                            Happy and healthy                              Mimi Brownstein-Nattress
      Hinda Deckelbaum Adelstein                 New Year                                         and Family
                and Family                 to all our family and                            would like to take this
     wish all our families and friends             friends                               opportunity to wish everyone
      health and happiness always         Marilyn & Herb Blumer                         a happy and healthy New Year

                                              Happy and healthy
                                                   New Year                                    Happy and healthy
      Happy New Year                      to all my family and friends                              New Year
    to all our family and                      Beatrice Goldman                           to all our family and friends
            friends                                                                          Sandy & Hy Goldman
    Felice & Issie Caron

                                                      Wishing you                         Wishing all our family
                                               a very happy and healthy                    and friends a happy,
                                                       New Year                          healthy and prosperous
                                                      Peter, Terri,                             New Year
                                                Adam & Jonathan Klein                 Bayla & Mel Kligman & Family

                                                            The Maimonides
         Happy and healthy                                     Foundation                      Happy and healthy
         New Year to all our                              extends best wishes                       New Year
          family and friends                              for a healthy, happy            to all our family and friends
     Amy & Misha Kornik & Family                                  and                    Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane
                                                           peaceful New Year

      Best wishes for a happy and
           healthy New Year                   Debbie, Richard, Stephanie,
      Riva Obront & Bernie Harris                Michelle & Sam Rubin
                                              wish their family and friends
                                              a happy, healthy New Year

                                            Wishing all our family
          New Year's greetings                   and friends
      for a happy and healthy year           a happy New Year.
       to all my friends and family       Good health and happiness.
              Laura Schwartz                Evelyn & Dave Segel
                                                                                        Best Wishes for the New Year 5766

6                                                                                MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY
Tuesdays with Morrie

Hinda Adelstein, Laura Schwartz, Adele Malkin, Terri Klein
                                                                   The Malkins

        he Auxiliary was proud to present the opening
        night performance of "Tuesdays With Morrie" at
        the Saidye Bronfman Centre. The honourees for
the evening were sisters Adele Malkin and Laura
Schwartz, women of vision, determination and leader-
ship - dedicated to family, community and tradition.
The sold out performance was wonderful and the beau-
tiful gala reception following the play, capped off a very
successful evening! Special thanks to the committee
members Hinda Adelstein, Kathy Bailey, Beatrice
Derstenfeld, Joyce Greenblatt, Terri Klein, Amy Kornik,
Helen Malkin, Marilynne Malkin, Anne Nathanson,
Esther Parker, Joyce Schwartz, Sondra Schwartz, Lottie
Shevell, Judy Steinberg and Joan Ungar.                            The Malkin and Schwartz families

Bridge Luncheon and Tournament

                                                                            aimonides Geriatric Centre Auxiliary held
                                                                            its 19th Annual Bridge Bash on May 9,
                                                                            2005 at Beth Israel Beth Aaron
                                                                   Congregation on Mackle Road.
                                                                     Tables of Mah Jongg and Canasta were also sight-
                                                                   ed. As usual it was a huge success with approximate-
                                                                   ly 265 people in attendance, all dressed in high fash-
                                                                   ion. Gifts galore were handed out, and a good time
                                                                   was had by all.
                                                                     HOLD THE DATE Our 20th Annual Bridge
Pictured are Phyllis Sohmer, Alice Skurnik, Henna Yarrow, Jackie   Luncheon and Tournament will be held on Monday,
Sheiner, Lottie Shevell, Francis Yancovitch and Anne Perlman
                                                                   May 8, 2006.

  MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY                                                                                 7
Auxiliary Annual Outing                                                                This is What
                                                                                       Love is All About

        n a beautiful hot, sunny summer morn-
                                                                                       Jacob, age 92, and
        ing, Thursday, August 4, 2005, fifty five
                                                                                       Rebecca, age 89, living
        of our Board Members and friends met
                                                                                       in Florida, are all excit-
at Maimonides for a mini breakfast in anticipa-
                                                                                       ed about their decision
tion of this year's outing titled "A Day of Art
and Culture"                                                                           to get married. They go
                                                                                       for a stroll to discuss
   We boarded our bus, received our instruc-                                           the wedding, and on the
tions, nametags and our pro-                                                           way they pass a drug-
gram for the day, and                                                                  store. Jacob suggests
moments later arrived at our                                                           they go in.
first destination, the Montreal                                                        Jacob addresses the man
Holocaust Museum.          Our                                                         behind the counter: "Are
very large group divided into                                                          you the owner?"
three, each with their own
                                                                                       The pharmacist answers,
docent to guide them through
this awesome, impressive dis-
                                                                                       Jacob: We're about to get
play. We were all very moved
                                                                                       married. Do you sell
and will return.
                                                                                       heart medication?"
  We then continued to the                                                             Pharmacist: "Of course
Bonaparte Restaurant on St.                                                            we do."
François Xavier in Old Montreal and                                                    Jacob: "Medicine for
were well attended to by Mr Michael                                                    rheumatism and scolio-
Banks, Mr. Patrice and all their hand-                                                 sis?"
some servers. The décor was charm-                                                     P h a r m a c i s t :
ing, the food was delicious and the                                                    "Definitely."
presentation was fabulous. An extra                                                    Jacob: "Medicine for
delight was a personal little box of
                                                                                       memory          problems,
chocolates for each lady.
                                                                                       arthritis, jaundice?"
  With full tummies and a great push,                                                  Pharmacist: "Yes, a large
we arrived at our third and final stop of the day, the Avi Morrow Museum on his-       variety. The works."
toric Sainte Helene Street in old Montreal. The stone walled setting and mar-          Jacob: "What about vita-
velous artwork (so many interpretations of one theme), were a joy to behold and        mins, sleeping pills,
thoroughly enjoyed by all. The drawing of three coffee table books of the              Geritol, antidotes for
Morrow collection certainly added to everyone's excitement and particularly to         Parkinson's disease?"
the winners' happiness.                                                                P h a r m a c i s t :
   4:00 p.m. saw us back on our bus, headed for home, a lot more weary, but defi-      "Absolutely."
nitely willing to laugh, talk and munch on the scrumptious cranberry nut cookies       Jacob: "You sell wheel-
from our very own Coffee Shop. The ending to a wonderful day enjoyed by all.           chairs and walkers?"
  My sincere thanks to Paula and Phyllis in the Auxiliary office for their help        Pharmacist: "All speeds
and to the staff of the Coffee Shop and Maimonides Nutrition and Food Services         and sizes."
Department, whose cooperation made our mini breakfast a success.                       Jacob: "We'd like to use
                                                                                       this store as our Bridal
Anne Nathanson                                                                         Registry.”
Program Chairman

8                                                                        MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY
                                            Board of Directors Meeting Held in Florida

                                                    n February 24, 2005, Auxiliary Board Members attended a
                                                    luncheon meeting in Boca Raton. A great time was had by
                                                    all. Special thanks to Anne Nathanson for organizing this
                                            beautiful event.

Gift Shop

     all merchandise has arrived and
     the shop is filled with many
     unique and interesting items
such as jewellery, frames, platters,        l-r back row: Beverly Bloom, Shirley Kimel, Anna Engel Browman, Evelyn Segel, Bayla
candelabras, vases, Kosher cook-            Kligman, Freda Gottlieb, Anne Nathanson, Rose Adelman, Freyda Long, Felice Caron,
books, umbrellas, etc.                      Anne Perlman, Claire Smith.
                                            l-r front row: Vice-Presidents Estelle Caplan Finkelstein and Riva Obront, Co-President
  The Entertainment Book will be            Terri Klein and Vice-President Mimi Brownstein Nattress
available shortly.
  We are pleased to announce a new
and exciting fundraising project. The
                                            Meals on Wheels

Gift Shop has just received the first           t is hard to believe that a year has gone by,
shipment of beautiful Murano key                since I started in the position of Meals on
chains, exclusive to our shop. They are         Wheels Coordinator. I have met many new
wonderful for personal use or as gifts.     people, staff, volunteers, and most importantly
                                            the recipients, whom I have come to admire and
   All our merchandise, except for          respect. They have all made my job easier.
cookbooks, is discounted and in addi-
tion, we do not charge GST or PST, as         This job is all about them. They, the volunteers deliver and pack
the shop is staffed entirely by volun-      approximately two hundred meals a week (10,000 meals a year) to
teers. We offer free gift wrapping as       our recipients in Cote St Luc, Snowdon and Cote des Neiges.
part of our service. We accept Visa,          Like the days of the pony express, they tirelessly go out in heat,
MasterCard and Interac.                     rain and snowstorms without a complaint. I feel privileged to have
  Remember, by shopping at                  met and to work with these remarkable people.
Maimonides, you are helping to create          We at Meals on Wheels always need new volunteers, with the
a better quality of life for our clients.   High Holidays quickly approaching, and the winter
  Please drop by. It will be our pleas-     season not too far behind, we can use your help.
ure to serve you.                             I would like to take this opportunity to
                                            wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.
Rose Adelman
Sandy Goldman                               Arlene Lerner
Co-Chairmen, Gift Shop                      Coordinator, Meals on Wheels

  MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY                                                                                           9

      hanks to the generous response of our Auxiliary Members
      at large, hard working "sellers" and
      committed "sitters", Raffle 2005
was once again a great success.
   Funds raised through this project
have been ear marked for the renova-
tion of activity rooms at Maimonides
Geriatric Centre.
Phyllis Sohmer
Chairman Raffle 2005                                                     Pictured are Auxiliary Co-Presidents Joan Ungar, Hinda
                                                                         Adelstein and Terri Klein along with artist Sydney Berne.

       The following is a list of our 2005 RAFFLE WINNERS:
Lynn Gold                  oil painting           Sydney Berne
Shelby Ray                 reproduction           Margaret Nachshen
Alana Schwartz             cash prize             Michael Zuckerman
                                                  Memorial Fund
Claire Smith             two miniature
                         acrylic paintings        Sydney Berne
Birdie Winkler           gold and diamond
                         pendant                  Laurentian Jewellers
Kyle Rosen               3 piece set of luggage   Holiday Luggage
Annette Wolfstein Joseph laser treatment          Dr. Robin Billick
Libby Ditkovsky          adult bicycle            Dorel Industries
Zoltan Erdos             gift certificate         Browns Shoe Shop       Picture is Laura Schwartz next to a bicycle donated by
Eleanor Diner            makeover                 Avanti Le Spa          Dorel. She is surrounded by Auxiliary co-presidents Terri
                                                                         Klein, Hinda Adelstein and Joan Ungar.

     A Tribute to the late Ray Goldin

            ay Goldin began volunteering for the Maimonides Geriatric Centre Auxiliary with one of her clos-
            est friends, the late Mollie Schwartz, as Co-Chairman of Membership when the centre was first
            built on Caldwell Avenue in 1964.
       As Membership Chairman, Ray persuaded CJA to permit her and her committee of dedicated volun-
     teers to use the phone bank after CJA had completed their campaign. This enabled our team to success-
     fully accomplish their goal of enrolling many new members each year.
       Ray was a "Friendly Visitor" for a Maimonides resident who had no family. The nursing staff observed
     how much one of the residents looked forward to Ray's visits and the thoughtful little gifts she would bring.
       Ray was also very active in B'nai Brith; President of her chapter, Vice-President of Camp B'nai Brith,
     and was involved at the inception of the "Passover Baskets".
       As Ray was such an exemplary role model, her daughter Mimi has continued the tradition.

10                                                                              MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY
                    Tribute Fund • March 15, 2005 - July 15, 2005
                                                                                  Bayla & Mel Kligman
   When words are not enough to express your feelings, we invite you to           Donors: Bella & Lou Backler
                                                                                          Bayla & Mel Kligman
   share them through a Tribute Gift. Whether to celebrate a birthday, birth of
                                                                                  Roz & Allan Schmeltzer
   a child or grandchild, wedding anniversary; to congratulate a family mem-      Donor: Rose & Gerson Adelman
   ber or friend; to wish someone a speedy recovery, or to honour the memo-       Evelyn & David Segel
   ry of someone special, a Tribute Gift speaks volumes.                          Donors: Rose Goldberg
   Notification of your gift will be sent to the person being honoured, and you           Rona & Morley Miller
   will receive an official receipt for income tax purposes.                      BEST WISHES FOR A SPEEDY
   Your support makes a difference in the daily lives of our residents. Thank     RECOVERY
   you for keeping a warm place in your heart for Maimonides and helping us       Phyllis Billes
   go further in geriatric care.                                                  Donor: Judy & Stanley Cadloff
                        Please contact the Auxiliary office                       Harvey Lechter
                                                                                  Donor: Shirley & Lou Kimel
                          at 483-2121 local 2230 or 2239
                                                                                  Sue Lupu
   We record with gratitude, gifts received from March 15 to July 15, 2005.       Donor: Rose Adelman
                                                                                  Pearl Star
                                                                                  Donors: Rose Goldberg
                                                                                          Riva Obront & Bernie Harris
HONOURING BIRTH OF A GRANDSON              Michael Lansky
Ruth & Robert Kertesz                      Donor: Ettie & Issie Moscovitch        BEST WISHES ON BECOMING
Donors: Joyce & Alan Schwartz              Roslyn Merling                         AUXILIARY CO-PRESIDENT
        Sondra & Martin Schwartz           Donors: Shirley & Irwin Light          Hinda Adelstein
Shelley & Stan Reich                               Dev & Leonard Rosenthall       Donor: Sondra Schwartz
Donor: Linda Sohmer                        Ruby Reisler                           Terri Klein
                                           Donor: Phyllis & Mendy Orloff          Donor: Sondra Schwartz
HONOURING DAUGHTER'S                       David Revivo
BAT MITZVAH                                Donor: Sandy & Hy Goldman              BEST WISHES FOR PASSOVER
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Spector                   Zina Seligman                          Judy & Stanley Cadloff
Donor: Riva Obront & Bernie Harris         Donor: Sunny Sandler                   Donor: Lottie & Mel Shevell
                                           Toby Shapiro                           Shirley & Jason Nyman & Family
HONOURING GRANDSON'S                       Donor: Eleanor Ray                     Donor: Bayla & Mel Kligman
BAR MITZVAH                                Lottie Shevell                         Mr. & Mrs. Stan Sager
Mr. & Mrs. Irving Camlot                   Donor: Judy & Stanley Cadloff          Donor: Shirley & Ben Meltzer
Donor: Rose & Gerson Adelman               Bill Star                              Laura Schwartz
Anne & Arthur Perlman                      Donor: Laura Schwartz                  Donor: Riva Obront & Bernie Harris
Donor: Rose & Gerson Adelman               Fay Stein                              Pauline & Jeff Segel & Family
                                           Donor: Shirley & Lou Kimel             Donor: Laura Schwartz
HONOURING THE BIRTHDAY OF                  Freda Yankofsky                        Dr. & Mrs. Abraham Wexler & Family
Faigie Birnbaum                            Donors: Ruth Goldner & Joe Zatz        Donor: Riva Obront & Bernie Harris
Donor: Helen Peletz                                Millie & Sonny Laxer
Anna Engel Browman                                                                BEST WISHES FOR PURIM
                                           HONOURING SON'S MARRIAGE
Donors: Anna Engel Browman                                                        Mrs. M Nitkin
        Freda & Mark Gottlieb              Mr. & Mrs. George Gordon               Donor: Mollie & Zaimy Hockmitz
        Florence Rudakoff                  Donor: Riva Obront & Bernie Harris
Estelle Caplan Finkelstein                                                        IN APPRECIATION
Donor: Estelle & Norman Finkelstein        HONOURING THE WEDDING
                                           ANNIVERSARY OF                         Ariela & Irwin Cotler
Jack Frost                                                                        Donor: Sandy & Hy Goldman
Donor: Anne & Arthur Perlman               Mr. & Mrs. Harry Biskin
Rose Goldberg                              Donor: Rebecca & Abe Rockman
Donors: Anna Engel & Norman Browman
        Florence Weigens                                                                                         continued

  MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY                                                                                 11
                     Tribute Fund • March 15, 2005 - July 15, 2005
IN YOUR HONOUR                          Bessie Cutler                           Froim Marcovitz
Laura Schwartz                          Donors: Gertie Covet                    Donor: Shirley & Henry Marcovitz
Donors: Millie Albert                           Carol Goldberg                  Zelda Open
        Pearl & Bill Star                       Gloria Herman                   Donor: Barbara & Irwin Neudorf
Miriam Singerman                        Jackie Donnelly                         Marion Piafsky
Donor: Ettie & Issie Moscovitch         Donor: Laura Schwartz                   Donor: Lynn & Ron Waxman
                                        Louis Dubrovsky                         Mary Roitman
GENERAL DONATIONS                       Donor: Anne & Arthur Perlman            Donor: Shirley & Lou Kimel
Pearl Nutkevitch                        Reuben Dubrovsky                        Rosalee Rosen
Morris Rein                             Donors: Toby Gunner                     Donor: Anna Buck
                                                Shirley Kimel                   Hyman Rosenfeld
SPECIAL DONATIONS                       Jack Fefferman                          Donor: Sheila Boretsky
                                        Donors: Rose & Gerson Adelman           Billy Saks
IN MEMORY OF                                    Sunny Sandler
Harry K. Field                                                                  Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke
Donor: Norma Field                      Herbie Flax                             Mendel Schlanger
                                        Donor: Elinore Damie                    Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke
IN MEMORY OF THE MOTHER OF              Ben Fox                                 Alfred Segel
                                        Donor: Claire Smith                     Donors: Sol Antecol
Rosalie Avigdor
Donor: Cranie Werbitt                   Leo Goldfarb                                    Hillel Liebling
                                        Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke             Ann Sorkin
Sid Kaushansky
Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke             Gerry Goldman                           Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke
                                        Donor: Shirley Spunt Hutman             Jack Stein
Margaret Levitt
Donor: Alice & Harry Skurnik            Ted Goldman                             Donor: Laura Schwartz
                                        Donor: Shirley Spunt Hutman             Naomi Steiner
IN MEMORY OF THE FATHER OF              Archie Goodman                          Donor: Rose & Gerson Adelman
                                        Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke             Sophie Wiviott
Dr. Stanley Heisler
Donors: Estelle Caplan Finkelstein      Archie Gordon                           Donor: Sunny Sandler
                 Irma & Bernie Clarke   Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke             Jack Yachnin
Peter Schapiro                          Lou Gottheil                            Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke
Donor: Beatrice & Arnold Derstenfeld    Donor: Ruth Shugar                      Ernie Waxman
                                        Seymour Gottlieb                        Donor: Shirley & Jules Waxman
IN MEMORY OF THE SISTER OF              Donor: Florence Rudakoff
Norma Miller                            Shirley Granner                         FUNDS
Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke             Donor: Marsha Gershon
Bernard Shapiro                         Miriam Jospe                            FELICE & ISSIE CARON FUND
Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke             Donor: Shirley Spunt Hutman             HONOURING GRANDSON'S BAR
IN MEMORY OF                            Morton Kape                             MITZVAH
Nat Alper                               Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke             Felice & Issie Caron
Donor: Denise Stern & Sam Dankoff       Bernard Kashenberg                      Donor: Riva Obront & Bernie Harris
Kelly Benedik                           Donor: Laura Schwartz                   IN MEMORY OF
Donor: Beatrice & Arnold Derstenfeld    Louis Klein                             Martin Kohn
Israel Bienenstock                      Donor: Phyllis Brasloff                 Donor: Felice & Issie Caron
Donor: Kathi & Marc Bailey              Ariel Lallouz
Max Bidner                              Donor: Olga & Howard Goldberg &         LILY CLEMENTS FUND
Donor: Anne & Arthur Perlman            Family
                                                                                HONOURING THE 100TH BIRTHDAY
Lily Birch                              Mel Leader                              OF Lily Clements
Donor: Linda Sohmer                     Donors: Sylvia Ornstein                 Donors: Esther & Norman Blumer
                                                Julie & Harry Schwartz                  Mrs. Bert Broadman
Ella Cantor                                     Melanie Schwartz
Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke                                                             Marion Brumer
                                                Susan & Neil Trachtenberg               Marianne & Theodore Honigman
Charlie Carroll                         Albert Lerner
Donor: Irma & Bernie Clarke                                                             Mignonne & Hershie Klein
                                        Donor: Florence Rudakoff                        Yetta & Samuel Krum

12                                                                          MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY
                     Tribute Fund • March 15, 2005 - July 15, 2005
        Ida & Moe Melnick             HONOURING THE BIRTHDAY OF                         Tsipi, Ronnie, Ori, Dana & Talia
        Frances Milstein              Lily Clements                                       Mandowsky
        Miriam Moniz                  Donors: Florence Garfinkle                        Carolyn & Simon Meleas
        Shirley Naveran                       Ann Rubin                                 Shirley & Ben Meltzer
        Mildred & Phil Ram            Florence Garfinkle                                MarI-Lin Smith Miller
        Maree & Leo Stiglitz          Donor: Sunny Sandler                              Anne Nadler
        Rose & Max Wax                                                                  Tania Naihouse
IN MEMORY OF THE FATHER AND                                                             Anne Nathanson
                                      BEST WISHES                                       Paula Nutik
FATHER-IN-LAW OF                      Maureen Garfinkle
Bev & Steve Garner                                                                      Riva Obront
                                      Donor: Florence Garfinkle                         Isabel & Jacques Ohayon
Donor: Roseanne & Steve Rubin         BEST WISHES ON BECOMING AUX-                      Sylvia Ornstein
                                      ILIARY CO-PRESIDENT                               Susan Palevsky
                                      Terri Klein                                       Gita & Jerry Pearl
FUND                                  Donor: Florence Garfinkle                         Josi & Richard Rapoport & Staff
HONOURING SON'S ENGAGMENT                                                               Ronnie & Jack Roter
Myrna & Peter Cohen                   IN MEMORY OF                                      Rose & Mark Ruckenstein
Donor: Hinda Adelstein                Tess Routtenberg                                  Sunny Sandler
                                      Donor: Florence Garfinkle                         Marilyn Regenstreif-Schiff
HONOURING THE BIRTHDAY OF                                                               Barbara & Mel Schloss
Joseph Deckelbaum                     AZAR & RAY GOLDIN FUND                            Laura Schwartz
Donors: Yetta & Moe Deckelbaum                                                          Nessie Schwartz & Family
                                      IN MEMORY OF THE GRANDFA-                         Evelyn Seligman
        Freda Leffell                 THER OF
        Susan Michelin                                                                  Rhona & Robert Shapiro
        Helen Robert Winikoff
                                      Vardit Sharon                                     Jackie Sheiner
                                      Donor: Mimi Brownstein-Nattress                   Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Sheiner
Harvey Finkelstein                    IN MEMORY OF                                      Claire Smith
Donor: Hinda Adelstein                                                                  Janet Gerald Smith
                                      Ray Goldin
                                      Donors: Ethel Aberman & Family                    Shirley Spunt Hutman
BEST WISHES IN YOUR NEW HOME                  Hinda Adelstein                           Dorothy & Sol Stober
Rhoda & Bert Habert                           Yvette & Isaac Battat                     Cynthia & Andre Telio
Donor: Hinda Adelstein                        Richard Bell                              Raymond Telio
IN MEMORY OF                                  Anna Engel & Norman Browman               Brenda & Phil Weinberger
Lillian Baer                                  Harriet Brownstein                        Marty, Rachel, Adam & Carmelle
Donor: Hinda Adelstein                        Felice & Issie Caron                        Wolfson
Elsa Cantor                                   Louise, Rozlyn & Daphne Druckman          Joan Ungar
Donor: Hinda Adelstein                        Estelle & Norman Finkelstein              Fran & Tully Yagod
                                              Abraham & Marcy Fish                      David & Carmen Yuzpe
MIRIAM & MARTY FRIEDMAN FUND                  Bonnie & Arthur Fish & Family             Eric Yuzpe
                                              Morris & Judith Fish                      Stephen & Stephanie Yuzpe
HONOURING THE BIRTHDAY OF                     Florence Garfinkle                        Jessica Yuzpe & Chris Skowby
Marty Friedman                                Florence Garmaise                         Shirley Zuckerman
Donor: Shirley & Irwin Light                  Colette & Alan Golden
Anne Sacks                                    Erma & Herbert Goldenstein         RONA & BEN KARLS FUND
Donor: Miriam & Marty Friedman                Gail Goldrath                      IN HONOUR OF THE BIRTHDAYS OF
                                              Roslyn Greenfield                  Dr. & Mrs. Harold Scherzer
IN MEMORY OF                                  Toby Gunner                        Donor: Rona & Ben Karls
Joseph Shmerer                                Elaine & Hank Harris
Donor: Miriam & Marty Friedman                Stanley & Gail Hitzig              BEST WISHES FOR A SPEEDY
                                              Rose & Max Kalman
                                              Stephen Kisber
MOE Z. GARFINKLE MEMORIAL FUND                                                   Jerry Gross
HONOURING THE BIRTH OF A                      Terri Klein
                                              Elaine & Julian Kotler             Donor: Rona & Ben Karls
GREAT GRANDSON                                Sheila & Marvyn Kussner            Bryan Rosner
Ethel & Jack Garfinkle                        Debi, Michael & Norman Latsky      Donor: Rona & Ben Karls
Donor: Florence Garfinkle                     Dr. & Mrs. Wilfred Leith           Frankie Rubinger
                                              Adele & Lionel Malkin              Donor: Rona & Ben Karls
  MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY                                                                                13
                    Tribute Fund • March 15, 2005 - July 15, 2005
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Azeff             GREATGRANDDAUGHTER                         Pierre Lapointe
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Laura Schwartz                             Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin
Linda & Steve Azeff                Donor: Esther & Herbie Saltzman
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls                                                       IN MEMORY OF
Mr. & Mrs. Josh Cohen              HONOURING THE BIRTHDAY OF                  Mary Denis
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Cheryl Malkin                              Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin
Beatrice & Phil Cohen              Donor: Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane        Jackie Donnelly
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Bill Star                                  Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Copolovitch &   Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin
Family                             Freda Yankofsky                            MEALS ON WHEELS FUND
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin               HONOURING THE BIRTHDAY OF
Mrs. Betty Grynwald                                                           Joshua Lerner
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            HONOURING THE WEDDING                      Donor: Julia Waks
Barbara Hochberg & Bob Berkowitz   ANNIVERSARY OF
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Sonia & Ted Vechsler                       GENERAL DONATIONS
Mr. & Mrs Jeffrey Langlebin        Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin                         Saul Antecol
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            BEST WISHES FOR A SPEEDY                             Saul Tolmasky
Rapp Family                        RECOVERY
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Ellen Berlin Sabin                         IN MEMORY OF THE MOTHER OF
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Setzer          Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin               Roz Bakst Gross
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Pearl Star                                 Donor: Arlene & Ken Lerner
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Shoer             Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Louise Weiner                              IN MEMORY OF
Barbara Irwin Stein                Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin               Joe Roll
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls                                                       Donors: Toby Gunner
Freda & Nat Stein                  BEST WISHES FOR PASSOVER                           Rena & Fred Halickman
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls                                                               Arlene Lerner
                                   Sol & Frances Antecol
Mr. &Mrs. Neil Uditsky             Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin               Tess Routenberg
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls                                                       Donors: Sara Cohen
                                   Arthur & Ricki Lane                                Arlene Lerner
Henna Yarrow & Family              Donor: Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane               ROBERT NATHANSON MEMORIAL
Mr. & Mrs Simon Zrihen             Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin               FUND
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Adele & Lionel Malkin
                                   Donor: Riva Obront & Bernie Harris         HONOURING THE BIRTH OF A
IN MEMORY OF                       Adele & Lionel Malkin                      GRANDSON
Elsa Cantor                        Donor: Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane        Sandy & Ernie Goldstein
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Riva Obront & Bernie Harris                Donor: Anne Nathanson
Benny Fox                          Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin
Donor: Rona & Ben Karls            Roberta & Robert Sinai                     HONOURING THE BIRTHDAY OF
                                   Donor: Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane        Anne Nathanson
ADELE & LIONEL MALKIN FUND         Esther & Herbie Saltzman                   Donors: Hinda Adelstein
HONOURING THE BIRTH OF A           Donors: Adele & Lionel Malkin                      Kathi & Marc Bailey
                                                                                      Sandy & Ernie Goldstein
DAUGHTER                                   Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane
                                                                                      Terri Klein
Karen & Brent Cutmore              Laura Schwartz                                     Sonia Levine
Donor: Esther & Herbie Saltzman    Donors: Adele & Lionel Malkin                      Millie & Hy Reisler
HONOURING THE BIRTH OF A                   Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane               Rosalie Rudnitsky
GRANDDAUGHTER                      Helen & Mario Sinai & Family                       Rhonda & Lenny Sheiner
Sondra & Martin Schwartz           Donor: Adele & Lionel Malkin                       Nina Spiegel
Donor: Esther & Herbie Saltzman    IN YOUR HONOUR                                     Eve-Lynn Stein
                                   Adele Malkin                                       Stein, Lyons, Flaming & Kubic Families
                                   Donor: Millie Albert                               Shirley Zuckerman

14                                                                        MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY
                     Tribute Fund • March 15, 2005 - July 15, 2005
Alex Flomen                           Jim & Deborah Ramo                      HONOURING GRANDDAUGHTER'S
Donor: Anne Nathanson                 Donor: Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane     ENGAGEMENT
Jerry Goldman                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Perry Lande
Donor: Anne Nathanson                 HONOURING THE WEDDING                   Donor: Henna Yarrow
Phil Morantz                          ANNIVERSARY OF                          BEST WISHES
Donor: Anne Nathanson                 Lonne & Ricki Lane                      Mr. & Mrs. Ben Karls
Mae Wax                               Donor: Miki Lane & Marilynne Malkin     Donor: Henna Yarrow
Donor: Anne Nathanson                 Evelyn & David Segel
                                      Donor: Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane     BEST WISHES FOR PASSOVER
ESTHER NUTIK FUND                                                             Judi, Calvin & Jonathon Erbstein
HONOURING THE BIRTH OF A              IN MEMORY OF THE MOTHER OF              Donor: Henna Yarrow
GRANDSON                              Fred Weiser                             Rona & Ben Karls
Shelley & Stan Reich                  Donor: Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane     Donor: Henna Yarrow
Donor: Phyllis & Gerry Sohmer                                                 Dora & Gerry Pecker
                                      SYLVIA & HY STERN FUND                  Donor: Henna Yarrow
HONOURING THE BIRTHDAY OF             IN HONOUR OF THE BIRTHDAY OF            Anne & Arthur Perlman
Anne Nathanson                        Sam Fagen                               Donor: Henna Yarrow
Donor: Paula Nutik                    Donor: Sylvia Stern
Henna Yarrow                          Minzie Fine                             WISHING YOU WELL
Donors: Paula Nutik                   Donor: Sylvia Stern                     Frankie Rubinger
        Phyllis Sohmer                Bea Osher                               Donor: Henna Yarrow
                                      Donor: Sylvia Stern
HONOURING SON'S THE MARRIAGE                                                  IN MEMORY OF
Josie & Bob Berger                    IN MEMORY OF                            Louis Dubrovsky
Donor: Phyllis & Gerry Sohmer         David Kronick                           Donor: Henna Yarrow
Lynn & Ron Waxman                     Donor: Sylvia Stern                     Seymour Gottlieb
Donor: Phyllis & Gerry Sohmer         Jack Hopkins                            Donor: Henna Yarrow
                                      Donor: Sylvia Stern                     Sybil Plotnick
HONOURING THE MARRIAGE OF             Kenny Tauber                            Donor: Henna Yarrow
Corey & Guang Coblentz                Donor: Sylvia Stern                     Myer Soiferman
Donor: Phyllis & Gerry Sohmer                                                 Donors: Fraida Stolberg
Liz & Randy Waxman                    ANNA UNGAR MEMORIAL FUND                        Henna Yarrow
Donor: Phyllis & Gerry Sohmer         BEST WISHES FOR PASSOVER
                                      Jane & Larry Plotnick & Families        MINNIE ZELMAN ZIEBELMAN
HONOURING THE GRADUATION OF           Donor: Joan Ungar                       MEMORIAL FUND
Ann Nano MacNamara                                                            BEST WISHES FOR PASSOVER
Donor: Phyllis & Gerry Sohmer         LOUIS WISEMAN MEMORIAL FUND             Edie Turner
                                      HONOURING GRANDDAUGHTER'S               Donor: Judy & Gordon Zelman
Stan Bronson                          Donor: Dorothy & Sol Stober             IN MEMORY OF
Donor: Joe Fogel                                                              Florence Klein
                                      HENNA YARROW FUND                       Donor: Edie Turner
HONOURING THE BIRTH OF A SON                                                  The painted tiles on each tribute card
                                      BAT MITZVAH
Danielle & Larry Stone                                                        is from our community mural project
                                      Shirley & Lou Kimel                     called Making a Mark: The Mosaic of
Donor: Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane   Donor: Henna Yarrow
                                                                              Our Community. Residents at the
HONOURING DAUGHTER'S                  HONOURING THE BIRTHDAY OF               Centre alongside school children, staff,
ENGAGEMENT                                                                    volunteers and family members
                                      Henna Yarrow
Andy & Janice Hill                    Donors: Bayla & Mel Kligman             participated in painting the tiles.
Donor: Marilynne Malkin & Miki Lane                   Anne & Arthur Perlman   The Auxiliary apologizes for any error.

  MAIMONIDES GERIATRIC CENTRE AUXILIARY                                                                             15

5795 Caldwell Avenue
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  Monday - Thursday                   7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                    Monday - Thursday          10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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                                                       greetings for Passover or Rosh Hashanah.
                                                      All cards are processed immediately. For
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    Proceeds from the sale
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                                                                                                          The recycled tabs will enable us
    Therapeutic Recreation
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