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                                                    Phone: 9890 2588

                                                2010 ENROLMENT
Enclosed   is your 2010 enrolment pack. It should contain the following items:
      •     This information sheet
      •     Membership Details form (one per gymnast)
      •     Class recommendation slip (one per gymnast)
      •     Account with any outstanding charges

Please note that this is a preliminary timetable and that changes may be made prior to the commencement of term 1
- final confirmation of class times will be posted to you with term 1 fees and newsletter in late January.

As has been previously communicated, from January 1st, Whitehorse Gymnastic Club and Box Hill Gymnastics Club
will be merging to create a new club. Through this amalgamation period, there will be a number of changes to the
way the club operates. If at any stage you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The new club will be a community club; a friendly club; a successful club. As with both the preceding clubs, the club
will remain a community based, not-for-profit organisation run by a Committee of Management comprised primarily of
parents of the gymnasts. We aim to continue with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and hope that all members of
your family can be made to feel at home and part of “the Club”. Your input will always be encouraged and welcomed.

Programs will be run from two venues – 21 Clarice Rd, Box Hill South; and Box Hill North PS, Elizabeth St, Box Hill
North. All classes will run from the Clarice Rd venue, with only a subset running from the Elizabeth St venue. If there
is the option of training at the Elizabeth St venue for you, please consider which venue is most convenient and
remember to mark it on your reenrolment slips.

Gymnasts have been assessed by coaches and placed into an appropriate class. In 2010, some programs have
changed significantly, and some have been added. To understand the expectations and aims of the program into
which your child(ren) have been placed, please read the brief descriptions on the back of this letter. More detailed
explanations of the programs in which you enrol will be made available to you at the beginning of the year.

The 2010 fee structure has been decided upon, and a sample is below. There is also a 5% family discount for families
with multiple children enrolled at the club.
                    Hours                         1        1.5        2         3          5         7.5        10
          Standard (10 week term)               $135.00   $199.00   $238.00   $294.00    $395.00    $491.00   $575.00
       Squad (includes Holiday Training)        $148.50   $218.90   $261.80   $323.40    $434.50    $540.10   $632.50

All reenrolments are due by January 11th, and after this date no places can be guaranteed. You need to return by
post or email, the Membership Details form, and the Enrolment sections of the attached recommendation slips.

If your child(ren) will not be returning next year, please let us know by either returning the slip appropriately marked,
or by emailing the club. Similarly, if you cannot attend at the recommended time, or would like to enquire about the
possibility of transferring to an alternative program (eg. from Gymstar to Gymfun or Gymfun to Rhythmic), or
enrolling in an additional program, please contact us for more information.

For an immediate response to enrolment enquiries, you can telephone 9890 2588 between 4.00 and 6.00 on
January 4th, 6th and 8th, as well as between 11.00 and 2.00 on January 5th. Telephoning at other times and leaving a
message, or sending the club an email will also yield a response within 1-3 days throughout January.


Alan Keating

Kindergym is a movement program for preschoolers 5 years and under and their adult caregiver. It is designed to develop the whole child –
                        socially,  emotionally,  physically  and  cognitively  ‐    and  is  conducted  in  a  safe,  structured  and  multisensory  environment.  It 
                        provides positive movement experiences that can influence a child’s outlook on physical activity for life. At Kindergym it is 
                  possible to assist in the development of the whole child by providing an environment where the child may creatively explore and 
                practise skills safely in order to increase self‐confidence and self‐esteem. The Kindergym program is guided by Accredited Leaders to 
                 ensure  that  the  equipment  set‐ups  are  safe,  stimulating  and  provide  endless  movement  opportunities  for  each  child  to  play  and 
                 learn. Kindergym will assist your child in development and co‐ordination, confidence and self‐esteem. 
Gymfun is a program for everybody, regardless of age, gender or ability. It is the perfect activity to prepare children for long‐term participation 
in sport and develops vital life skills. Gymfun is lots of fun. It develops balance, co‐ordination and confident body movement; it builds self‐esteem, 
strength and flexibility, preparing the body and mind for life's challenges. There is heaps of variety incorporating elements of 
Men’s and Women’s Artistic, Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics.....so there is something for everyone. Gymnasts are 
offered two in‐house events each year, and may be invited to participate in the Gym For All Challenge or other external 
events. Gymfun is a sport for life and is conducted within a safe environment which caters for personal growth and 
               Gymstar is a competitive program for girls encompassing a variety of gymnastics equipment. The Gymstar program caters for girls 
               who wish to be involved in a competitive artistic gymnastics program yet don’t want to train the hours required for the Women’s 
               Artistic  program.  Girls  in  this  program  train  once  or  twice  each  week,  depending  on  the  level,  and  are  offered  a  number  of 
               competitions throughout the year, and it is expected that they will attend the majority of them. Gymstar is the perfect sport for girls 
               to learn co‐ordination and confidence develop creativity and contribute to their general health and fitness. 
Women's  Artistic  Gymnastics  is  a  program  aimed  at  talented  gymnasts  who  are  able  to  commit  themselves  to 
improving  their  gymnastics  to  the  best  of  their  ability.  Women’s  Artistic  Gymnastics  enhances  co‐ordination  and  agility,  for 
body  awareness  and  balance.  It  develops  posture  and  confident  body  movement,  including  the  ability  to  land  safely  while 
enhancing creativity and self‐confidence. Not all gymnasts are suited to this program, and for this reason, entry is by selection 
by  a  senior  coach.  Girls  train  2‐3  times  per  week,  and  are  required  to  attend  a  number  of  competitions  with  a  team  being 
entered at either State Pennant or Victorian Championships. 
Men's Artistic  Gymnastics  is  the  perfect  sport  to  teach  boys  focus  and  self‐discipline  ‐  skills  that  can  assist  with  their  learning  and 
                concentration.  Men's  Gymnastics  builds  strength,  enhances  co‐ordination  and  agility,  and  develops  posture  and  confident  body 
                movement,  including  the  ability  to  land  safely.  The  Men’s  Artistic  Gymnastics  program  is  suited  to  boys  who  have  moved  past 
                Gymfun  level  2  and  would  like  to  further  their  gymnastics  career  in  a  fun,  well  structured  and  progressive  program.  Boys  may 
                compete in in‐house events or at external competitions during the year, which whilst not compulsory, are strongly encouraged.  We 
                also offer a more competitive National squad program with more demanding training for which entry is by selection. 
Rhythmic Gymnastics is a competitive program for girls using hand apparatus and dance skills to music. Harmony between the 
gymnast,  the  apparatus  and  the  music,  plus  required  difficulties  are  necessary  to  achieve  a  balanced  composition.  The  apparatus  ‐ 
hoop,  ball,  rope,  ribbon  and  clubs  ‐  must  be  used  in  both  hands,  thrown  into  the  air  and  be  kept  in  constant  motion.  Rhythmic 
Gymnastics  develops  posture  and  confident  body  movement,  co‐ordination  and  agility.  It  increases  flexibility  and  strength  and 
enhances creativity and builds self‐confidence.  
            Acrobatic  Gymnastics  is  a  beautiful,  dynamic  and  spectacular  sport  for  both  men  and  women.  The  sport  develops  courage, 
            strength,  stamina,  co‐ordination,  flexibility,  jumping  abilities,  adroitness  etc.  Sports  acrobatics  unites  its  power  and  poise,  with  grace 
            and beauty to create an intriguing sport. Acrobats perform gymnastic skills in groups of two, three and four. It is the perfect sport to 
            teach a child balance and co‐ordination as well as sharing in the benefits of working within a team environment. Acrobatic Gymnastics 
            caters for a wide variety of abilities and degrees of commitment. Gymnasts from age 5 can be involved through the Junior Acro classes, 
            right up to gymnasts wishing to train for the State and National Championships or even International Competition. 

Adult Gymnastics is a non‐competitive program for ex gymnasts and adults with a modicum of physical fitness. It provides a wonderful 
opportunity for over 18s to tumble and perform gymnastic skills in a safe and comfortable environment. This a great program for those who 
have always wanted to learn how to so a handstand or a cartwheel or for the ex gymnast who wants to maintain their skills. We also offer 
Adult Fitness classes, which are a lower impact way to build up or maintain strength and flexibility. 

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