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					1. The family had migrated in the 18th century to the Mughal capital of
Delhi in response to a summons to serve the emperor , Farrukhsiyar .
house was built on the banks of a canal and this resulted in a change in
their family name , which was based on the the Urdu word for canal . How
we know this family ?
# Nehru ( Nehar = canal )

2. With what event did the launching of Colour T.V.'s India coincide ?
# Asian Games , 1982

3. We all know that the first animal to be cloned was a sheep named Dolly
What was the reason / idea behind the name Dolly ?
# The genes were taken from the mammary gland and was named after Dolly

4. Connect : Saatchi & Saatchi and the Miniskirt
# Mary Quant . Credited with the invention of miniskirt & chief investor
backer of Saatchi & Saatchi when it started .

5. What are ' Timna ' , ' Willamette ' and ' Itanium ' ?
# Code names for chips that Intel has recently launched

6. This word was originally used to mean a foreigner , esp. one who is
not a Greek or Roman
# Barbarian

7. U.S. Diplomat Henry Kissinger was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace
in 1973 for his role in the Vietnam ceasefire . With whom did he share it
# Vietnamese negotiator , Le Duc Tho

8. Connect : Paintings of Jesus Christ , Bull fighting , Archie Comics
# Representation of Jesus on cloth , manoeuvre in Bullfighting , Archie's

9. Which is the largest Lok Sabha constituency in terms of (a) electorate
(b) area
# (a) Barmer , Rajasthan (b) Ladakh , J & K

10. What is the ' Barmy Army ' ?
# Supporters who cheer England during sporting encounters

11. This city was founded in the 11th century and rose to become one of
the great trading centres
( esp. for gold ) and a leading intellectual centre of Islam . It was
attacked by the Moroccans in 1593 and
never regained its economic or cultural status . Which city ?
# Timbuktu

12. What is common to Javagal Srinath and Patrick Rafter ?
# Rotator cuff Shoulder injury

13. What is the contribution to science of 18th century Sewdish
Botanist,Carolus Linnaeus ?
# He coined the term " homo sapiens "

14. English Fast bowler Bob Willis was born as Robert George Willis . He
later added the initial 'D' to become
R.G.D. Willis . Why did he add ' D ' ? Explain fully .

# The ' D ' stood for ' Dylan ' . He was a major Bob Dylan fan and so
this added Bob Dylan to his name
( Bob is short for Robert )

15. " We knocked the bastard off " . Who said it and in what context ?
# Edmund Hillary on returning to base camp after climbing Mt. Everest

16. In the famous Battle of Longewala in the 1971 War , which division of
the Indian Army defending Longewala when it was attacked ?
# 12 Infantry Division

17. Why was Satpura village of Mahoba district in the news recently ?
# A woman is alleged to have committed sati there

18. During the American Civil War , Southerners used to illegally
transport alcohol , by hiding it in their legs .
This gave rise to a term used for smugglers . What ?
# Bootleggers

19. If Gandhi was 'Mahatma' , what title was Jinnah given and commonly
referred to as ?
# Quaid-e-Azam

20. Greek Mythology : This wealthy king who was the son of Zeus and Pluto
had insulted the gods and was
punished by being placed in a lake where the water would recede as he
tried to drink it and fruits which were
just out of his reach . This episode led to a new word .Name either the
person or the word .
# Tantalus , Tantalising

21. What blunder did Nehru make in his " Tryst with Destiny " speech ?

# He said , " .... when all the world is asleep , India will awake to a
new dawn ..... " He did not remember the
time zones which meant that actually most of the world was wide awake .

22. It is dated as between late 17th and mid 18th century . Earliest
record of it being sung was 1745 . It had
no one composer and was probably the recasting of folksongs Resemblances
of it can be found in pieces by
Purcell and John Bull . What ?
# " God Save the King ( Queen) " -- British National Anthem

23. This major Boris Becker fan claims to have watched almost all his
matches . When he lost the '94 Assembly
Elections to an inexperienced candidate he compared it to Becker's loss
to debutant Peter Doohan in Wimbledon
in the '80s ? Who ?
#S.M. Krishna

24. What was the siginificance of the Bardoli satyagraha in the life of
Vallabhai Patel ?
#From there onwards he was known as " Sardar "

25. In the first few years of the Inernet , search-engines registered
____ as the most searched for word , but
recently this has been replaced by another 3-letter word . Name both the
words .
# Sex , MP3

26. " What the hell is email for ? " . Who ( What context )
# Steve Jobbs when asked about the problems of the IMac not having a
floppy-drive .