qfi-3 by rishabhmishra


									1.name the black disease caused by Leishmania and Phlebotomus..
2.secret/shadowy organisation created by robert ludlum..
3.what connects miss marple and a theory of periodic extinctions?
4.who was responsible for making R.K.Narayan's work famous?
5.who is richard the lionheart's saracen rival?
6.craft of fitting wooden blocks in geometric designs to make a
patterned floor..
7.who is the mother of helen,castor and pollux?
8.name the work whose title translates into english as 'the greatest'
9.who is the goddess at saundati ,object of semi-nude worship..
10.name the island to which tiberius retired from rome,famous for its
11.who are the founders of the vijaynagar empire?
12.the greek muse of music..
13.the combination of two violins,a viola and cello.
14.what phenomenon was discovered during liquefaction of hydrogen.
15.sash worn with a kimono..
16.name the writer cousin of indira gandhi?arun
17.father brown's sidekick in some of the stories..
18.alloy of iron and nickel with very low coefficient of thermal
19.this hat is known as derby in the USA.how is it called in the UK?
20.whose voice backed m.s.subbalakshmi in most of her concerts..
21.which aldous huxley book's title refers to the condition of the
imprisones Samson?.
22.which english bowler refused to follow jardine's bodyline
23.name the wife of Agasthya
24.name the first french satellite.
25.robert redford's ranch is known as
26.what is mrs.O'Leary's cow accused of starting..
27.the strategic defence initiative is commonly known as
28.achilles opponent in the zeno's paradox..
29.volcanic glass material used as knives by the mayans(aztecs).
30.name the british general featuring in shatranj ke khiladi..
31.the priest who tried to prevent the wooden horse from being dragged
into troy..
32.anabolic steroid used by ben jonson..

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