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									Bugs quiz # 3            questions by.. BARUN PATRA

4. Who was Time Magazine's first Man of the Year?

5. What is the ball in Polo traditionally made of ?

10. This famous Indian's father worked for Bata and mother was the first
woman chief justice of a High Court in India. Who?

12. Custom with statues : if the rider/warrior died in battle, the statue
is built in a different way. What is the distinction?

14. When a new pope is elected, the cardinals lock themselves in a room
to conduct the election without outside interference. What English word
meaning "closed gathering" arises form this?

16. This company started off by exporting Cray computers before turning
to other fields. Its ideas for an enormous theme park wound up in smoke
when the park had to be shut down even before opening. Name the company.

17. What is the oldest international sporting trophy?

18. What is the Tecumseh curse and who broke it?

20. This person drew cartoons for the Marathi weekly "Marmik" and 3 of
his cartoons were selected for a world anthology of cartoons of
Churchill. He started his own paper and subsequently entered politics.

21. Who or what is a muezzin?

23. Whose autobiography is "Songs my mother taught me"?

24. What would you get by crossbreeding a bloodhound and a mastiff?

4: Charles Lindbergh
5: The stump of bamboo.
10: Vikram Seth
11: Michael Crichton.
12: If the front 2 legs of the horse are raised, then the rider died in
14: Conclave.
15: The Last Temptation of Christ.
16: InGen (The park, of course, is Jurassic Park)
17: The Americas Cup
18: The curse is that all US presidents elected in a year ending with 0
diein office. Ronald Reagan broke it.
20: V.P.Singh
21: It is the person who calls out the prayer in Islam from the prayer
23: Marlon Brando
24: The hound of Baskervilles.
1.Name the promoter of Numero Uno Intl ltd, a TV software co.
Ans Sanjay Khan

2. This was formerly called Citicorp Information Technologies India
Ltd.(CITIL). How do we know it today ?
Ans: I-Flex Solutions,a software company performing extremely well even
during a downturn.

3. In computer circles, what is a honeypot ?
Ans: A Honeypot is a Computer designed to deceive Computer intruders. It
collects information and monitors activity when it is breached, but does
not allow an intruder to get to any sensitive data or do any damage.

7. What was developed by Indranil Majumdar that made him the first Indian
to win the Texas
instruments Analog Design Challenge $100,000 award ?
Ans: A Railway Collision Avoidance System.

8. Which US actress was recently appointed goodwill ambassador for the
United Nations High Commissioner for refugees(UNHCR) ?
Ans: Angelina Jolie

9.Origin of JEEP
Ans. General Purpose vehicle

10. What is keramothnetophobia the fear of ?
Ans. fear of falling man made satellites

11. Of which association is Captain Haddock the honorary secretary ?
Ans S.S.S --- Society of Sober Sailors

12. What is measured by the Termann and Catrell indices ?Ans. IQ
13. Which sound was synthesized by combining the sounds of a lion , tiger
, alligator and a baby elephant ?
Ans. The roar of T REX in Jurassic park

14. Which contemporary musician was supposed to have beaten Tansen in a
contest ?
Ans Baiju Baawra

15. What do the words on the Saudi Arabian flag mean ?
Ans there is only one god . mohammad is his prophet

16. How do we better know the item "Foccacia" ?
ANS Pizza

17. What does Britannia and MRF together open ?
          The Indian ODI innings, (Bat sponsors ofSaurav and Sachin

18. What unique thing connects Grasim Gwalior and Bombay Dyeing (In
 The first TV ad and the first Colour TV ad (or colour ad to appear in TV
in India) respectively,Surprisingly only one got close.

19. Which brand roughly translates as 'shapeless or clumsy lumps of food'

20.Line of clothes by David Beckham?

21.Which brand carries the ad line ‘If women are not climbing the
corporate ladders it is because they are taking the elevators’ ?

22. How do we better know, Wakf Laboratories ?
Ans. Hamdard

23. Which car was voted as the Green Car of India in the first green
ratings by the Centre for Science and Environment.
Ans. Daewoo Matiz

24. According to this year’s Business Standard – The Billionaire Club
ratings, Who is the salaried topper of India ? Ans: Vivek Paul of Wipro
with 4.02 crores

25. What is the most popular practical use of kevlar-29 ?
Ans. Bullet proof vests

26. How do we better know Mi-zaru,Iwa-zaru and Kika-zaru invented by the
Japanese priest , Deng yo ?
Ans. Gandhiji ke teen Bandar

27. There are Boeings -- 707,727,737,747 , but no 717 . Why ?
Ans. 707 is an army plane reserved for the army only

28. Name the largest paramilitary force in the world .
Ans. BSF

29. What were the 2 land masses whose collision created the Himalayas ?
Ans. angoroland , Gondwanaland

30. The literal meaning of which animal is " drink nothing " ?
Ans. Koala

31. Name the 2 pet dogs of Shah Rukh Khan ?
Ans. rebecca , chewbecca

32. " What the hell is email for ? " . Who said this ( What context )
# Steve Jobbs when asked about the problems of the IMac not having a
floppy-drive .

33. In the first few years of the Inernet , search-engines registered
____as the mostsearched for word , but recently this has been replaced by
another 3-letterword .Name both the words .
# Sex , MP3

34. During the American Civil War , Southerners used to illegally
transport alcohol , by hiding it in their legs . This gave rise to a term
used for smugglers . What ?
# Bootleggers

35. If Gandhi was 'Mahatma' , what title was Jinnah given and commonly
referred to as ?
# Quaid-e-Azam

36. Which is the largest Lok Sabha constituency in terms of
(a)   electorate (b) area
# (a) Barmer , Rajasthan (b) Ladakh , J & K

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