biz quiz-ans by rishabhmishra


									a.what is this person's claim to fame ? he was also the wardrobe advisor
to George Bush Sr. ans)Original Marlboro Man. some sources say it was
David Miller.

b.Henry Ford's first workshop.

c.Sony's first HQ.

d.original logo of Hotmail.

e.Identify this gentleman who received a patent for Improving and
Fastening Pocket Operative - Levi Strauss.

f.Identify this 'branded' lady: Mercedes Jellinek.

g.Shown in this pic is a bronze statue of a monk: Dom Perignon.

h.Identify the lady: its a googly - he is Richard Branson launching
Virgin Bride.

i.Sibling rivalry:Adolf Dassler i-1: Rudolf Dassler.

j.Identify this institution: Hamburger Univ located at Oak Brooks

k.Caleb D.Bradham

l.The painter: Francis Barraud -Nipper.

m.Mrs.P.F.E.Albee -1st Avon lady.

n.Eleanor Thornton - Spirit of Ecstasy.

o.Connect this gentleman to Shakespeare: David McConnell - avon

p.Logo of Mates condoms - Virgin brand.

q.Identify this famous model: Wayne Mclaren.

r.august horsh - founder of Audi.

s.william harley s-1 davidson.


u.maharajah - connection bobby kooka - air India building

w.commander whitehead - mascot of cadbury schweppes.

x.loius chevrolet
y.connection - wimbledon - only brands to be displayed on the centre

z.painter - andy warhol

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