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					Q 1:In Computing standards what is an 'Orange Book'?

Q 2:Which software major introduced the Intellimouse with Intellieye

Q 3:Nolan Bushnell designed and built the first video arcade game
'Computer Space' in 1970 and in 1972 released PONG, the first
commercially successful arcade game. Also he hired Steve Jobs and Steve
Wozniak to assemble arcade games at his company. Name the company he

Q 4:Which product is called as the 'Volkswagen of Computers'?

Q 5:Name the company who produced the 'Crusoe' processor?

Q 6:With which company would you associate the tagline 'take it to the

Q 7:After stepped down as CEO of Microsoft corp Bill Gates is the Chief
Software Architect. Likewise
N.R.Narayanamurthy of Infosys stepped down from hischair and now known as

Q 8:Sun Microsystems:Java :: Hewlett Packard:?

Q 9:What is the code name for Itanium, the 64-bit processor from Intel

Q 10:PKzip is a compression utility program like winzip.What does PK
stand for?

11.Clue 1: This company is dedicated to bringing choice to the desktop
computer, choice in operating systems.
Clue 2: Its mission : Choice of operating system on your desktop
computer.This OS [Operating system} will be this companies FIRST product
to carry out this mission.
Clue 3: Founder of this company knows that offering a reliable,
and compatible OS that can run both Linux® and Windows® software
titles will not be an easy task. However, they’re confident
they have the necessary resources, management team and vision
to bring together the right people and technologies to offer a
choice in computer operating systems.

Ofcourse this OS is offered by a well know person. Earlier
he is the CEO of well known ....music..Sorry no more clues.

Your Job is to tell me

1.   The company Name
2.   Founder's Name
3.   Name the Operating System
4.   Earlier he is the CEO of which company ?
Answer : 1. Lindows.com
         2. Shawn Fanning
         3. Lindows [Linux+Windows]

12.To which company does Linus Torvolds the brain behind the LINUX work

    Transmeta Corp...   Additional funda the company in which he works
for does not use LINUX[!]
Q 1: Informal name for Philips and Sony's Recordable
    CD Standard
Q 2: Microsoft
Q 3: Atari (The game is PONG. I mentioned it as PING)
Q 4: Apple II
Q 5: Transmeta
Q 6: Sun Microsystems
Q 7: Chairman and Cheif Mentor
Q 8: Chai or Espeak
Q 9: Merced
Q 10:Philip Katz, the inventor's first two letters