combat-bizquiz by rishabhmishra


									1.0 15 years back this company used to be known as „Food Specialties
Limited‟. By what name is it known today?

2.0 What kind of a card is „Visa Electron‟?

3.0 Which Apex Business body is located at New no.634, Anna Salai,
Chennai 600 035?

4.0 Of which company Steven S Reinemund   is the Chairman & CEO?

5.0 What is the actual surname of Amitabh Bachchan ?

6.0 Which American company has a research center named “PARC”?

7.0 The name „Disprin‟ by Reckitt & Benckiser was framed   by combining
which two words?

8.0 Name the MD of ICICI Prudential Life?

9.0 What kind of cars are 'Hot Rods'?

10.0   Of which bank CBW is the Internet banking arm?

11.0 Which airline has an economy, no frill subsidiary liner called

12.0 Out of 15 countries in European Union, how many have introduced
'Euro' currency ?

13.0 “Symphony in Cottons” Ad line for which apparel range?

14.0 Which company is world‟s No.1 in stock brokerage?

15.0 Name the place where world Intellectual property organisation (WIPO)
is headquartered?

16.0 Expand MP in MP3 technology.

17.0 What was middle name of Charlie Chaplin ?

18.0 For excellence in which field International Deming Prize is awarded?

19.0 „Modernisation of mind‟ :   Management strategy of which company?

20.0 Who said “Advertisement is legalised Lying”?

21.0 Before cofounding Apple, whom did Steve Jobs work

22.0 Which Japanese company has a 300 years Master Corporate Growth plan?

23.0 What is the last name of Kapil Dev which he normally does not use ?

24.0 In Investment Jargon, what is a “Flier”?
25.0 In Ad. Lingo , what is      „Hyperbole‟?

26.0 Expand K     and   V in the name of   ICICI‟s MD & CEO Mr. K V Kamath

27.0 Name the present Chairman of UTI

1.0 Nestle India Ltd.
2.0 Debit Card.
3.0 Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
4.0 Pepsico Inc.
5.0 Modular Infotech.
6.0 Xerox Corporation ( Palo Alto Research Center )
7.0 Dissolvable Aspirin.
8.0 Shikha Sharma.
9.0 Bata.
10.0 HSBC
11.0 Air Canada.
12.0 India‟s first manufacturer supported Motor
Insurance plan.
13.0 Cotton County.
14.0 Merrill Lynch.
15.0 Geneva.
16.0 Moving Pictures.
17.0 Tivoli.
18.0 Quality in manufacturing.
19.0 Tata Steel.
20.0 H.G. Wells.
21.0 Atari Computers.
22.0 Matsushita.
23.0 Standard & Poor.
24.0 A high risk investment or business opportunity.
25.0 Overstatement or extravagant exaggeration of

26.0 Kondapur Vaman
27.0 M Damodaran




1.0 Whom did Time magazine choose as the man of the 20th century?
Ans : Albert Einstein
2.0 According to the legend, what the Vietnamese people consider
themselves as descendants of?
Ans : Dragon.

3.0 Name the American river which comes from an American word meaning
“Father of Water”?
Ans : Mississippi.

4.0 In September 1935, what did Hitler adopt for his armed forces?
Ans : Swastika Symbol.

5.0 Pulitzer Prize is awarded for Journalism,   Letters, Music and which
other discipline?
Ans : Drama.

6.0 Which city is the Administrative capital of Malaysia?
Ans : Putrajaya.

7.0 What are Cat, Dog, Milk, Pig, Rabbit & Pup types of?
Ans : Fish.

8.0 If in the Railway timetable, your come across “P” against the various
classes of accommodation, what
does it mean?
Ans : Pantry.


1.0 “Beverage Partners Worldwide” is a fifty-fifty joint venture between
two great companies for
promoting mainly Tea as a beverage. Name the two companies?
Ans : Coca-Cola & Nestle. 9 Previously this was known as Coca Cola Nestle

2.0 Expand the three M‟s in the company “3M”.
Ans : Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing.

3.0 Great tasty food & spices from MTR, Bangalore.   what is the expansion
of MTR?
Ans : Mavalli Tiffin Room.

4.0 Name the first Indian CEO of a Global Airline?
Ans : Ronojoy Dutta, President of Chicago based United Airlines.

5.0 “Top Gear” is the branded retail outlet of which Indian major?
Ans : Indian Oil Corporation ( IOC ).

6.0 Name the oldest travel agency of the world?
Ans : Thomas Cook.

7.0 Pizza express is now being renamed to San Marzano. What is exactly
San Marzano?
Ans : This is the place from which Pizza Express in Italy sources
8.0 “Aqua Java” is a happening chain in Calcutta,which is fast going
national. What is their product?
Ans : Coffee.

1.0 Sabeer Bhatia after roaring success of hotmail and disastrous failure
in launched a Voice Mail
Service over the Internet. What is the service named as?
Ans : NavinMail.

2.0 In 1995 Java was launched by Sun Microsystems and which other
Ans : Netscape.

3.0 Vodafone is world‟s largest cellular networking company.   How did
they frame their name Voda?
Ans : Voice & Data.

4.0 What do you understand by “Cyber Squatting”?
Ans : This is the unfair practice of any person‟s holding of illegally to
a domain name which is no where connected to his business and which
rightfully belongs to other person / company.

5.0 Coming to Indian Television, which is the first talk show in DD with
Ans : Phool Khiley Hai Gulshan Gulshan hosted by Tabassum.

6.0 Who owns the Pyramid Mega store?
Ans : Piramal group.

7.0 NTT DoCoMo - the great telecom company of Japan. What does NTT
stands for?
Ans : Nippon Telegraph & Telephone.

8.0 Which company provides „Sunfire‟ servers and „Solaris‟ operating
Ans : Sun Microsystems.

1.0 Chennai high court has the distinction of being something special.
What is that?
Ans : Largest Judicial building in the world.

2.0 Name Chennai‟s oldest surviving temple complex?
Ans : Parthasarathy Temple at Triplicane.

3.0 This church in Chennai is the first English Church built by the
British empire outside Britain. Which
church am I talking about?
Ans : St. Mary‟s church in Fort.

4.0 This retail outlet in Chennai is the first to get ISO 9002
certification in its specialised marchandise
trade in India. Which outlet am I talking about?
Ans : Landmark book store.

5.0 When Portuguese missionary arrived in Chennai in 16th Century, they
landed in this part of Chennai and
Named the place by the Portuguese word meaning “Light” ? Which place in
Chennai ?
Ans : Luz.

6.0 Which is the first railway station constructed by the British in
Ans : Royapuram.

7.0 In 1846, what did Alexander Arbuthnot   found in Madras?
Ans : Madras Cricket Club.

8.0 Which Government Apex institution is located at Fort Glacis, No.16,
Rajaji Salai, Chennai – 1.
Ans : Reserve Bank of India.


1.0 22nd April 2001 was a milestone day in the life of Bill Gates. What
Ans : After many years he lost his place as the richest person of the
world to Sam Walton of Walmart.

2.0 When you listen to FM 1 of Chennai AIR, which frequency you are tuned
Ans : 107.1 MHz.

3.0 How did “Denim” get its name?
Ans : The name originated from a place called Serge de Nimes in France
from where Levi‟s imported it to USA
for the first time.

4.0 This young girl at the age of 14, became the youngest sports person
in India to win a national
title. She was sponsored by the Swiss T-Shirt manufacturer “Switcher”,
“Wilson” & “Sumeru Soft” of
Chennai. Name her?
Ans : Joyshna Chinappa in Squash.

5.0 If you are sitting in „McCafé‟ coffee bar, who do you think is owning
the outlet?
Ans : Mc-Donald‟s.

6.0 In the year 2000, who in Great Britain topped the list of richest
popstar with an asset of $ 1.02
Billion as per Sunday Times?
Ans : Paul McCartney.

7.0 In the European Union, where was Euro note first issued on 01.01.02 ?
Ans : Reunion Island
8.0 What was the name of the alligator in 1980 famous film “Alligator”?
Ans : Ramon.


1.0 Kevin Wright the ex Australian Wicket keeper was appointed as Sr.
Exe.Vice President of this Indian
Joint venture. Name the company?
Ans : ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

2.0 For banks and financial institutions, after how many years the
auditors are rotated statutorily by RBI?
Ans : Four years.

3.0 Expand FTSE.
Ans : Financial Times Stock Exchange.

4.0 What is EFT in banking terminology?
Ans : Electronic Fund transfer.

5.0 If Nasdaq is in USA, what is there in Japan?
Ans : Jasdaq.

6.0 In financial jargon, what is Ghosting?
Ans : The illegal practice by which one firm drives the prices of a
particular stock up and down with other conspiring firms following the

7.0 Which Bank was first to receive ISO quality award in India for its
credit card operation ?
Ans : Standard Chartered

8.0 What is a baby bond in US bond market?
Any bond with a face value of less than $ 1000.


1.0 Levi‟s has three premium brands introduced in India…. Levi‟s, Dockers
and which other?
Ans : Slates.

2.0 McDonald‟s has big Mac.   What is the corresponding from burger king?
Ans : Whopper Sandwich

3.0 Which company has got the following brands…….Elanza, Delsey &
Ans : VIP Luggage.

4.0 Which retailer owns the following brands …. French Great Pizza, Just
Fry ups & Bake off‟s?
Ans : Nilgiris.
5.0 Which celebrity endorses products of Nike, Wheaties breakfast cereal,
Buick cars and the American
express cards?
Ans : Tiger Woods.

6.0 I-Flex solution has a universal banking solution product on IBM
platform. Name the brand.
Ans : Flexi cube.

7.0 Which vehicle reminds us of mountain peaks ?
Ans : Sierra

8.0 This top brand has two sister brands named „Ambassador‟ and „Shoebox‟
which are available through 47,000 US retail stores. Which brand?
Ans : Hallmark Cards.


1.0   Connect Marlon Brando with Sunil Mittal of Airtel.
Ans : Marlon Brando was the main Character in “Last Tango in Paris‟.
„Tango‟ is the WAP brand of Sunil Mittal‟s Airtel.

2.0 What is common among Coca-Cola, Werstinghouse Electric, Johnson &
Johnson and Avon Product Inc?
Ans : They were all established in 1886.

3.0 Tell me the common thread for MRF, LG Electronics, St. Gobains     and
Hindu .
Ans : Lowe Lintas is the Ad. Agency for all of them

4.0 What connects McCann Ericson, Ogilvi Mather, LeoBurnett, Triton and
Lowe Lintas ?
Ans : Coke. These are agencies for coke products. McCann Ericson handles
Coke and Fanta, O&M handles Limca, Kinley, Leo Burnett handles Thums Up,
Maza, Sprite, Triton handles Rimzim and Lowe Lintas handles Portello

5.0 What is common between BCCL of Dhanbad, CCL of Ranchi and ECL of
Asansol ?
Ans : These are the three units out of seven subsidaries of CIL which are
making loss.

6.0 Connect Paul McCartney, Pamela Anderson, Richard Gere, Carl Louis and
Arnold Schwarznegger.
Ans : They are all converted vegetarian.

7.0 Connect Britannia, Fiat Palio, Visa International,Adidas, Boost, MRF.
Ans : Sachin Tendulkar appeared in their ads.

8.0 Connect Damayanti Finvest, Rijuta Finvest, KRN Finvest and Leasing,
CDP Fincap and Leasing, Ikshu Finvest and Moneytelevision Industries.
Ans : These were the Damayanti Group companies which Harshad Mehta used
to manipulate BPL and Videocon
share prices.

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