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					                       The Running Club at The Ohio State University


                                      Last Revision Date: 9/7/06

Article I

Section 1: Title: Running Club at The Ohio State University

Section 2: Purpose: For those students who ran cross country or track in high school, or just enjoy
the sport of running, the OSU Running Club is offering an organization that will unite students on
campus who enjoy the sport of running for the physical and social benefits. The club plans to meet
during the week for group runs and will have the opportunity to register for races as a group.

Section 3: Non-Discrimination Policy: This organization and its members shall not discriminate
against any individual(s) for the reasons of race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national
origin, sex, age, or handicap.

Article II-Membership

The club is open to all enrolled Ohio State students, faculty, alumni, and staff interested in joining
the club. All abilities are welcome.

Article III- Organization Leadership

The President will appoint all leaders to help facilitate the group during runs and team functions.
Those individuals are expected to assist the President in every aspect possible to make the club
function properly. Offices that will always be in place: President, Vice President, Treasurer. All
other offices will be formed at the need of the club.

        Amendment I: The following leadership positions will be instituted during the start of
        the 2006-2007 academic year:

        Social Chair: The Social Chair will be responsible for planning the quarterly spaghetti
        dinners for Autumn and Winter Quarters, and the Member Recognition Dinner for Spring
        Quarter. They are required to maintain the relationship with the caterer in order to secure
        the most economical price for the dinners. Additionally, the social chair will be expected,
        but not required, to plan other activities to support the social growth of the club, such as
        participating in events held by the Ohio Union and Student Activities.

        Treasurer: The Treasurer must maintain an updated list of all paid members. He/she will
        also collect the annual dues from members, and will be responsible for acquiring access to
        the bank account, following a change of leadership for the position. The Treasurer must
        provide mid- and end of quarter updates to all officers on the financial status of the club.
        He/she shall review internet statements, and complete any necessary programming or
        operating fund auditing practices by their due date. The President may require the
        Treasurer to attend the auditing program through the Ohio Union.

        Advertising Chair: The Advertising Chair must find creative ways to positively promote the
        club. This may include creating and posting flyers around campus, and utilizing the free
        resources and point system at the SOURCE. The Advertising Chair is also expected to
        contribute to preparations for the quarterly Involvement Fairs on campus.

        Fundraising Chair: The Fundraising Chair shall plan all necessary fundraising activities,
        primarily clean-ups at the Schottenstein Center. He/she shall be the contact for these
        clean-ups, and shall notify all club members of such opportunities. This responsibility
        includes assuring the minimum required number of members is present for each clean-up.
        The President may require the Fundraising Chair to attend the Fundraising Program
        through the Union.

        Community Service Chair: The Community Service Chair shall notify the club of any
        community service opportunities that he/she feels would benefit the development of the
        club, and these activities shall be done together as a club. Two events will be required per
        year. The Community Service Chair shall join the SERVwire in order to receive weekly
        service opportunity announcements.

        Webmaster: The Webmaster will be required to update the club Web site weekly, or at the
        discretion of the President or Vice President. Included on the site shall be race
        announcements, pictures, a listing of officers, and other items deemed necessary. The
        Webmaster may utilize Facebook as a further means of communication. The President may
        require the Webmaster to attend the Basic Web site Development Program or
        Intermediate Web site Development Program.

Article IV- Advisor(s)

The advisor of the Running Club is a full-time member of the University faculty. The role of the
advisor is simply to watch over the club and help out in times of need. The advisor is not expected
to run with the club, but is more than welcome to join group runs. Advisors are required to attend
a training session every three years at the request of Student Activities and the Ohio Union.

Article VI- Meetings of the Organization

The club sets group runs or other group functions with the hope of making them available to the
majority of students with regards to schedule. Each quarter the times will be determined by the
President, with help from the Vice President and Treasurer. The club will attempt to meet three
times a week. The club will meet on the Oval, in front of the Main Library. Pending bad weather
conditions, members will assume runs are cancelled at their best discretion.

Article VII-Method of Amending Constitution

The constitution will be amended by the President as changes and needs are presented to the club.
Article VIII-Method of Dissolution of Organization

If for some unforeseen reason the club would disband, the assets and debts would be responsibility
of the President.

Article VIX- National Affiliation

As of Spring of 2006, The Running Club at OSU is a member of the National Intercollegiate
Running Club Association. Annual dues must be paid by the Treasurer to this organization.
Additional information can be found at for races and other participating
member schools.