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									                                       THE MESSENGER
                                         A Newsletter for Supporters of Immanuel Christian School
                                                                                   Vol. 22 No. 06
                                                                                 October 19, 2009

Public Service Announcement:
On October 23rd come and join us for an evening of classical vocal music at Westminster United
Church. Listen to three professionals as well as Trevor Schriemer perform musical selections from
Brahms, Schubert, Handel Rachmaninoff, Donizetti, Rossini, Vaughn Williams, Bizet and Strauss.
The soloists include Jeremy Ludwig, Julie Ludwig, David Klassen and Trevor Schriemer. The
proceeds from this event will go to the music program of ICS. The tickets for this event are $5.00
for students and $10.00 for adults; they are available at the door or reserve by calling Grace at 782-
5663. Reservations are preferred as seating is limited. This event will be advertised across
Winnipeg and emphasis will be targeted towards the greater Reformed and Mennonite

2. Operation Christmas Child:
The Missions Team is organizing the Shoe Box campaign for Operation Christmas Child. Boxes are
available from Mrs. Buist, Erin Slaa, Regan Veenendaal, Ellen Cavers, Alina van Goor and Marjorie
Buist. The deadline is the week of November 16. Please have your boxes by this date.

Please be aware of the following important details:
    1. A donation of $7.00 per box is required. NO CASH PLEASE. Write a cheque payable to
       Samaritan's Purse. If you are preparing more than one shoebox gift, please make one combined
       donation. You may also pay online. Go to the website given below and follow the links. Print a
       receipt and include it in the box.
    2. Please don't wrap the boxes. We need to check them. Place a rubber band around each shoebox
       to secure the lid.
    3. Do NOT include toothpastes, liquids -shampoo, gels, paint, cream, lip balm, liquid glue (due to
       customs regulations).
Check the pamphlet for further information or visit Thank you for your

3. We will have a MUFU collection on Tuesday, October 27. (The collection we had earlier this month
was for the month of September). We collected $51.20 which is not enough to meet our monthly
commitment. We would like all students to remember to bring a donation for MUFU. The Missions

4.     Wanted: Leftover yarn, string, and fabric pieces. The supply has depleted at school and the
elementary staff would like to have some on hand for art classes. If you have some and would like to
donate it to the school, please drop it off at the office or to Miss Van Doornik‟s Grade 3 classroom.
5. Proof Pictures went home with the students last week Lifetouch is asking that the proof order
envelopes be returned to the school by WEDNESDAY, OCT. 21.

6. A Request from I.C.S. to the Supporting Community: For different events that happen at Grace
Church during school hours, it would be appreciated if everyone (as much as possible) could park their
vehicles in the parking lot along Rougeau Ave. This is not only to provide students with a “little more”
playing space, but also to ensure that vehicles which are parked there do not receive unnecessary “bumps
and bruises”. Thanks for your cooperation.

7. On Friday, October 23, 2009 the teachers will be spending the day at Special Area Group (SAG)
workshops; no school for students … maybe a good time to catch up on some assignments☺.

                                Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless;
                                maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.
                                         Rescue the weak and needy;
                          deliver them from the hand of the wicked. (Psalm 82:3-4)
8. The current 40 Days for Life (Sept. 23rd – Nov 1st) gives us the chance to do just that, as in over 200
cities across North America, caring Christians peacefully protest against the brutal reality of the murder
of the unborn by holding up pro-life signs in front of hospitals and clinics that commit abortions.
In Winnipeg, the vigil at the Women‟s Hospital on Notre Dame Avenue will continue until November
1st, going from 8am – 8pm each day. Visit to register,
or contact Jeff Dykstra or Elissa Dykstra at 668-7105 or

9. If you are an ICS student and you‟ve got some sweet writing to get published, send it to ASAP, or talk to the editor-in-chief Amy Weessies, or put it in the School
Newspaper folder on the student shared drive. We‟ll take poems, puzzles, games, articles, or whatever.
So get your stuff out there!

10. Causes for Creativity (talk to Jeff Dykstra)
1.    Write or e-mail the media, its ad sponsors, or your MLA or MP.
2.    Teen Ink has a decent poetry contest online.
3.    See Mr. Dykstra for short story, essay, and/or poetry contests.
4.    Click on the tag activism on

11. NOTE THE CHANGE!! Hockey season is almost here!! Saturday morning hockey for children
in Kindergarten to grade 8 will be starting again soon. We will be alternating weeks between K-4 and
grade 5-9. Hopefully this will allow everyone to have enough „elbow room‟ on the ice. Everyone playing
is expected to wear full equipment including face shields and neck guards to prevent as many accidents
as possible!
Fees for this year are as follows: One child playing $70, two or more children $110. Please make your
cheques payable to Mike Kuik with „Hockey Dues‟ on the memo line. Dues can be given to either me,
Ryan Veldman, Alan Dewitt or Carl Raap. Please pay as soon as possible so we will have funds to pay
for the ice rental.
Dates are as follows: Grade 5-9: Oct 3,17,31 Nov 14,28         Dec 12   Jan 02,23 Feb 6,20 Mar 6
                            K-4: Oct 10, 24      Nov 7,21      Dec 5,19 Jan 09,30 Feb 13,27
If you have any questions please call Mike Kuik 222-7310.



Any students in grade 11 and 12 who are interested in tutoring or peer tutoring after school are asked to
please talk to Mrs. Dykstra. These hours may be used towards the community service credit.

New Scholarships are in!!
• LORAN AWARD - deadline is October 20; Check online @
• TD Canada Trust – Deadline is Oct. 30; check online @
For more information on these 2 scholarships talk to Mrs. Dykstra, check the bulletin board or check
• Wendy’s Classic Achiever Scholarship. The deadline is November 2. Applications and information
   is available online
• Dates to watch for:
               October 26 - University Evening of Excellence.
               December 1 - Advanced Early Admissions Deadline for Universities.
Note: If you are in grade 12 and plan to attend Red River College next year, you can apply right now
with your grade 11 marks and proof of enrollment in grade 12 courses. So why delay?


The Grade 7 and 8 boys and girls volleyball teams were in a tournament this past weekend in Steinbach.
Considering it was their first game action of the year, both teams did quite well. The boys won one set
over the course of the tournament, and the girls won two sets.
The high school volleyball teams are continuing with their season with more games over the next two
weeks. The Varsity boys won their first league game last Wednesday, while the varsity girls won their
second league game, also on Wednesday.
The x-country season is almost over. The junior high runners completed their season at the Athletics
Manitoba school race last week Thursday, while the high school runners will complete their season by
running in the x-country provincial championships at Spruce Woods Provincial Park on Wednesday.

Junior Cross Country . . .
The Junior cross country team had their final race of the season at Harborview on Thursday October 15.
Because this event is hosted by Athletics Manitoba, it was the largest race they competed in so far. All
the athletes ran a 2 km race, competing only against their grade level.
Grade 6 girls-Jessica 9:14; Bethani 10:00; Julie 10:18; Eden 10:20
Grade 6 boys- Kevin 9:24; Jon 9:50; Michael 10:22
Grade 7- Emily 9:07
Grade 8- Shayna 8:50; Stephanie 9:05
Thanks to all the parents and siblings who came out to support the team this season.

High School Cross Country . . .
The high school cross country runners competed in their third event of the season at La Barrière Park
(Oct. 7th). Megan and Scott did not run the race as they were out of town. After raining for most of the
morning, the wind picked up in the afternoon and it was a fairly cold run. We checked out the course
when we arrived there, and it was muddy in places‹nothing like a little challenge to make the race
interesting. Considering that it was quite cold and windy, I didn¹t thing that the guys would improve on
their previous week‟s time. They all decided to prove me wrong. Well done, everyone.

Results are as follows:
Nick Mostert: 22:14 (4:26/km)
Rudy vanGoor: 23:51 (4:46/km)
Jake Cavers: 24:41 (4:56/km)
Eric Buist: 25:53 (5:11/km)

The Harbourview School Team Championships (known now as the Chris McCubbins Provincial Cross
Country Championships) were held on Thursday, Oct. 15 as well. All grades 6-12 competed. Results for
the high school runners are below:
Megan Toet 16:12 (5:24/km) 7th place
The guys below all competed as a grade 12 team.
Nick Mostert (gr9) 20:27 (4:05/km) 14th place
Scott Nienhuis (gr11) 22:28 (4:30/km) 24th place
Jake Cavers (gr12) 23:05 (4:37/km) 27th place
Eric Buist (gr12) 23:58 (4:48/km) 29th place

All the guys improved significantly over their previous week‟s race, and on a hilly course. Way to go,
everyone. Next week Wednesday, October 21st is the last race of the season. The provincials are going
to be in Spruce Woods this year. Find time to run this weekend as well. See you all on Monday, October
19th for practice after school.

Calendar . . .
Monday         V Girls vs Balmoral Hall @ ICS               6:00pm

Wednesday      High School X-Country provincials @ Spruce Woods
               V Girls vs Gray Academy @ ICS            6:00pm
               V Boys vs Gray Academy @ ICS             7:30pm

Thursday       JV Girls vs Balmoral Hall @ ICS              6:00pm

Monday, Oct. 26       V Girls @ St. Maurice                 6:00pm

Wednesday, Oct. 28 V Girls @ U of W                         4:30pm
Thursday, Oct. 29      JV Girls @ St. Boniface                 6:00pm

Friday, Saturday October 30 and 31             Varsity Girls @ Boys @ Ste Anne for tournament

                               JV Girls Volleyball Tournament in Teulon

On Saturday, October 17, 2009 the JV girls‟                 the Teulon Saints. This game proved to be
volleyball team entered the small town of                   costly as we lost both sets to Teulon and we lost
Teulon to play in their invitational volleyball             one of our players to a head injury. The JV girls
tournament. The mood was welcoming and the                  remained positive as they were now in third
ICS girls were very excited to be there. Their              place and going to the semi-finals. In the semi-
first opponent of the day was the Stonewall                 finals they met the Teulon Saints again. This
Rams. The game started out very well, but as the            time however, the girls were eager to win and to
game progressed the Rams proved that, at this               go onto the finals. They took Teulon in two sets
time, they were too strong an adversary. After a            by scores of 25 – 17 and 25 – 16. The last
short break the Girls returned to the floor to play         opponent of the day was a rematch against the
Arborg. The first set was a very competitive set,           Stonewall Rams. The girls were eager to take
but Arborg proved to be a little bit better as they         them on again and were hoping for a win.
took the set 25:24. But the ICS girls returned to           However, once again Stonewall proved to be too
the floor hoping to take the next set from                  strong an opponent as they took the ICS JV girls
Arborg. Well the Girls managed to maintain a                volleyball team in two sets by very close scores
lead throughout the game and took this set                  of 25 – 23 and 25 – 22. However, as you can see
25:21. The Girls now had a record of 1 and 3                the girls grew throughout the tournament. The
and were up against a team that was 3 and 1.                highlight of the day was to see the girls bond as
However the record did not seem to be an                    a unit as they continued to be successful. So if
indicator of success as the Girls took both these           you see: Kylie, Alina, Sarah, Nicole, Mikayla,
sets from Riverton to go into a tie with Riverton           Marjorie, Jenna, Kari, Brianna, Kristi, Anna-
with 3 wins and 3 loses. The final game of the              Marie, and Cherika, congratulate them on their
round robin was to be against the home team,                success and on a great day!
                                                                                                 S. Van Veen

                   A Great Look at Creation’s ABCs: available at our school library
  D is for Dinosaur, by Ken and Mally, features clever cartoons and catchy rhymes to make clear the
 Bible‟s revelation of what happened “in the beginning.” For parents, there is a look at how the work of
          scientists confirms or (seemingly) contradicts the Biblical account, and how to react.
                      Confirmed library hours: Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Nyhof                                    with Grade One. The students were very
After an extra long weekend, we went on our                 excited about this and couldn‟t wait. Thanks to
first field trip – a Fall Walk to Kildonan Park             our drivers, Mrs.Raap, Mrs.Gortemaker, Mrs.
Verhelst, Mrs. Poppe and Mrs. Veldman. We          Memory Work Text: Genesis 17:7 (know for
appreciate your bravery to face the brisk fall     Friday, Oct. 30)
weather with us! Due to our field trip and         Word Wall Words: me, my, her, can, not, see,
Thanksgiving, our week was incredibly short.       some, what (know for Monday, Oct. 26); do,
Students seem to be settled in routines and are    so, one, yes, will, into, when, this, BONUS:
really enjoying the small group work we do.        Bible (know for Friday, Oct. 30)
Next week, we will continue to talk about signs    Show & Tell: Oct. 20-22: T– Summer, W –
of fall, and do some fall crafts. Here‟s what‟s    Carson, Th – Alicia; Oct. 26–30: M – Jordan V.,
planned for this week (since you get this on       T – Mallory, W – Julia, Th – Austin, F – Naomi
Monday already):                                   Bible: We will start a new unit, which includes
Library Day: Monday for K students                 the following stories: A Wife for Isaac; Jacob
Bible Stories: Monday –Abraham Loves God           and the Birthright; Jacob and the Blessing;
the Most; Wednesday – Isaac and Rebekah            Jacob on the Run; Jacob in Paddan Aram; Jacob
Memory Work: Song: Hymn 45: 3 Text:                Escapes from Laban; and Jacob‟s Homecoming.
(We‟ll start this on Wed.): Genesis 8:22           Following this, we will review and have a Bible
Show and Tell: Monday –Logan, Melissa and          test.
Benjamin; Wednesday –Drew, Hannah and              ELA: We have been working our way through
Ashley.                                            the Animated Literacy program that the students
Math: We will be working on sorting different      were introduced to in Kindergarten. The sounds
objects.                                           we‟ve learned/reviewed so far are: Polly
Language Arts: We will start talking about the     Panda‟s sound “p”, spelled “p”; Uncle Upton‟s
sound for the letter M and Mimi the Mermaid.       sound “uh”, spelled “u” or “a”; Mimi
On Wednesday, if each student could bring in       Mermaid‟s sound “m”, spelled “m”; Ollie
one thing that begins with the sound of the        Ostrich‟s sound “aw”, spelled “o,” “aw,” or
letter “M” that would be great.                    “au.” We‟ve practiced using these letters and
Social Studies: Keep an eye out for signs of       sounds to write “pup,” “pop,” and “mom.” Next
fall! We will be working on a little “play”/poem   we will discuss Max the Ox‟s sound “ks,”
related to fall.                                   spelled “x” or “ks,” and Actress Annie‟s sound
                                                   “ah” (as in apple), spelled “a.”
Grade 1: Miss Harke                                Math: We have finished our unit on Patterns.
We‟ve had an exciting short week! On               Next, we will learn about equality and
Wednesday, we went on a Fall Walk with the         inequality.
Kindergarten students at Kildonan Park, where      Social Studies: We are talking about the
we collected signs of Fall. Students brought       reasons we celebrate and the ways we celebrate
back bags of coloured leaves, pine cones, dead     special events.
flowers and other signs of the change of the
seasons. Thank you to all the moms who drove       Grade 2: Miss Vandermeulen
and supervised for this trip! On Friday, the       Memory Song: Hymn 57:1 (due Oct 22) Psalm
students were surprised to find pets in our        24:4 (due Oct 30)
classroom! The students brainstormed and voted     Memory Text: Psalm 103:8-12: “The LORD is
on names for our three mice. They chose            compassionate and gracious, slow to anger,
Hammy, Katie, and Mousey.                          abounding in love. He will not always accuse,
Memory Work Song: Hymn 10:10 (know for             nor will he harbor his anger forever; he does not
Monday, Oct. 26), Hymn 41:1 (know for              treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according
Friday, Oct. 30)                                   to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are
above the earth, so great is his love for those      Taryn, Serena, Katy-Beth, Emily, Nicole. Nov
who fear him; as far as the east is from the west,   13 – Joshua, Morgan, Naomi, Megan, Shayna.
so far has he removed our transgressions from        Nov 20 – Kazia, Benjamin, Brianna, Aiden,
us.” (due Oct 30).                                   Kirsten. Nov 27 – Taryn, Serena, Katy-Beth,
Bible: Elijah Prays for Rain – Elijah Runs Away      Emily, Nicole. Dec 4 – Joshua, Morgan,
– Ahab Becomes a Thief – Elijah Goes to              Naomi, Megan, Shayna
Heaven – God‟s Miracles Through Elisha –
Naaman the Leper – Elisha and the Army of            Grade 3: Miss VanDoornik
God – King Jehu – King Joash.                        Memory Work: For Oct. 22 – Psalm 138:2; for
Devotions: Leading Little Ones to God,               Oct. 30 – Hymn 33:2
Chapters 22-27                                       Memory Work Text: For Oct. 30 – The
Health: Qualities that make us a good friend         Disciples
and a good neighbour. We are working on              Bible: We are starting Unit 3: Jacob and Joseph
recognizing these qualities in others and in         (Gen. 27-49)
ourselves as well as practicing good neighbour       Spelling Words: For Oct. 22 – game, much,
behaviours.                                          lake, trunk, snake, skunk, sing, friend, king,
Math: Odd and even numbers – Estimating -            people, same, gave
Rounding                                             For Oct. 30 we will be reviewing the following
Mental Math: Adding doubles continued –              words – because, they, friend, said, egg, people,
Doubles plus one (if 7+7 is 14 then 7+8 must be      just, girl, here, much
one more than 14)                                    Word Wall Words: For Oct. 22 – too, city,
Science/Social: Growth & Changes in Animals          prettiest, was, community. For Oct. 30 –
– We plan to wrap up this unit with a trip to        countries, exciting, there, they‟re, went
Petland on Tuesday, to get some hands-on             Health: We have been learning about our body.
experience with animals. Thanks to all those         We have learned about our skin, muscles, and
parents who volunteered to help out as drivers       bones. Next, we will look at our blood,
and chaperones! This week we will write a            breathing, digestion, our “waste treatment
Science test to review what we have learned in       plant”, and central control system.
this unit. In the coming weeks we will be            Science: Our soil unit has come to an end. On
exploring a unit on health and nutrition.            Thursday, October 22, we will have a test on our
Grade 2/ Gym: Gym days: Tuesdays and                 soil unit.
Thursdays. We will be moving from balance
skills to ball skills. Our first skill we will       Grade 4: Mr. den Hollander
practice will be ball rolling. Following this we     Bible: We are starting on our second unit this
will be moving onto ball bouncing and ball           year and will start by studying the birth, calling
throwing.                                            and life of Samuel. We have reviewed all the
Spelling: Lesson 5: set, head, help, yet, bread,     bible books that precede this in order to give us
belt, tent, said, bed, sell (due Oct 22) Lesson 6:   a basis for where we begin this year‟s study of
 Review Lesson                                       Israel in the Promised Land.
Word Wall Words: knew, with, into, saw,              Math: We will be moving from our study of
black (due Oct 22) car, one, of, off, or (due Oct    equations and starting to look at whole numbers.
30)                                                  We will start by reviewing place value.
Lunch: Reading Fairy Tales                           E.L.A: Now that Charlotte‟s web is done we are
Show and Tell Schedule: Oct 30 – Kazia,              working on some wrap up activities. Students
Benjamin, Brianna, Aiden, Kirsten. Nov 6 –           are spending some time writing plays based on
the book and will be practicing them to perform      Word‟. We will start with Chapter 1: “The Path
them to the class. They will also have watched       of the Church.”
the video on Friday. We‟ll see how the book          ELA: We will be discussing the last “World
compares with the video and what is preferred.       Wide Kids: Egypt and Guatemala,” with
Time Permitting, we will start on a poetry unit.     comprehensive reading activities about
Social Studies: We have moved into our next          imaginative language and the viewing and
unit study. This unit is called Living in Canada     describing of pictures.
and deals with Canada‟s government, the need         Spelling: Due October 22 - Unit 5
for laws, rights and responsibilities and many       Homework: - p. 21 # 3, p. 22 # 4, 1, 2, p. 23 #
other activities. It looks like it will be another   1, 2 , p. 24 # 4 or - p. 24 # 1, 2, p.25 # 4, 5, 6
interesting unit.                                    and make a sentence with each New Word from
Memory Work: Psalm 66:1; 1 Samuel 2: 1-2             # 6. Due October 29 - Unit 6
                                                     Homework: Every 6th Unit is about looking
Grade 5: Mrs. Heidema                                back. This means the test on Friday will be
Also this year there was no way around it ;-)        about the five former Units (Unit 1-5), 16 words
Grade 5 is having Class Councils again! Here‟s       at random. Parents please take a look at the
an explanation for those of you who haven‟t          words that need extra practice. Homework: p.
experienced this before. All students will           26 and 27, all exercises, for all students.
participate in a Class Council for one term. The     Math: We will start our new Unit on Whole
council meets once a week and organizes              Numbers.
activities for Grade 5. Besides to have fun the      Social Studies 5+6: The Red River Rebellion:
purpose is to develop some cooperative,              how did Manitoba come to join Confederation?
planning and leadership skills. Students have to     What were the events resulting in this decision?
listen to one another, to work together and to       What role did Louis Riel play?
stick to their plans. It also offers them a          Science: We will learn more about the Digestive
possibility to share and develop their talents.      System by doing some experiments. How does
Many times we stand amazed about things that         this system work? How do we get the nutrients
come about through these councils!                   out of the food we eat? How does the body get
This year six students ran for President. After      rid of waste?
their speeches we held elections. That was very      French 5+6: We are learning the names of
exciting (and for some nerve wrecking)! Ashton,      animals (Les Animeaux de Compagnie) and will
Daniel and Jared were elected. Compliments for       start to use them in short sentences.
the ones who didn‟t get enough votes, they took
their loss graciously.                               Grade 6: Mr. Folkerts
So this is Class Council I: Ashton, Nate,            Next week I will be away Thursday through
Rebecca and Carrie. It‟s your turn now, till         Monday for my brother‟s wedding. Thank-you
December‟s Report Card comes!                        Mrs. Versteeg for filling in for me.
For next week: Helpers: Ashton & Daniel              Industrial Arts: The next I.A. will be on
(Oct.19); Leonard & Nate (Oct.26)                    October 21.
ISC Safety Patrol: Grade 5 member team               Memory Work: Due Thursday, October 16:
Memory Work: Text: due Friday November 6             Text: Philippians 1:9-11       Song: Psalm
– Ex. 20:8-17; Song: due Friday October 30 – H       14:1.
62:1 due Friday November 6 – H 41:2                  Memory Work: Due Friday, October 30: Song:
Bible: Students will study Church History now         Psalm 17:1.
with help from the textbook: „The Flame of the       Spelling: Lesson 6: Looking Back – Remember
to make all corrections from the previous lesson.    venir.
 Write list words in alphabetical order, page 26-    Math 7 – Last week we learned a new way to
27 # 2-5; Dictionary Skills: 1-3; Grammar            represent integers (positive and negative tiles).
Power: 1-4. (Due Thursday, October 22)               this week we will learn how to add integers
Lesson 7 – R-controlled Vowels. Remember to          using the tiles and number lines. We will also
make all corrections from the previous lesson.       begin work on the subtraction of integers.
Write the list words in alphabetical order.          Students will write a quiz on Thursday, this
Observing Patterns: 1-3; Discovering Patterns:       week, since Friday is an in-service day.
1, 2; Exploring Patterns: 1, 2; Challenges with      Math 8 – Tues. – TEST on Squares, Square
Words: 1, 3, 5. (Due Friday, October 30)             Roots & Pythagorean Theorem; Wed. Oct. 28 –
ELA: In Peacemakers we‟ll begin lesson 6 on          QUIZ on Multiplication and Division of
Conflict is an Opportunity.                          INTEGERS.
Math: Students have been busy balancing              Science 7 – Students completed their research
equations using counters and grid paper.             on geothermal energy and fossil fuels, compiling
Parents please help out you child as necessary       their information into a report format or power
with their math homework as these concepts can       point presentation. Next we will make a class
be difficult to grasp. Working through text          scrapbook about the mineral resources found in
examples will help students in their homework.       Manitoba and Canada; each student will be
 There will be a math test on Patterns and           given a two-page spread to complete about their
Equations Thursday.                                  assigned mineral.
Science: Students completed a number of              SocSt 7 - Today we began work on Chapter 1
activities to prove Bernoulli‟s Principle that the   in our text which reviews some of the mapping
faster air moves the less pressure it has. Next      skills we studied in our introduction unit.
week we‟ll be applying this principle to flight.     Students will be engaged in many activities that
Students can begin looking for paper airplane        involve an atlas in this unit.
designs, as we will be experimenting how             SocSt 8 – Most students completed their
airplanes are controlled.                            imaginary Civilization assignments in class
Church History: We will continue our unit on         today. It is due at the beginning of Wednesday‟s
William Tyndale.                                     class. We will begin our last learning experience
                                                     for Cluster 1 on Wednesday as well. We will
Grade 7/8:                                           examine what history is, why we study it, and
Band 11G (gr 7-10) A reminder to all band            how we can learn about the past.
students that you DO NOT need to bring               ELA 7/8: We had our first successful Book
your band instruments on Tuesday…. that’s            Report Café and we were able to share our
tomorrow! You need to bring your review              reading with our group. Students will receive
sheets and have them completed as                    details for the next Book Report assignment,
homework for tomorrow. It is also important          which is due on Dec. 1, and the Book Report
that you keep up a daily practice routine of         Café will be held on Dec. 3. We will do two
15 minutes per day.                                  activities this week, which focus on the
French 7: Unit 1 Test on Tuesday; Listening          technique of Flashback in Language, and the
Test on Thursday. We will then begin our look        second deals with end punctuation in our
at how to ask questions about other people.          writing. On Thursday, Oct. 22 the grade 7
French 8: Vocab Quiz on places on Thursday;          students will have a novel study test on “Banner
we‟ll continue our look at aller and the near        in the Sky” and the grade 8‟s on “Cue for
future. We‟ll also begin our look at the verb        Treason.” If the Banner in the Sky video arrives
in time the grade 7‟s will watch that this week      English 30S: Due beginning of Tuesday –
as well. Spelling assignments were handed in         READO journal. Your next assignment will
today and your first test reviewing Units 1-5 will   respond to Macbeth with deadlines on
be on Wednesday.                                     Wednesday and Thursday; next unit is on Real
Bible 7/8: We will continue our study of             Communication.
passages from the book of Jeremiah.                  Physics 30S (Grades 11/12) – Thurs. – QUIZ
                                                     on Universal Gravitation; Tues. Oct. 27 – QUIZ
                                                     on Frictional Forces; Fri. Oct. 30 – QUIZ on
HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION:                                Electric Fields.
Math 10F (Grade 9) – Tues. – QUIZ on Scale           French 30S/40S: mercredi: quoi de neuf; jeudi:
Factor and Scale Diagrams + Similar Polygons         la météo; mardi, le 27 octobre: test à l‟écoute;
and Triangles; Thurs. – QUIZ on Symmetry;            mercredi, le 28 octobre – test à l‟écrite
Tues. Oct. 27 – UNIT TEST on Similarity and          PhysEd 30F/40F: Wednesday: floor hockey :
Transformations.                                     co-ed. Interviews nest week Tuesday and
French 10G: Quiz on Tuesday on weekend en            Thursday, see posted schedule for your
ville; Quiz next Tuesday on un weekend à Paris       interview slot. Be sure to fill in your log sheets!
and un weekend à la campagne; Quiz next              World Issues: Each day, someone must bring
Friday on A la campagne                              an article to discuss with the class. Currently
Drama (Grade 9/10): Staging diagrams due             looking at what`s left of Russia. Next up: the
beginning of class Tuesday, October 20;              Middle East. Click on coldwar in
personal playbooks due beginning of class   for some
Thursday, October 22. Stage rehearsals every         intriguing stuff about Soviet threats past and
two days, with marking starting next week.           present. Be ready for quizzes and reporting on
Performing at the October 30 Reformation Day         assigned questions on the material from the
assembly.                                            textbook.
Futures in Business (Grade 9/10): Module 5           RefSt Gr. 11 – In pairs, students have reviewed
test on Thursday, October 22. Final exam on          the Book of Proverbs to determine what this
Friday, October 30. Final Project due                book says about wisdom, friendships,
beginning of class Friday, November 6.               neighbours, wealth and poverty, work, etc. They
Art 9 – Students have completed a lot of             will now share this with the class.
preliminary work/practice for their
Remembrance Day posters and will now start on        Pre-Calculus 40S – Thurs. – QUIZ on Solving
the real thing.                                      Trigonometric Equations (using Trig Identities);
SocSt gr. 9 - Students will write their first Unit   Tues. Oct. 27 – TEST on Trigonometric
test on Tuesday, Oct. 20. Their scrapbooks are       Identities and Solving Trig Equations; Fri. Oct.
due on the same day.                                 30 – QUIZ on Laws of Exponents and
                                                     Exponential Functions.

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