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  Wycliffe Senior College
             Book 4

  Courses offered by Outside

Some of these Courses count towards the
                           VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING

The Board of Studies recognises a variety of vocational training courses as part of a
student’s study pattern for the Higher School Certificate. This study pattern is referred to
as TVET. Courses studied are generally counted as two units towards the HSC. For
students not wanting a UAI, TVET courses can offer a rewarding path of study as they are
generally more practical and competency based compared to courses developed by the
Board of Studies.

It is essential for students interested in pursuing vocational education offered outside of
the school that they select 12 units of study from the courses offered at Wycliffe. Once the
paperwork regarding the vocational education is completed and enrolment in TVET
courses is assured, students may drop one course that they have chosen at school.
Remember that all students in Year 11 must complete 12 units of study.


TAFE NSW delivers the majority of TVET courses and students at Wycliffe Senior College
are able to access these, generally by attending one of the TAFE colleges of the Western
Sydney Institute. TAFE charge a fee for accessing their courses. At the time of printing,
the 2010 list of courses and the associated costs was not available from TAFE. Included in
this booklet are the 2009 course list and 2009 costs.

Students who complete study at TAFE as part of their HSC, will receive at the conclusion
of their course, if they are deemed competent in their study, nationally recognised
qualifications. In some instances, it will be at the Certificate 11 level. Modules studied may
be credited as Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) towards further study of TAFE courses.

TAFE courses are normally conducted at TAFE on either Monday or Wednesdays from
2pm until 6pm. Students are required, at their own expense, to make their own way from
school to TAFE and to their homes. Students attending TAFE will be required to negotiate
with their WSC teachers as to how they will access any information they miss in classes
which may run when they attend TAFE.

TAFE course information can be accessed from the TAFE website

TAFE delivers the following HSC courses, which are deemed category B, by the
Universities and as such contribute towards the calculation of the Universities Admission

          Accounting
          Automotive
          Business Services
          Construction
          Hospitality
          Entertainment
          Electrotechnology
          Primary Industries
          Metal and Engineering
          Retail Services
          Tourism and Events

Other TAFE delivered courses do not contribute to a student’s UAI.
TAFE Course Enrolment

Students must enrol through the Senior College via a password protected web address.
Enrolment will commence late in term three and TAFE enrols students on a “first
enrolment received enters the course.” TAFE maintains the right to cancel courses if there
are insufficient student numbers in the course; this number differs between courses.

If any student is thinking of TAFE, it is important to make an entry into the course, as there
is no fee for entry and withdrawal from a course, which was never attended. However,
please make wise decisions with regard to entry.

PLEASE NOTE. FULL TAFE FEES are applied by TAFE if a student attends one session
and has their names marked off on the roll.

The Association of Independent Schools has in previous years offered a subsidy for
students studying vocational education subjects, which has been between $500 and $700.
This should be available again in 2010 to students pursuing such subjects.

For any student who is thinking very seriously about Nursing as a career, TAFE
offer a course, run over the Preliminary and HSC years which, at the time of
printing, if successfully completed by the student, gave them automatic entry into
the Bachelor of Nursing degree at the University of Western Sydney. If students
complete the TAFE course they are granted two units off their first year of study at
the university. Unfortunately, this is a very expensive course, TAFE fees for one
year totalling about $3,100.

School Based Part-time Traineeships

Students are able to access School Based Part-Time Traineeships at Wycliffe Senior
College. Generally our students use the services of Jobquest, who will provide limited
assistance in finding a traineeship for students. It is preferred that students find their own
employer. Jobquest delivers the training of students in their workplaces in the following
BOS developed courses:

        Retail Operations Certificate 11
        Business Services Certificate 11. Both of these courses contribute to the HSC
         and can be used to contribute to the calculation of the UAI.
        Real Estate Certificate 111 which contributes to the HSC but does not contribute
         to the calculation of the UAI

There are no financial costs or fees to students who enter into the above traineeships
through Jobquest.

Alternatively students may seek Traineeships through various organisations such as
Woolworths, Lowes and the Coles Group. There may be financial costs and fees
associated with such organisations.

All students who complete a School Based Part-time Traineeship and are deemed
competent in their work by trained assessors will be eligible for a nationally recognised
qualification, which may be used as RPL for the study of other vocational courses.

School Based Part-Time Traineeships require students to complete 100 days of work: one
day equates to 7.6 hours. Trainees are paid at an award rate, around $7.50 per hour. The
students have two years to complete their hours.

If a student already has a part time job, the employer may be willing to convert their
employment contract to that of a School based Traineeship. Employers do receive a small
monetary incentive from the Federal Government for taking on a trainee.

Students may be able to sign up for Traineeships in Term 4 and may commence accruing
hours. It is expected that students work some time in their holidays in order to complete
the necessary hours. WSC’s deadline for student sign up and commencement in such
courses is the last Friday in Week 2, Term 1, 2010.

Distance Education

WSC students are able to access HSC courses via distance education. Students may
access the Department of Education and Training providers and or the online services
offered by the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL) at Northern Beaches
Christian School. All courses involve a cost to students by the provider. At the time of
printing the cost of DET courses was $800 per course per year, and those offered by SCIL
$800 per course per year.

Northern Beaches Courses provide e-learning courses.
In 2009 the Preliminary courses offered were:
     Aboriginal Studies
     Ancient History
     Biology
     Business Studies
     Chemistry
     Earth and Environmental Science
     Economics
     English Advanced
     English Extension 1
     Geography
     Legal Studies
     Maths
     Maths Extension 1
     Physics
     Software Design and Development
     Studies of Religion 1 unit and 2 unit
     French
Department of Education and Training

A comprehensive list of year 11 and 12 courses offered by DET in e-learning and paper
format can be located at the following web addresses: elearning courses

Languages can be studies through DET’s Open High School


TAFE NSW also provides the opportunity for students to study courses through distance
education through OTEN. A comprehensive list of courses and their content is available at
For students who might be thinking of studying Early Childhood Education, the course,
Children’s Services delivered by OTEN, at the time of printing, is the only TVET course
that is recognised by TAFE to gain recognition of prior learning


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