Hi All and welcome to another GG! Well its a full house again in

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					Hi All and welcome to another GG!

Well it’s a full house again in the corridors of ITD. Aida and Darren are both back on deck. All ITD
Managers are busily assisting students with their internships. Things are hectic with interviews,
contracts coming in, interview preps, visa applications etc etc

Students on campus are looking a little worse for wear as they endure the hectic schedule that is
ICHM. Word is however, that as Friday 25th April is a public holiday to commemorate ANZAC Day,
the students are making the most of the long weekend and throwing a “Uniform” themed party at
RIH on Friday evening commencing at 8pm. Hope we get some photos to feature in next week’s

In this issue you will find a great Internship story from Colombia, a Position Profile on Porters and
Concierge, and our On the Road feature from Darren’s trip to sunny Queensland. Plus, much much

. . . Enjoy!!!

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On the Road with Darren in Queensland
Hello All!!

I hope everyone is going well on their internships so far!

Well, I have just returned from seeing everyone in QLD and after a long and slightly tiring trip, it is
great to see everyone doing well!

First stop - Port Douglas. I meet everyone
in the main street at a local hotel for a
bit of a catch up. It is nice to see
everyone has almost become a bit of a
local now, looking relaxed and enjoying
the casual lifestyle that is Port Douglas!
Not too much stress seen from locals or
tourists for that matter, just taking it as it
all comes. Not like the hustle and bustle
of busy non-stop Adelaide!! We also had
a couple of surprise visitors who were
there during mid-break, Fiona Winger
and Tim Chatfield. Tim nursing a slightly
injured toe and Fiona nursing a slightly
injured Tim :-) A graduate from a few
years back Jebsen Yeung also joined us which was great.

That night I had dinner with HR of the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas and low and behold, JP
Fitzgerald was our attendant for the night and a great job he did!! Food and service was
fantastic!! Before dinner, I was able to sneak into the other restaurant where Natasha and Sylvie
were working getting ready for a busy evening ahead.

After starting to relax in Port Douglas, it
was time to get back to reality and
move onto cosmopolitan Cairns. After
seeing all the properties, I met all
students in Cafe China which is part of
the Sofitel Reef Casino. Tae, Andre and
Daniel were getting ready to work the
night shift, Hugh has just returned back
from Adelaide after a few days away
looking a little tired after some serious
partying and Stacey had the day off
and was enjoying the day.
Onto Hayman Island to see Kevin Kim… The weather was great, Hayman sparkling as always and
Kevin doing an exceptional job having started as Room Attendant he is now Assistant
Housekeeping Manager!! Well done Kevin and keep up the great work!!

While I wanted to stay on Hayman and enjoy a few cocktails, it was time to leave and visit

The Sofitel Brisbane has just finished a multi-million dollar refurb of it's lobby and restaurant area
where Jishuang Zhang is working and it looks amazing!!!! It is incredible what 5 million dollars can
do to a place!! OH, and in Sofitel language they don’t have a buffet restaurant anymore, they
have "Interactive Dining" I think that is great!!!!

Driving down from Brisbane to the
Gold Coast, I stopped and saw
Jeremy at Couran Cove Resort which
is about a 40min ferry trip off the Gold
Coast on South Stradbroke Island. I
spent most of the day there, had a
tour of the resort, met with HR and
then Jeremy and I spent some time to
catch up just when it decided to rain
very heavily. Jeremy is adjusting to
island life well and as you can see by
this photo, spends his spare time
modelling resort wear :-)

Last stop the Gold Coast and there is so much happening down there. Construction is happening
right along the Esplanade with new apartments and the new Hilton Surfers Paradise being built.
I met up with Bronson at Courtyard by Marriott who is working in Front Desk and Sally Hann at
Sofitel Gold Coast and they are enjoying their work and also the Surfers Paradise lifestyle. When we
met, it was the first time they had seen each other since being on placement!

Great to see everyone doing well, keep up the great work and it wont be long before we see you
all back on campus.


Internship Update

A great update from Alejandro Fajardo M. from his time at the
Intercontinental De Medellin hotel in Colombia
Just a letter to let you guys know what I’m doing and how I’ve been doing.

My first week working in the hotel, I had an induction of the hotel through the housekeeping
department, actually it was almost for two weeks... I went through all the services of housekeeping
in the hotel; laundry, cleaning and making rooms, cleaning public areas, working in the spa, etc.
In the laundry I got to review the process linen has to go through, from washing to folding. The
hotel also offers dry cleaning to the customers so I got to learn how that works as well. Then I did
some work in the rooms with the maids, cleaning and organizing the rooms up to the required
standard with the purpose of getting to know the differences between all the rooms, standards,
location of the rooms and the facilities the hotel has to offer to the customers; therefore, I know
the product before I sell it to the guests on reception.

In housekeeping I also worked with the supervisors checking on the staff, making sure everything
was up to standard, arranging and fixing the rooms in the system (Opera) so that in reception they
appear as clean and ready to sell.

This first two weeks were very important and useful to get to know my product, the hotel’s vision
and expectations of myself and the staff I’m working with, etc.

 After the induction I went straight to reception. On reception I have been rotated in the front
office department; working with the phone operators for a couple of days, making reservations
through the phone, looking after the executive floor, guests relations (that is some kind of
concierge because we don’t have one), working with the porters and finally after that I have
been a receptionist. My manager has put me onto afternoon shifts so I could learn how to do
check-ins and also in the morning shifts so I learn how to do check-outs.
Here the hotel works with Opera so it has been a bit of a new experience for me. For the check-
outs, the hotel has not given me the opportunity of doing some of the cashiering jobs because I
don’t have a salary and I can’t be held responsible for dealing with money, but I’m constantly
supervised by the other receptionists and they let me do all those kind of jobs without actually
being responsible for handling money so that has not been a big deal for me.

It has been a really good experience for me, I have a really good boss and I feel I'm learning a lot
from him. Every day we have a staff meeting between the shift changes and in the meetings we
discuss how we are doing, what we are doing right or wrong, and how to improve our jobs. We
also talk about things that we already learned in Business Communication, things about
leadership, culture and service... It is good to review everything we are learning in Australia and
practice it with real people in different examples.

So here I conclude this letter, the hotel has asked me to write a monthly report of what I am doing
and how I am doing. It has been a really good experience. The next letter is going to be about me
doing night auditing, so I’m looking forward to that.


Alejandro Fajardo M.

Well done Alejandro – thank you for your contribution!!! So good to
hear that what you have learnt at ICHM can indeed be put into
practice in the work place. We look forward to hearing all about night
audit once you get started


                                                 This picture was sent into us by
                                                 Vivien Li who is on internship in Beijing at
                                                 the Beijing Westin Hotel …….. Vivien took
                                                 this picture when she went out and
                                                 thought it was good fun …Amazing!!
Position Profile
Want To Be A "Keeper of the Keys"? A concierge career may be for you.

 So, where do you start? As a Porter of course! Porters carry luggage for guests in hotels and
passengers in transport terminals. They also show guests to their rooms and provide other guest

Duties and Tasks
A porter may perform the following tasks:
Take baggage, tag it and give identification slips to guests or passengers
Load or unload luggage and take it to the receiving area
Carry luggage and show incoming guests to rooms
Explain details of hotel room services and facilities to guests as they arrive
Carry the luggage of departing guests to cars, buses or taxis
Talk with transport carriers to make travel arrangements and retrieve lost luggage
Page guests and run errands
Park and retrieve guests' vehicles

Personal Requirements
Enjoy working with people
Well-presented, alert and perceptive
Good interpersonal skills
Physically fit
Good communication skills
Good knowledge of the local area

Work Demand
 Including heavy lifting
( )
Including physical effort
( )
Including reading or writing
( )
Including standing for long periods
( )

With further experience, Porters are usually promoted to Concierge. The concierge assists guests
with various tasks like making restaurant reservations, arranging for spa services, recommending
nightclubs, providing tickets to special events and assisting with travel arrangements or tours of
places to visit.

According to Elaine Oksner, a concierge at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, one
day is never like another in her busy career. Yes, the concierge is often the person guests call on
to make reservations, organize car rentals, give directions, share local knowledge, make activity
suggestions. But his or her work rarely ends there.

"You often get called to help out with emergencies," says Oksner. Once a customer had his high
end luggage damaged. Oksner had to go online and locate which stores carried it. On a happier
occasion, Oksner was called to organize a "faux" wedding for a couple who gave her very little
time to create their special day. "You never know what you'll get in a day," she says in

See you next week

Help out our Graduate Adele Preston
Hi All,

As most of you know I'm now in San Diego, California working with Hyatt in their Management
Development team. It’s all going so well and has been an amazing experience so far. As you
can imagine with 1625 rooms and being the largest revenue generating hotel for Hyatt worldwide,
a lot goes on here! One of the projects the Management Development Team was given by
Corporate was to design a 3-5 minute video on Environmental Management. The three objectives
were to communicate what the hotel is currently doing, guest response and any financial benefits
we have gained from it, and lastly, our ideas for the future.

The winning hotel gets $1000 plus a trip to corporate offices in Chicago. We'd love to go and
have put a lot of effort into this video so now we need all the support we can to pull through as
the winning team. It is judged on the ideas we put forward, creativeness and how many views
and ratings the video gets on youtube..this is where you come in....

If you're interested in what we've been doing, please follow the link below and watch the video.
To rate it you have to have a youtube account, they're really quick and easy to get so please sign
up and rate our video. You can rate it every day if one wishes too :)

Thanks for your support.


Travel Dates

               Who         Where               When             Any Comments
          Gerald Lipman        Vienna           Apr 20 - 25
          Gerald Lipman     Copenhagen          Apr 27 - 30
          Gerald Lipman        Mexico           May 1 - 4
          Daljit Rao          Adelaide             Now
          Daljit Rao       Western Australia    May 5 - 9            School visits
          Simon Ruston        Adelaide             Now
           Ian Redman           Korea            Apr 5 - 6    IDP Expo Seoul Lotte Hotel
           Ian Redman         P R China         Apr 21 - 22            Beijing
           Ian Redman         P R China         Apr 23 - 24             Tianjin
           Ian Redman         P R China           Apr 25               Beijing
           Ian Redman         P R China         Apr 28 - 29           Shanghai
Did You Know?
Leaning Tower of Pisa has never been straight
                    Soon after building started in 1173, the foundation of the Pisa tower settled
                    unevenly. Construction was stopped, and was continued only 100 years
                    later. It then became visibly clear that the Tower of Pisa is leaning, tilting to
                    the south.

                    Since regular measuring of the tower began in 1911, the top of the tower
                    has moved 1, 2 millimetres (0, 05 inch) per year. Today the top of the Tower
                    of Pisa is some 5,3m (17, 4 ft) off-centre.

Where’s Kev?

Send in YOUR photo of Kev. What’s that? You didn’t bring Kev with you? Let us know and we will
                                      send him to you!!

What The?

                                                    Apparently this carcass of a very strange sea
                                                    creature was found on Florida’s Tampa Bay
Currency Corner
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