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Here then, is the problem we present to you, stark and dreadful by alendar


Here then, is the problem we present to you, stark and dreadful

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									March 2008
Junior Young Friends Epistle .................... 2
Young Friends Epistle .............................. 2
Ministry in Meeting for Worship............... 3
Vine and fig tree planters ........................ 3
International peace-building at a personal
   level .................................................... 4
UN decades, years, days and weeks......... 4
New additions to ALM library................... 5                      Here then,
Book reviews ........................................... 5
AYM 2008 ............................................... 7
                                                                     is the problem
Toward a nuclear-free world .................... 9                 we present to you,
Pulling back from the nuclear precipice ... 9
A peace of the action: a weekly radio
                                                                  stark and dreadful
  show on peace and justice................... 9                    and inescapable:
Website watch ....................................... 10
                                                                  shall we put an end
                                                                  to the human race;
                                                                   or shall mankind
                                                                     renounce war?
                                                                    The Russell-Einstein
                                                                      Manifesto, 1955

Judy G and Liz P with interstate Ffriends
         walking cheerfully     Junior Young Friends Epistle                storm broke over us just before we left
                                                                            and many of us ran about joyfully and
                is available
           by post or from
                                Dear Friends                                thankfully in the soaking rain.      At Stringybark Lodge in Victoria’s          During the week we played, laughed,
                                Dandenong Ranges on 7 January 2008,         cooked, cleaned, talked, ate, sang,
             Please send in     12 Junior Young Friends, 4 Young            worked, crafted, created and plaited
              your articles,    Friends and 1 real adult began their        together. There was much practicing of
          drawings, letters,    annual camp. We quickly discovered the      boomerang throwing and poi swinging,
                    photos.     super bouncy in-ground trampolines and      playing basketball, swimming in the
                 Love debra     got the week started on a high.             dam, jumping and lying on the
                                Following on from our hot summer            trampolines, handstands, cartwheels,
      Editor: debra hackett     school on Sunday we broke some more         breakdancing, walking on hands, making
                                ice with getting to know thee games on      friends, keeping friends, loving and
             0438 869 099
                                Monday night.                               caring for each other.
                 8296 9099
                                We were pleased to wake, though rather      We said goodbye to Stringybark Lodge
                                early on Tuesday morning, to the            and made our way back to YM, happier,
                PO Box 55       presence of a wonderful man,
   North Adelaide SA 5006                                                   sleepier and closer than we had been 4
                                Murrundindi, and what followed was two      days before. These are friendships built      fascinating hours of hearing about the      to last. We look forward to meeting again
        walkingcheerfully/      Wurrindjeri people of Victoria, language,   at the next JYF camp.
                                art, stories, didgeridoos from Katherine
   Subscription: $20.00 pa      and learning the art of throwing a come-    Young Friends Epistle
      Closing date for each
                                back boomerang. That afternoon we           Nineteen Young Friends gathered in the
   issue is the first Sunday    made poi with Robyn and got some            heat of the Australian summer at
               of the month     impressive blisters from the ropes.         Harrietville, Victoria from 30 December
                                On Wednesday Cindy-lee, storyteller,        2007 to 5 January 2008. As we have
                                graced us with her powerful and positive    come to expect of Young Friends camp,
                                presence. With respect, honour and          we ate well and slept little. We met in a
                                intent we were able to reflect on the       rambling old house that was converted
                                stories we heard and notice how they        into a café/gallery with accommodation
                                spoke to us. After lunch we walked the      on the side. The old dredge hole cum
                                3kms to Gembrook to have an icecream,       local swimming hole kept us cool and
                                hang in the park and stock up on thread     entertained with many visits each day
                                for more hair plaiting, which had quickly   and lots of jumping off the far bank into
                                become the camp craze.                      the water below. We were delighted this
                                We kicked off on Thursday with a zoom       year to have three Young Friends from
                                on the flying fox, a shimmy up the          across the Tasman join us for camp.
                                climbing wall and working in teams to       Having decided not to hold an Easter
                                build rafts that would get us across the    camp in 2007, it is at least a year since
                                dam. Later we were joined by Kelvin who     many of us have seen each other.
                                shared with us stories of his family        Despite this, it didn’t take long for us to
                                Quaker history and some key movers          relax into being together and sharing,
                                and shakers in the underground railway      laughing, playing, dancing, singing,
                                and the abolishment of slavery. After       sweltering and meeting.
                                making our very own pizzas we played        There is a constancy about Young
                                music together, hung out, then got          Friends that underlies the comings and
                                enthused about writing and rapping in a     goings of individuals in our community.
                                workshop led by Peter J.                    We are never exactly the same group any
                                In our Meeting for Worship and Worship      time we meet, but we come together in a
                                Sharing on Friday morning (after a hearty   Spirit of friendship that holds us
                                pancake breakfast) we shared some of        together and lets us grow as we gather
                                what we learned during the week and         and as we scatter across the country and
                                how we felt about our time together. A      the globe.

Ministry in Meeting for                     How then do we know whether we
                                            should speak or remain silent? Again this
Worship                                     is sometimes a hard question and the
Max Raupach                                 test is, I believe, whether we feel that
                                            someone or something is almost
The Ministry and Oversight (M&O)
                                            prodding us to stand up and voice what
Committee of Adelaide Local Meeting
                                            wells up inside us. Sometimes we may
(ALM) has asked me to write a brief piece
                                            feel strong emotion or quake physically
about Ministry in Meeting for Worship.
                                            as we speak. I frequently think of this as
As you will know much of our Meeting is leaping into a bath of cold water—taking
held in silence. During this time anybody the plunge as it were. We should have
at the Meeting may stand up and speak       faith in the Meeting to receive our
briefly about a meaningful leading that     spoken words with love and in due
they are experiencing. Sometimes            confidence.
Friends or Attenders speak so softlty or
                                            It is for this reason that little is said after
so rapidly (due no doubt to nervousness
                                            the Meeting about the ministry that has
or the intensity of their emotion) that
                                            been given and certainly no argument
they cannot be heard clearly by all of us.
                                            should occur. That is not in the spirit of
It is important to bear this in mind
because feelings can be intensely
emotional and a fair proportion of          Finally, a few other practical points.
people do have hearing loss.                Ministry is not desirable until the
                                            Meeting has been in progress for ten
I have heard of a number of Quaker
                                            minutes or so—or at least until the door-
Meetings that are frequently held in
                                            keeper has come in and sat down. Nor is
complete silence and this does happen
                                            ministry near to the close of Meeting a
at times at ALM. However, more often
                                            good thing, especially if the children are
than not we have spoken ministry. The
                                            kept waiting outside. Ministry should not
silence of the meeting allows us to slow
                                            be overtly political or go on too long.
down from the pace of our lives, to set
                                            And please remember that if there is a
aside trains of thought and worries that
                                            great noise outside or an aeroplane
normally fill our minds. For example you
                                            passes overhead, pause and wait until
could think of making your mind blank
                                            you think your voice can be heard again.          We acknowledge
in order to see what comes into it. In the
                                            We do not mind waiting.                           and respect the
silence we may mentally reach out in
friendship to the others that are present Vine and fig tree planters
(and beyond) often at a deeper level than
that experienced from our day to day                                                          custodians on
contacts with each other. This loving       Perth’s vine and fig tree planters is a
concern may extend into the minds of        small group comprising members of the             whose ancestral
many of those present, even though we       historic peace churches (Anabaptists and          lands we live.
may never have met them or be familiar      Quakers) who act to witness about the
with them. This may sometimes lead to a role the military plays in global                     We acknowledge
common awakening in the Meeting that        environmental change. They want to
continues to spread among us all. We        come from a place of faith and non-
                                                                                              the deep feelings
think of this as a gathered Meeting.        blaming to find a series of symbolic acts         of attachment
Sometimes a Ffriend may speak on            which could build a place of peace and
matters which one or more of us are also make linkages between climate change
                                                                                              and relationship
about to minister. These feelings deepen and militarism.                                      of Aboriginal
the collective experience of the Meeting. On the Australia Day weekend they
Frequently it is hard to know whether we assembled at the Campbell Military                   peoples to country.
should speak or not at all. I can only give Barracks to plant a grape vine and a fig          We acknowledge
you a few personal thoughts about this      tree, inviting the military forces to enter
because it is not often talked about. I     into a peaceful and creative response to          the Kaurna people
feel that we should be moved to minister the complex problems posed by climate                as the custodians
by some deep feelings that have arisen      change and peak oil by laying down their
during the Meeting itself. Sometimes we weapons and picking up shovels. A                     of the Adelaide
may be moved to speak by some text,         diversity of people gathered in reverent
thought or even some remembered set         silence to plant these signs of hope and
                                                                                              region and that
of words or experience that we have         fruitful peace in the barren sand. This           their cultural and
brought with us into Meeting. This          work has been endorsed by West
happens to us all, but I feel that it is    Australian Regional Meeting.                      heritage beliefs are
probably better to set the impulse aside    Yearly Meeting recommends that all                still important to
and wait to see how experience in the       Regional Meetings hold this initiative in
Meeting changes or develops it before       the light and offer support where                 the living Kaurna
standing up.                                possible.                                         people today.
March 2008                                                                                3
International peace-building                 UN decades, years, days and
at a personal level                          weeks
Kerry O’Regan                                Decades
While few of us have the opportunity to      1997-2006
work for world peace on the big scale,         United Nations decade for the
we can sometimes do something at the           eradication of poverty
micro level. Currently, around a quarter     2001-2010
of the students at our universities are        International decade for a culture of
international students who, during their       peace and non-violence for the
time here, form perceptions of, and            children of the world
perhaps connections with, Australia and      2001-2010
Australians. They take these experiences       Second international decade for the
back with them to their home countries         eradication of colonialism
and carry those memories into the rest       2001-2010
of their lives.                                Decade to roll back malaria in
While I officially retired from full-time      developing countries, particularly in
work last year, I’m doing a few bits and       Africa
pieces, including coordinating a             2003-2012
‘volunteer’ program involving                  United Nations literacy decade:
international students at the University       literacy for all
of Adelaide. This program matches            2005-2014
students with volunteers from the              Second international decade of the
community whom they meet with on a             world’s indigenous people
regular basis, typically an hour or so a     2005-2014
week. The meetings are quite informal          United Nations decade of education
and essentially provide a link for the         for sustainable development
students with someone from the local         2005-2015
community. Comments from those                 International decade for action, ‘water
involved are absolutely glowing, the           for life’
students saying things like:                 Years
   This program is the best thing that’s     International   year of the potato
   happened for me in Australia.             International   year of planet earth
The volunteers are similarly enthusiastic.   International   year of sanitation
It may seem a small thing, but I really      International   bear of languages
believe that such encounters help make
the world a more compassionate and
                                             Days and weeks
peaceable place. I would be delighted to     March 8 International women’s day and
have some Ffriends as volunteers. If you,      United Nations day for women’s rights
or someone you know, would like to be          and international peace
involved or want to know more, catch me      March 21 International day for the
after Meeting, phone me at 8449 5194           elimination of racial discrimination
or 0408 881 617 or email me at               March 21-28 Week of solidarity with the                  peoples struggling against racism and
                                               racial discrimination
                                             March 22 World water day
                                             March 23 World meteorological day
    Live adventurously. When                 April 4 International day for mine
                                               awareness and assistance in mine
    choices arise, do you take the             action
    way that offers the fullest              April 7 World health day
    opportunity for the use of your          April 23 World book and copyright day
    gifts in the service of God and the
    community? Let your life speak.            Do you uphold those who are
    When decisions have to be made,            acting under concern, even if
    are you ready to join with others          their way is not yours? Can you
    in seeking clearness, asking for           lay aside your own wishes and
    God's guidance and offering                prejudices while seeking with
    counsel to one another?                    others to find God's will for them?
    Advices and queries, 27                    Advices and queries, 36

4                                                                         walking cheerfully
                                                disabled foster son. Matt can’t see past
New additions to ALM library                    Rory’s disabilities and is repulsed by
To see all of our new books go to               him, but over time becomes more                   sensitive to Rory and his ways of
Elizabeth Cave and Ros Morley (eds)             communicating.
    Faith in action: Quaker social               On one level, quaking is the story of
    testimony                                   settling into a new family when you’ve
Lon Fendall, Jan Wood and Bruce Bishop          been rejected by so many before and
  Practicing discernment together:              establishing yourself at a new school. On
  finding God’s way forward in decision         another level, quaking touches on some
  making                                        of the issues around the United States
                                                invasion of Iraq (etc), bullying, and
Daniel Goleman                                  explores some of the difficulties of the
  Social intelligence: the new science of       Quaker peace testimony—questions such
  human relationships                           as how far you go in taking a stand for
Rufus M Jones                                   peace if it means possibly attracting
  The faith and practice of the Quakers         violence?
Robert Lawrence Smith                           I thoroughly enjoyed the story contained
  A Quaker book of wisdom: life lessons         in this book, and the exploration of
  in simplicity, service and common             deeper issues was a bonus. The
  sense                                         characters are complex and true to life
Parker J Palmer                                 (Matt shows a good case of attachment
   Let your life speak: listening for the       disorder), and Quakers are not portrayed
   voice of vocation                            as demure and simple. Even though
                                                there are some happy endings (perhaps
Parker J Palmer                                 more than generally occur in real life),
   A hidden wholeness: the journey              there are no simple answers in this story.
   toward an undivided life
                                                I thoroughly recommend quaking and
Gil Skidmore (ed)                               have added it to my re-read list. I look
   Strength in weakness: writings by            forward to discussing it with others who
   eighteenth-century Quaker women              have read it.
If you would like to borrow a book from         Wisdom distilled from the daily –
the ALM library, and live outside of the        living the rule of St Benedict today
metropolitan area, we will post it to you.      by Joan Chittister
Just send an email to                        Reviewer: Barbara Talbot
                                                This book, written by Joan Chittister OSB,
Book reviews                                    details the life lived by the Benedictine
quaking by Kathryn Erskine                      Sisters of Mount Saint Benedict
Reviewer: Kate Alessia                          Monastery, Erie, Pennsylvania. Although
                                                Benedict founded his order in the sixth
quaking, which is now available in the          century, his insights are very relevant
ALM library, is probably classified as a        today.
young adult (teenage) novel, but don’t
let that put you off. If you like interesting   Each chapter opens with a quotation
stories that touch on deeper issues, such       from the Rule of St Benedict and then
as the peace testimony, this is a book for      goes on to enlarge on the advice. The
you.                                            writing is down to earth and very
                                                readable and time and time again I
quaking is the story of a 14-year-old girl      found my Quaker heart saying ‘Yes, yes!’
called Matt. Matt has not had an easy           Amongst the subjects discussed are the
existence, and when she is dumped with          importance of listening, the value of
a Quaker couple, she’s told that it’s her       community, humility, hospitality and
last chance for a family. Sam, Matt’s new       obedience.
foster father, is something of a
caricature, almost clown-like in many           Joan Chittister makes no bones about
regards. Initially Matt can’t see past          the fact that she has come to view the
Sam’s bulk and soft features, and she is        value of the monastic rules in a different
confused by his niceness. Jessica, Matt’s       light as the years have passed and as
foster mother, is less clearly defined; it’s    she has matured spiritually.
evident that she’s a different personality      Each chapter holds many insights and is
from Sam and not always so trans-               worth reading, if only for the two final
parently ‘nice.’ The other member of the        paragraphs.
household is Rory, whom Matt calls the
Blob. Rory is Jessica and Sam’s severely

March 2008                                                                                 5


    6   walking cheerfully
                                            Over the years, I have read about Quaker
AYM 2008                                    meeting processes but the small number
debra hackett                               of Quakers in Australia means that it is
                                            not always possible to observe a wide
Ten SA Ffriends boarded the Overland
                                            variety of Clerks and Meetings for
early (for me) on the morning of Friday
                                            Worship for Business. Being able to
4 January 2008. The recently refurbished
                                            participate in a number of preparatory
trains and helpful staff combine to make
                                            and formal sessions, with a wide variety
this trip even more enjoyable than it was
                                            of participants, helped me to better
previously. Travelling during the day
                                            understand how a disparate group can
ensured that we were awake (for most of
                                            work together towards discerning the
the trip) and able to spend time chatting                                                 Whether we wish to
                                            sense of the meeting. The preparatory
and getting to know each other.                                                           admit it or not, the
                                            sessions, in particular, offered an insight
As walking cheerfully editor I get to read into the range of concerns being acted         sense of the meeting is
other RMs’ newsletters. AYM gave me the upon by Ffriends around Australia.                a Quaker equivalent of
chance to meet a number of interstate                                                     Communion … we take
                                            AYM was friendly, hot, happy, hot, fun,
Ffriends who I only knew by name. In                                                      to ourselves the gift of
                                            stimulating and inspiring.
addition, summer school — Quaker                                                          experiential faith
testimonies: with Spirit into action —      I will certainly try much harder to attend
                                                                                          which the early Friends
offered the chance to make new              future AYMs and, if you haven’t yet
Ffriends. A small number of us are now                                                    promised us
                                            experienced a yearly meeting, I urge you
gathering for a short, mid-week Meeting to consider attending 2009 AYM in                 Barry Morley
for Worship, even though we live and        Canberra. If you have the time, travel by     Beyond consensus,
work in three different states/territories. train with a good book and good               salvaging sense of the
(If you’d like to join our Wednesday        Ffriends.                                     Meeting
morning Meeting, please get in touch.)
                                                                                          Pendle Hill #307 1993

March 2008                                                                            7
                                                                         but simply because of the colour of their
                          Stolen Generations’ apology:                   skin. Many kids experienced physical,
                          7 handy mythbusters                            sexual and emotional abuse in their
                                                                         foster families and institutions after they
                          Myth 1 - I will not be made to feel            were removed. For those people who
                          guilt and shame for something I didn’t         believe that forced removal actually
                          do Individual Australians are not              benefited the children - it’s pretty
                          responsible and should not feel guilty.        difficult to find a member of the Stolen
                          ‘Sorry’ does not have to be an                 Generations who is happy about being
                          expression of shame or guilt. It can be        denied the love of their parents and
                          an expression of empathy, as in ‘I’m           extended family.
                          sorry to hear your friend died’ or ‘I’m
                          sorry you got hurt in that car accident’. If   Myth 6 - Saying sorry won’t change
                          people are still confused on this front,       the past. Sadly, it won’t. But it will have
                          they might recall that several years ago,      a massive impact on the future -Stolen
                          John Howard apologised on behalf of the        Generations members have already
                          nation to Vietnam Veterans for their poor      started healing since the promise to
                          treatment when they returned from the          apologise was announced. An apology
                          war. In any case the apology will not be       means an enormous amount to
                          made on behalf of the Australian people        Indigenous people and the nation as a
                          but rather limited to the Australian           whole - and will cost us nothing.
                          Parliament.                                 Myth 7 - Saying sorry just leads
                          Myth 2 - The Stolen Generations are a       people to think everything’s been
                          thing of the past. Of all the Stolen        fixed. Whether you’re for or against it,
                          Generations myths, this is one of the       anyone who thinks that everything
                          biggest. The facts are that the removal of  will be ‘fixed’ with the apology is
                          Indigenous children continued well into     kidding themselves. No-one is claiming
                          the 1960s and early 1970s. These            that uttering the word ‘sorry’ is going to
                          people are still alive today and the effect solve al the problems facing Indigenous
                          on individuals, families and communities    Australians. Whatever your view on the
                          lasts a lifetime (and beyond).              apology, everyone agrees that practical
                                                                      actions still need to be taken. The
                           Myth 3 - Saying sorry won’t deliver        apology is an important first step. Who
                           better results in health, housing or       are the stolen generations? The term
                           education. Saying sorry is not of itself   ‘Stolen Generations’ refers to Aboriginal
                           supposed to deliver health, housing and and Torres Strait Islander Australians
                           education. The fundamental flaw of this    who were forcibly removed from their
                           particular objection is that it implies    families and communities by policies of
                           Australia can’t deliver practical outcomes government, welfare and church
There are many myths       while simultaneously delivering symbolic authorities as children and placed into
floating around about      gestures. In other words, it suggests we   institutional care or with non-Indigenous
the apology so             can’t walk and chew gum at the same        foster families. The forced removal of
Canberra Quakers           time. The government must also pursue Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
(Newsletter, March         practical measures to address              children began as early as the mid 1800s
2008) put together the     Indigenous disadvantage, but that          and continued until the 1970s. The
following mythbusters.     doesn’t mean they shouldn’t begin the      apology? A central recommendation of
When you call up talk      process with a symbolic act.               the 1997 Bringing them home report was
back radio, write to       Myth 4 - It’ll cost us a fortune.          the need for a national apology to those
your local newspaper or Contrary to popular opinion, a                individuals and their families and
are simply discussing      national apology will have no legal        communities affected by past policies of
the apology around the impact on the capacity of members of removal. Members of the Stolen
dinner table with family the Stolen Generations to seek               Generations have indicated that
and friends, you can       compensation. The ability of members       recognition by the Government that the
now consider yourself      of the Stolen Generations to pursue legal policies were wrong would help in
armed!                     claims has existed since they were taken addressing the trauma and suffering that
Use the following facts    and nothing changes that. As a nation,     they have experienced. The need for a
and arguments and          an apology costs us nothing.               national apology is also regarded as an
help get everyone on                                                  important component of the broader
                           Myth 5 - The people who performed
board with the apology. the removals thought they were doing reconciliation process between
The language used here the right thing. Good people do things         Indigenous and non-Indigenous
is deliberately colloquial that turn out to be wrong - but that       Australians
- which we hope will       doesn’t mean they’re excused from          Canberra Quakers acknowledge Chris
assist you to convince     apologising. The majority of Indigenous    Graham of Wagga Meeting as the
your fellow Australians. children were removed from families not inspiration for this document.
Good luck!                 on the basis of the level of their care -
                          8                                                                          walking cheerfully
Toward a nuclear-free world                 Pulling back from the nuclear
George P Shultz, William J Perry, Henry A
Kissinger and Sam Nunn
Wall Street journal online                  John Langmore
15 January 2008                             Eureka street
                                            18 February 2008
The accelerating spread of nuclear
weapons, nuclear know-how and nuclear       Most Australians no longer think about
material has brought us to a nuclear        the nuclear threat. Yet the editors of The
tipping point. We face a very real          Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists said in
possibility that the deadliest weapons      January 2007 that the minute hand of
ever invented could fall into dangerous     the ‘Doomsday Clock’ had moved from
hands.                                      seven to five minutes to midnight.

The steps we are taking now to address      ‘We stand at the brink of a second
these threats are not adequate to the       nuclear age,’ they said. ‘North Korea’s
danger. With nuclear weapons more           recent test of a nuclear weapon, Iran’s
widely available, deterrence is             nuclear ambitions, a renewed US
decreasingly effective and increasingly     emphasis on the military utility of
hazardous …                                 nuclear weapons, the failure to
                                            adequately secure nuclear materials, and
In October 2007, we convened veterans       the continued presence of some 26,000
of the past six administrations, along      nuclear weapons in the United States and
with a number of other experts on           Russia are symptomatic of a larger
nuclear issues, for a conference at         failure to solve the problems posed by
Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.   the most destructive technology on
There was general agreement about the       Earth.’
importance of the vision of a world free
of nuclear weapons as a guide to our      Read the whole article at:
thinking about nuclear policies, and
about the importance of a series of steps   ?aeid=5168
that will pull us back from the nuclear
precipice …
                                          A peace of the action: a
As Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger put
                                            weekly radio show on peace
it in his address at our October            and justice
conference, ‘Mistakes are made in every     101.5 FM Radio Adelaide
other human endeavour. Why should           Every Sunday at 12:30pm
nuclear weapons be exempt?’ To
underline the governor’s point, on 29-30    Sunday lunch will never be the same;
August 2007, six cruise missiles armed      whether it’s a roast or risotto you can’t
with nuclear warheads were loaded on a      miss this innovative, dynamic group
US Air Force plane, flown across the        presenting a different and informed
country and unloaded. For 36 hours, no      perspective on peace. They aim to
one knew where the warheads were, or        stimulate, challenge and entertain with
even that they were missing.                healthy debate, music, commentary and
Read the whole article at:
                                            They are the Australian Peace Committee
                                            SA Inc (APC), NoWar, Australians for
                                            Native Title and Reconciliation, (ANTaR),
                                            Human Rights Coalition (HRC) and
                                            Women’s International League for Peace
                                            and Freedom (WILPF). People passionate
                                            about peace and social justice.
                                            For a half hour every week they
                                            connecting the peaces, explore the
                                            common threads that compel people
                                            to act out against injustice.
                                            Responding to issues as they break as
                                            well as addressing perennial problems
                                            such as racism, colonialism, and
                                            environmental degradation.

March 2008                                                                              9
Meetings for Worship
Adelaide Local Meeting                                 Friends Meeting House
11.00am Sunday                                         40a Pennington Terrace, North Adelaide
Alice Springs Worshipping Group                        Clare Nowak (08) 8952 7558
Copper Triangle Recognised Meeting                     Roger Norris-Green (08) 8825 1981
11.00am third Sunday of each month
Senior Citizens Hall, Taylor Street, Kadina
Evening meeting once a month in various homes
Darwin Recognised Meeting                              Elizabeth Kwan (08) 8948 3305 or
4.30pm first and third Sundays of each month           Neil Chadwick (08) 8932 1351
In various homes
Eastern Suburbs Local Meeting                          Leabrook Guide Hall
10.00am Sunday                                         Rochester Street, Leabrook
Fleurieu Recognised Meeting                            Shirley Dunn (08) 8555 2778
11.00am second and last Sunday of each month
Council Chambers, The Strand, Port Elliot
Gawler Worshipping Group                               Colin and Eva Jordan 8522 1255
7.00pm third Sunday of each month
Hills Recognised Meeting                               Kevin Burrett for venue 8339 5360
10.30am second Sunday of each month
Southern Worshipping Group                             David Groom & Brenda Hamilton
Third Sunday of each month                             8326 4931
Meetings for Worship for Quaker Business
Adelaide Local Meeting: last Sunday of the month (except December)
Eastern Suburbs Local Meeting: last Sunday of every second month (a week before each regional meeting)
SA Regional Meeting: first Sunday of alternate (even) months
Other meetings
Fellowship of healing
Meeting House library at 12.30pm on the second Wednesday and the fourth Friday of each month

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                        Australian Quaker tapestry project  
                                           QuakerQuaker is a collaboratively edited
                          australianquakertapestry/                   listing of blog and news stories about
                                                                      Struggling to find a perfect birthday gift
                                                                      for a loved one? Looking for something
                                                                      theological? You’ll carry on looking after
                                                                      reading the Ship of Fools consumer
                                                                      guide to tacky religious artefacts.
                        Ever since the early days of the              The religious affiliation of comic book
                        colonisation of Australia Quakers have        characters (some fictional religious
                        had a part in bringing peace and justice      groups are listed as well). For each
                        to those in Australia. Quakers have           character, you can click on the link in the
                        used the Tapestry format to tell the          religious affiliation column to see
                        stories of Friends past and present           supporting material, excerpts from the
                        and how they responded to the Light           comics, images, discussion, etc about
                        within. The Australian Quaker tapestry        that character and their religious
                        project seeks to rediscover the stories       affiliation.
                        through community involvement in
                        helping make our own tapestries.    
                        They have been inspired by the                The world’s largest, most comprehensive
                        development of the British Quaker             illustrated (in Lego) Bible.
Genesis 2:15: Yahweh    tapestry at Kendall which has been a          NB: the Bible contains material some may
God took the man, and   worldwide community project. Friends          consider morally objectionable and/or
put him in the garden   who have seen it are full of praise for its   inappropriate for children.
of Eden to look after   beauty and marvellous record of
and maintain it.        important events.
                        10                                                                        walking cheerfully

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