Softball Rules by tyndale


									                                  Trinity University
                            Intramural Sports Recreation
                            Ultimate Athlete Competition

A. General Information
      a. All Participants must meet the eligibility requirements listed in the Intramural
           Sports Participant Handbook. This can be found online at:
      b. All participants must personally sign the Waiver Release and are responsible for
           their own medical expenses.
      c. Teams are responsible for keeping their players and spectators under
           control. Misconduct of players, coaches, managers, or spectators can result in
           penalty, ejection, or forfeiture of the game. Spectators must also remain within
           the area designated by the IM Sports staff.
      d. Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and pets are strictly prohibited from all intramural
      e. IM Sports Officials/Supervisors/Program Assistants will have absolute authority
           during the contest and can make decisions on any matter or question not
           specifically covered in the rules.
B. Equipment
      a. Appropriate gym wear must be worn.
                 i. Only tennis shoes will be accepted—no black soles.
                ii. No khakis, khaki shorts, jeans, jean shorts, polo shirts, etc. will be
                     permitted. No pockets or belt loops are permitted.
      b. Absolutely no jewelry is permitted!
      c. Teams must use the equipment provided by IM unless approved by both teams.
      a. Roster size is limited to 4 players. Each fielding team will consist of four (4)
           players. Women may compete in the Men’s Division; men may not compete in
           the Women’s Division. No point-preferences will be given to women competing
           in the Men’s Division.
      b. If a player has to leave a game for any reason other than injury, then that spot in
           team must be forfeited. No penalties will be incurred financially; however that
           team will not be permitted to replace the player. Injured players will be given 30
           minutes to re-enter the competition before their spot will be forfeited.
      c. One non-player coach will be allowed per team. Only those players on the
           official roster and dressed to play will be allowed in the designated playing areas.
           All others must stay in the spectator areas.
      d. Any player who is bleeding or who has blood on their uniform shall be considered
           injured and will be removed from the game until the appropriate treatment can be
      a. The competition will consist of ten (10) individual events. These events will
           encompass varying aspects of multiple sports including: Softball, Basketball,
           Volleyball, Soccer, Flag Football, and Running. There will also be events focused
           on mental capacity and yard games.
      b. Individuals will receive points for their team based on their placement in each
                 i. 1st place: 400pts.
                ii. 2nd place: 350 pts.
               iii. 3rd place: 300 pts.
               iv. 4th place: 250 pts.
                v. 5th place: 225 pts.
               vi. 6th place: 200 pts
              vii. 7th place: 175 pts.
             viii. 8th place: 150 pts.
               ix. 9th place: 125 pts.
                x. 10th place: 100 pts.
               xi. 11th place: 90 pts.
              xii. 12th place: 80 pts.
             xiii. 13th place: 70 pts.
             xiv. 14th place: 60 pts.
              xv. 15th place: 50 pts.
             xvi. 16th place: 45 pts.
            xvii. 17th place: 40 pts.
           xviii. 18th place: 35 pts.
             xix. 19th place: 30 pts.
              xx. 20th place: 25 pts.
             xxi. 21st place: 20 pts.
            xxii. 22nd place: 15 pts.
           xxiii. 23rd place and all others: 10 pts.
      c. These points will be combined after each event for a team total. The team with the
         highest total after the 10 events will be declared the winner.
      d. If there is a tie, the participants will both/all receive the ranking points for the
         next available rank. IE: There is a first, second and third place winner, then there
         are 3 people in line for 4th. Those three people will all receive 250 points. The
         next person(s) would receive 175 points.
      a. Punt, Pass, Pull: This event is a collective series of skills. The participant must
         complete each portion before moving on to the next. Each participant will be
         given two opportunities to complete the course.
                 i. Punt:
                    1. Each participant will be given three chances to kick a football for
                         accuracy. Their 3 length distances will be combined and their
                         distance from the midline will be combined. The midline-distance
                         will be subtracted from the total length-distance for placement.
              ii. Pass:
                    1. Each participant will be given three chances to throw a football for
                         distance. These three will be combined and then averaged for
               iii. Pull:
                    1. Flag belts will be attached to objects. The participant must grab each
                         flag in order and in the shortest amount of time. Five (5) seconds
                         will be added to the final time for each flag belt missed or pulled out
                         of order.
      b. SCORE!: This event is an exercise in soccer kicking drills. Each participant will
         shoot from 5 spots on the field. Each spot will be worth a different point value
         based on difficulty. These points will be totaled for placement.
      c. You Got Served: This event is an exercise in volleyball serving skills. Each
         participant will have 2 minutes to serve. Different areas of the court opposite the
         serving side will be given varying point values. These values will be combined
     for placement/ranking.
d.   Softball Accuracy: This event is an exercise in softball throwing capability. Each
     participant will have 10 throws with which to score as many points as possible.
     Participants will be aiming for barrels at varying distances; points for getting the
     ball into the barrel will be based on the distance. The points accumulated will
     determine placement.
e.   Suicides: This event stems from basketball drills. Participants will be timed for
     placement. They will be required to run from baseline to free throw and back. To
     3-point-extended and back. To half-court and back. To opposite 3-point-extended
     and back. To opposite free throw and back. To opposite baseline to and back.
f.   Distance: This event is in reference to Cross-Country Running. Participants will
     be timed on four (4) laps around the Turf Field. Placement will be based on
     shortest time.
g.   Frisbee Toss: Each participant will be given three chances to throw a Frisbee for
     accuracy. Their 3 length distances will be combined and their distance from the
     midline will be combined. The midline-distance will be subtracted from the total
     length-distance for placement.
h.   1-on-1 Basketball: Participants will compete in a version of 3-on-3 basketball.
     Rankings will be based on the number of points each participant earns. Winning
     your match will result in an additional 10 points being added to your total
     placement points.
            i. Playing time will be 5 minutes running clock with no timeouts.
           ii. A coin toss will determine possession. Participant with first possession
                 will take the ball out at the check line (3-point arc at the free throw
          iii. After any dead ball situation (foul, violation, made basket, etc.), the ball
                 must be passed from the check line.
          iv. Deliberate stalling or attempts to freeze the ball shall result in loss of ball
                 possession. If a participant is warned for stalling, the official will
                 administer a 10 second count during which a shot must be attempted.
                 If a shot is not attempted, ball possession is lost.
           v. Made field goals are worth one point, unless shot from behind the 3
                 point arc, in which case they are worth two points. Made free throws
                 are worth one point. Ball possession changes hands after each basket,
                 unless a foul is awarded.
i.   Yard Games: This event is more for simple enjoyment while still being
     competitive. There are two portions that must be completed for
     placement/ranking. Ranks will be determined by combining points accumulated
     from both events.
            i. Ladder Golf: Participants will get three (3) bolas to toss for points. There
                 are 3 rungs on the ladder; the top rung is worth 3 points, the 2nd rung
                 is worth 2 points, and the bottom rung is worth 1 point. Bolas may
                 wrap around the rung or simply drape over the wrung. Bolas may also
                 bounce off the ground for points. Participants will have 2 rounds to
                 accumulate points.
           ii. Corn Hole: Participants will be given 4 corn bags to toss. Bags
                 remaining on the board at the end of each round will be worth 1 point.
                 Bags which have either been thrown in or knocked in will be worth 3
                 points. Team A’s bags being knocked in by Team B will still be points
                 for Team A. Participants will have 2 rounds to accumulate points.
j.   Mind Games: This event is to test the participants’ mental capabilities.
      a. Appeals and protests may be made on participant eligibility, timing issues, and
         rule interpretation.
      b. Any person wishing to protest a participant’s eligibility must do so before that
         person competes for the first time. Once that person has completed their first
         event, no formal protests may be made.

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