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									Modi can be a good PM: Gadkari

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has tremendous potential to be a good prime minister, BJP
chief Nitin Gadkari has said.

Modi has the ability, capacity and potential to lead the country, Gadkari toldHeadlines Today in an
exclusive interaction on the sidelines of the 9th India Today Conclave in Delhi on Friday.

Gadkari's thumping endorsement of the controversial Gujarat chief minister provides a snapshot of
how the BJP might play its cards in the next general elections.

Modi's name has earlier been endorsed for the country's highest executive position by prominent
industrialists and BJP leaders, but this is the first time that such an unequivocal note of support has
come from a BJP president.

"Modi is a role model for development politics. Look at what he has done for Gujarat. A decision on
the party's prime ministerial candidate will be taken by senior leaders and the parliamentary body,
but Modi is fully competent," Gadkari said.

His remarks came a day after the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigating Team summoned
Modi for questioning in the Gulbarga massacre case of the Gujarat riots.

"We will cooperate with the judiciary, but we will back Modi one hundred per cent. The events were
unfortunate, but the blame cannot be focused on Modi. The UPA simply wants to shoot Modi
politically by using the CBI," said Gadkari.

Asked if an apology was in order for the Gujarat riots, Gadkari said: "There is no question of an
apology. When a mistake is made, an apology is given. The chief minister of Gujarat made no
mistake. The way the government is working against Modi is painful for democracy. It is a vindictive

Admitting that his job as the new chief of the BJP consisted of altering the party's "tragedy of image
versus reality", Gadkari said, "I don't want to make a natak and tamasha of politics. Rahul Gandhi
going to a Dalit's home does not solve the real problem. For me, visiting a Dalit's home cannot be
about political strategy but about my convictions. As president, it is my intention to encourage real
socio-economic change in rural areas, not mere tokenism for the media."

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