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									                                          BOARD ACTION
                                            July 29, 2008

APPROVED   The Board moved to write a fundraising letter on County stationary on behalf CADWELL
           of the Board to the business community in the region asking for support of
           Trout Lake Nature Center. Commr. Cadwell directed Ms. Cindy Hall, County
           Manager, to have Ms. Dottie Keedy, Director of Economic Growth and
           Redevelopment, put together a list of said businesses.

APPROVED   Commr. Cadwell related that Commr. Teresa Jacobs from Orange County had CADWELL
           requested a letter from the Board in support of her resolution regarding the St.
           Johns River Water Management District Consumptive Use Permit, and he also
           thought they should draft a resolution to take to the Congress of Regional
           Leaders on Friday, August 1, to ask for their support. Commr. Renick asked if
           they could send a letter to their legislative delegation as well, and the Board
           decided to add that letter as well as one to Governor Charlie Crist.

           Mr. Sandy Minkoff, County Attorney, informed the Board that they would be
           bringing back to the Board on Tuesday, August 5, a report based upon
           communication they have had with the cities in regard to the St. Johns decision
           regarding Niagra.

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