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from the GM Put Your Hand Up


from the GM Put Your Hand Up

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									                                                                 Members Newsletter > October 2007

from the GM
Well it’s been a chaotic period with new projects under way (see elsewhere) and problems
with our security system. Whilst you can find out more about the other projects in this edition,
I feel it appropriate to talk directly with you regarding the issues we have encountered with our
security system.
On Monday, 1st October 2007 (a public holiday), at 6.00 am we discovered we could not gain
entry via the use of our phobs. And so it continued through until Tuesday - every phob failed
to gain us access into the building and more particularly into the station. We ultimately had to
force the station door open so we could put programs to air. The station door has since been
secured with a lock and key.
When SNP came for a scheduled visit, they discovered that all phobs bar three had been set to
expire on 1st October 2007. We have no explanation for any of this and although we would like
to understand it, we have decided a better use of our time is to overcome the problem albeit
it will now cost us a substantial amount for SNP to investigate and resolve the programming
Please be patient whilst this process is being undertaken.
                                                                           Eunice C. Wingrove, GM

 Put Your Hand Up

Whilst the office area is undergoing change thanks to some dedicated members who gave of
their time to tidy it up, we still have much to do, with plans to re-organise the administration
area into a more efficient space with work stations providing upgraded facilities for managers
and members.

Presenters will have a more comfortable “green room” with a refreshment area to compensate
for the loss of the meal room which is not likely to be repaired in the near future.

If you are not already contributing in some way with the daily running of 2SSR (apart from
presenters doing their program), then it’s time to PUT YOUR HAND UP and be counted
amongst those already supporting your community radio station. Only through the support of
all of our members can 2SSR move forward. Be part of the journey ........
                                                                                      Members Newsletter > October 2007 > Page 2

 Members’ say so! AKA Letter to the Editor
Due to family commitments I have resigned from the position of Administration Manager of 2SSR. I will complete any tasks which are
underway and will continue to support the station when possible.
Please direct any administration matters to any other manager as appropriate until this position is filled. Thank you all for your support
during my time as Administration Manager. I wish you well in moving forward with 2SSR.
                                                                                             Jenny Muriti, 6th October 2007

Jenny, Thank you for your contributions to the management of 2SSR. We appreciate family must come first and hope you will continue
to be involved as and when you can in 2SSR.                                                       Eunice C. Wingrove, GM

Casual Vacancy - Administration Manager - Unfortunately Jenny’s resignation leaves the Association with a
vacancy on the management committee. Members interested are invited to complete a nomination form ASAP.

 Wanted - A Home for our OB Van....
                                           As you are aware, we are now the proud owners of a new Ford Transit White Outside Broadcast

                                           It’s parked in the open area within the grounds of Gymea TAFE at this point of time but really
                                           it needs a place to park under cover or at least in a secure place (perhaps in the back of a
                                           member’s home).

                                           If you have some space and prepared to house our OB Van, call Barb via 9545.1800
                                                                                                    Barb, Marketing Manager

 Potential and Existing Presenters - Take Note!

  Training Course for Budding Presenters                                                  Presenters’ Meeting

        Info Night Thursday 18th October                                           Saturday, 20th October, 1pm
        at TAFE Training Room from 7 pm                                                   at TAFE BBQ area
    Course commences Tuesday 23rd October                                               Fun, Food and Free
         when the fee of $150 is payable.                                             BBQ and drinks supplied
                                                                                Special (mystery) Guest Speakers
 Members should contact the office immediately
                                                                                Put this important date in your diary
 to record their interest and drop in a completed
 application form ASAP.                                                                 A must attend event!

                       Gary Clark, Training Officer                       RSVP - Steve, Station Manager - 9545 1800
                                                                         Members Newsletter > October 2007 > Page 3

That’s News to Me!
Well, for those of you who frequent the studios (and for those who haven’t been by please
pop in), you would have noticed we are in the process of installing new computers along with
the necessary software to provide members both ON and OFF air with the tools to ‘get the job

From recent grants we were able to purchase three computers and will ultimately set up:

* Two Office Administration computers with the full range of software to handle
correspondence, publications, presentation and accounting packages

* Two computers - one for each studio to enable suitable production and playout/automation
systems to be loaded, AND

have them all, along with our printers, networked to a Server and back-up facility.

And that’s not all! We’ll also be putting in a separate small computer in the On-Air studio
for presenters to view directly RTA traffic videos for ‘more live coverage’ of traffic conditions
affecting our area and of course to view the latest weather and news.

Presenters Take Note - Brian Warren will be downloading a demo of the automation
system, for you to ‘play with’ - so watch out for that when you next use the Presenters
dedicated computer!

Member Profile - Brian Rose -                                        Oh Brian love the Hat!

                                      I first joined 2SSR when we were still endeavouring to obtain a licence. I was
                                      part of the early test programs at Engadine and Sutherland. I was attracted
                                      to community radio, having been in commercial radio many years ago for
                                      6 years and loved it. By joining 2SSR, I was able to continue my love of
                                      broadcasting, while working in the outside world.

                                     Once our licence was successful, I did a number of programs..including my
                                     current one, “The Sunday Show” which I have been a part of for around 13 -
                                     14 years (where did the time go?).As part of my off air duties, I took over the
running of the training program for a number of years and I am proud to say, many of those currently on air were
part of those sessions.

With two grandchildren and my own two children living in the USA, my wife and I have to head off to the States
every so often and I do thank those who have and continue to fill in for me while I am I am at the
moment. I endeavour to purchase music, including those wonderful Broadway shows with my listening audience
in mind. I like to bring them each Sunday, a variety of music styles and goings on both in my life and what is
happening around the Sutherland Shire and in Community theatre.Now I am retired I hope to continue to be part
of our listeners’ Sunday mornings and to assist where I can, to keep 2SSR at the forefront of Community Radio.
                                                                       Members Newsletter > October 2007 > Page 4

                                    Membership News

                                 ‘dates for your diary’
                                       Members’ General Meeting
                                          7:30 pm, 26th November ‘07
                                                Tradies , Gymea
                                               AGENDA to follow

                                       Birthday Wishes
                                             October       November

                                      Bob Francis 11th     2nd Keith Clark
                               Declan O’Callaghan 16th     8th Helen Zerefos
                                  Edward Rumble 18th       10th Mervyn Creef
                                    Gary Seymour 19th      12th Norma Taylor-Jeff
                                        Bill Slater 23rd   20th Luke Coleman
                                      James Joyce 31st     22nd Deborah King
                                                           25th Christopher Turner

From the MSO’s Desk........
* Hello and a big welcome to our latest members:
                 Fiona Henson, Michael Shanahan, Monika Tuhaka and Diana Lang
* Congratulations to Norma, on the arrival of her great-granddaughter Lily (born 10th September)
* Sorry to hear that Dorothy Engel is unwell and has taken time out from her Monday program - get better soon
* Our condolescenses to Rhonda at the very sad loss of her Mum, Elsie - our thoughts and wishes are with you
                                                                          Joyce, Membership Services Officer

PS: To ensure you get all the news as and when it happens, can you please email/mail to 2SSR any changes to your
physical address, phone numbers or email address. Many thanks JMcK (

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