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					1.Which famous novel/book begins with the lines : "It was love at first
sight" .
ans) Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.

2.What one word means " An anatomical juxtaposition of two orbicularis
oris muscles in a state of contraction " ?
ans) Kissing.

3.Two repositories of cricketing wisdom were Aamir Khan's companions in
the making of Lagaan. One of them was Mihir Bose's 'The History of Indian
Cricket'. Who/what was the other ?
ans) Sachin Tendulkar.

4.What is an autorickshaw called in Indonesia ?
ans) Bajaj.

5.This famous work contains a comprehensive account of Indian painting as
a fine art. It provides information on paintings and contains an
exposition of its six parts or shadangas. Identify this work.

6.Name the Indian who was once nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by
Mildred Gordon, the British Labour Party MP.
ans) Phoolan Devi.

7.Who advertised with the line’ Only the umpires have a closer view’?
ans)Channel Nine.

8.Franklin D Roosevelt called it the "sacred cow", Truman called it
"Independence", Eisenhower called it "The Columbine", what did JFK and
the rest of the US Presidents call it as?
ans)Air Force One. The Presidential airplane.

9.About whom did the legendary Phil Spector remark “ The only difference
between a pornographic movie and them is that the pornographic movie has
better music”?
ans)The Spice girls.

10.What is the Mongolian word for 'Ocean' ?
ans) Dalai as in Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama literally means "The Great Ocean
Superior One".

11.Complete the series:Yashpal Sharma, Aditya Lakhia, Akhilendra Mishra,
Rajesh Vivek, Raj Zutshi, Amin Hajee, Raghuvir Yadav, Vallabh Vyas,
Pradeep Rawat, Dayashand Pandey, _____________
ans) Amir Khan - 11 actors who formed the cricket team in Lagaan.

12.In the days of the Raj, who/what was known to the British as Rum, Gin
and Whisky ?
ans) Ranjitsinhji.

13.What was the first American TV show to appear in mainland China?
ans) Baywatch.
14.Who trained as a surgeon at St. Bartholomew's and Westminster
hospitals; practised as such       for some 20 years in Bristol; died
during WWI; and is buried at Beckenham Cemetery, Elmers       End Road,
in Kent ?
ans) Dr.W.G.Grace.

15.Dudeship, Totally Red Space Place, Milky Way, Barstop, Better Than
Mir, Enterprise, Apollo lost. Who/What won ?
ans) International Space station. NASA had a contest on the net for
naming the space station.

16.Name the Bollywood actor who first appeared on screen in a 15 second
dance sequence in the Jeetendra starrer 'Asha' ?
ans) Hritik Roshan.

17)What is the common Swahili word for 'lion'   ?
ans) Simba - as in Lion King .

18.Tea Set, Megadeath, The Screaming Abdabs, _____________. Complete the
ans) Pink Floyd.

19.Which movie when released was slammed by critics as "Teen Maharathi
aur Ek Chooha" ?
ans) Sholay.

20.In 1913 who became the first man to fly across the Mediterranean Sea ?
ans)Roland Garros - who became the first real combat pilot of World War

21.Identify the couple.

22.Identify the movie.

23.Identify the painter from the paintings on the wall.
ans)Jack Kevorkian aka Dr.Death.

24.Now I really don't know why on earth did I give this visual. Should be
a cakewalk for all of you to identify him. Identify the person.

25.Name this person who killed a person who said that he was more famous
than Jesus.
ans) Mark David Chapman.

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