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Date: 17.4.2001
Quizmaster: G.Sreekanth

1.Whose motto is "Nation shall speak peace unto nation"?
ans) BBC.

2.The young wealthy leader of the opposition party (whose name is the
title of the novel) falls in love with Lucille, the wife of Antonio
Molara the tyrannical dictator of Laurania in North Africa. Revolution
breaks out. Molara is assassinated by a communist. Lucille and the "hero"
are forced to leave Laurania but return later to rule it. Of which novel
written nearly 100 years ago is this a synopsis?
ans) Savrola - the only novel written by Churchill.

3."- - was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her
charm as the Tarleton twins were". Thus begins one of the most famous
novels of the 20th century. What are the two missing words?
ans) Scarlett O'Hara - Gone With The Wind.

4.What is the name today of the Football Club that was formed in the
1870's as the "L and Y Railway" Football Club?
ans) Manchester United.

5.Of what are there six types or "flavours" called "bottom", "charm",
"down", "strange", "top" and "up" each of which has three varieties or
"colours" which can be "blue", "red" or "green"?
ans) Quarks.

6. Which tennis star has a palindromic surname ?
ans) Monica Seles.

7. Whose (very over modest) last words were: "I don't know what I may
seem to the world. But to myself, I seem to have been only a boy playing
on the seashore and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother
pebble or prettier shell than the ordinary, whilst the great ocean of
truth lay all undiscovered before me"?
ans) Sir Isaac Newton.

8. Can you tell us the stage name (as it appears on the credits) of the
Hollywood star whose grandfather, "Carmine", was first flautist with the
Detroit Symphony Orchestra; whose father,"August", was Dean of Creative
Arts at San Francisco State University; and whose uncle,"Francis",
directed two Oscar-winning films in which aunt "Talia Rose" had a leading
ans) Nicolas Cage.

9. Which Indian city gets its name from Iranian and Hindi words meaning
'Lion Town' ?
ans) Hyderabad.
10. Collectively know as "San En" in Japan or, in some references,
"Koshin", in a few words who or what are "Mizaru", "Kikazaru" and
ans) The Three Wise Monkeys.

11. In fiction who was the most famous companion of the daughter of
Professor Archimedes Q. Porter of Baltimore?
ans) Tarzan .

12. What word for a pirate who operated in the Caribbean in the 17th and
18th Centuries is derived from the French for a "buyer of smoked meat"?
ans) Buccaneer.

13. What sporting event is played for the Henri Delauney Trophy ?
ans) European Football Championship.

14. What were the surnames of "William S." and "Arthur" whose company,
which is still around today, began production in 1904 with "The Silent
Gray Fellow" and continued with the "V-Twin" in with the "J-11" in 1911?
ans ) Harley and Davidson.

15. The BBC recently screened a programme that was partially titled "A
Rare Species". In one word. what was the name of the Bird that this was
ans ) Dickie Bird.

16. Father is called Earl and mother is called Kutilda. He was born
Eldrick but has for years used a first name that had once belonged to a
friend of his father in Vietnam. What is the first name by which this
multi millionaire is now very famously known?
ans) Tiger Woods.

17. Who wrote a novel called "The Cardinal's Love" as in the 1929 English
translation, which relates the problems experienced with the Vatican by
Carl Emanuel Madruzzo, the cardinal and archbishop of Trentino, because
of his long-standing relationship with his mistress, Claudia Particella.
ans) Musollini .

18. In Britain how is the person known who the Danes call "Overste
Senap", the Spaniards "Marques de Marina", the Swiss "Mme Curry" and the
Norwegians "Oberst Gulin"?
ans) Colonel Mustard (20) (in "Cluedo").

19. Which two letters of the alphabet are associated with an original
concept of William Stern's which was popularised in 1916 by Lewis Terman?
ans) I.Q. tests .

20. Which great Hollywood star's name was used as a slang term for the
four-sided jibs, or double-clewed jibs, used on large racing yachts in
the mid 1930's?
ans) Greta Garbo.

21.What was the sporting claim to fame, if it can be called that, of
Harold John Heygate in 1919?
ans) only batsman to be timed out in first class cricket.

22.Derived from a Persian word for "man eater" what was the name of a
fabulous beast that had the    head of a man, the body of a lion, the
tail of a scorpion, and the quills of a porcupine?

23. How is an object named "Georgium Sidus" by its discoverer in 1781
better known today?
ans) Uranus.

24.Which Polynesian fire goddess, associated with the flow of lava,
eventually settled in Hawaii    according to myth and shared her name
with the (best-known) name of a great 20th century    sportsman?
ans) Pele.

25. William, a British candlemaker, and James, a soapmaker from Ireland,
merged their businesses     in 1837 in Cincinnati, and the rest is
history. What is this famous company called, as in the     surnames of
these joint founders?
ans) Proctor n Gamble.

26. Who is the only Speaker of the House of Commons to have been
ans) Sir Thomas More.

27. Which musician, no longer with us, set up his own label, Barking
Pumpkin Records, that was     operated through his parent company,
Intercontinental Absurdities?
ans) Frank Zappa.

28. Leonard Carpenter, Howard Kingsbury, Daniel Lindley, John Miller,
James Rockefeller Frederick Sheffield, Laurence Stoddard and Alfred
Wilson, and later became famous with a name that is also well-known in
another context.
ans) Benjamin Spock.

29. Which word, with its origins in Norwegian dialect, can mean a clump
of grass or be a shapeless mass of a semi-liquid substance served as
ans) Dollop.

30.Which famous slogan was inspired by a comment Theodore Roosevelt made
in 1907 after sampling a product that had been perfected by a certain
Joel Cheek?
ans)'Good to the last drop' (94) famous slogan used by Maxwell House
coffee which Roosevelt clearly appreciated on first tasting

31. What was the connection between "Harriet Brown", "Gussie Berger",
"Mary Holmquist", "Jean Clark", "Karin Lund", "Karl Lund", "Emily Clark",
"Alice Smith" and "Jane Emerson"?
ans)All pseudonyms used by Greta Garbo when travelling incognito
32.Which great Roman natural history writer died while witnessing an
eruption of Mount Vesuvius rather too closely for his own good?
ans)Pliny the elder.

33.What literary distinction, if that is the right word, can be claimed
by Henry Valienne's 1907 novel 'Kastele de Prelongo'?
ans) 1st to be written in Esperanto.

34.Can you name the very well known person who wrote a column in 1950 in
his father's short-lived rugby magazine "Tackle", using the pseudonym
ans) Che Guevara.

35. Name the only Indian bowler to have taken his first test wicket with
the first ball of his test career.
ans) Nilesh Kulkarni.