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					                                                                              Athletics Masterton
                                                                              Sports Bowl, Blair St
                                                                              P O Box 375

                          Sixth Annual General Meeting

The following is the Presidents report for the fifth year of Athletics Masterton, (2005-06) and the notice
of the 6th Annual General Meeting.

  Date:           Wednesday 19 April
  Time:           7.30pm
  Venue:          Sports Bowl, Clubrooms.

  Agenda:         Presidents Report
                  Financial Report
                  Election of Officers.
                  Subscriptions for the 2006-07 year.
                  General Business

  Athletics Masterton (AM) is now an established and important sporting club within Masterton and
  the Wellington Region, in just a few short years we have forged a club which is effective in
  provincial and national events, as is highlighted in the section reports below. Several of our club
  members are receiving strong community recognition for their efforts. In all sections we have
  national and provincial representatives and several National Champions at various age grades.

  Scott Lyttle has continued to show improvement as he matures, he is now in his second year training
  and racing in France. It’s great to see Scott come home and race locally during his off season. The
  Track and Field section has again grown in leaps and bounds, with many athletes competing well at
  the Colgate games in the North and South Islands and at the Wellington Championships. Highlights
  for the Track and Field Section includes the selection of Stevie Paine and Chris Girling McLean to
  represent NZ at the Pacific Games in Melbourne. In harrier running Corrina and Stevie Paine
  achieved standout performances at the Dorne Cup and NI cross country championships, while at the
  other end of the age scale, Mark Eagle retained his 2004 Wellington Centre masters marathon title
  and Claudia Baechle was second in the Masters Women’s marathon championships. Graeme
  Butcher won the NZ ultra marathon (100km) title and Sue Lyttle won the Veteran 2 Women’s NZ
  Road Cycling Championship. Jessie Bucknell and Gavin Champion both showed the value of
  competing in two sections as they chased their favoured sport of triathlon, with both gaining
  selection for NZ teams. The four Paine kids and Tom Quinn all showed the benefit of winter cross-
  country as they performed well during the summer track season. Topping the year off was the
  awarding of the Wairarpa’s Junior Sports Person of the Year to Stevie Paine.

  During the year, 6 members of our club gained selection for NZ national representative teams as

             Stieve Paine               athletics
             Chris Girling-McLean       athletics
             Graeme Butcher             ultra-marathon
          Scott Lyttle                cycling
          Jesse Bucknell              triathlon
          Gavin Champion              triathlon

Unfortunately for Gavin, injury struck 2 weeks before his competition and he had to withdraw from
the team.

While the above members help provide Athletics Masterton with a community profile, I believe we
are a club for all abilities. It is my opinion that the success of a club is achieved by the participation
of all members not just the recognition of the fittest, strongest or fastest. This excellent participation
is displayed by the 120 to 160 members and visitors taking part in the track and field events or the
Trusthouse XC and road series. Success should not always be judged by finishing in the top three,
participation and enjoyment is just as important and I don’t think people should avoid entering
events because they think they will be last or hold things up. We hold our events for all competitors
not just the front three.

I am also pleased to advise that the committee has made a number of grants this year to assist our
athletes to compete or train at a very high level for their sport. These include supporting, harriers in
centre events, track and field members at training and competing in the Colgate Games, Provincial
Representative teams, Wellington Centre events and other National competitions and assisting our
NZ reps with some travel costs. Our current committee is keen to ensure that some financial
assistance can be made for club members on a case by case basis. This not only helps an individual
to compete and reach their potential, it also rewards their efforts and continues to raise the profile of
our club. However nothing is ever a free ride and it is hoped all recipients can assist the club in
various ways in which they can, rather than just expecting the club to support them, that’s the true
spirit of a club member.

This fifth committee has worked together extremely well, which has made my role very easy. To
that extent I wish to thank:

Phil Faithfull                                 Chairperson
Michael Macklin                                Treasurer
Carol Macdonald                                Secretary
Tony Price                                     Harrier Delegate
Tony Matthews                                  Cycling Delegate
Reece Trubshoe                                 Track and Field Delegate

I presume most of these people are prepared to continue in their role if re-elected, however this
remains the decisions of the members not the incumbents. I reserve special thanks for Reece
Trubshoe, who is standing down after 5 years of being the Track and Field delegate, hopefully a
suitable replacement can be found for Reece from that section. Reece has been impressive for his
ability to fund raise, his efforts may have gone unnoticed by a large portion of club members,
however the previous committees remember and thank him very much for his contributions. The
important part of healthy club is knowing that a person can resign from a club administration
position without feeling guilty and also knowing that there is someone else willing to step into their
shoes. Not all clubs have the spirit to do this.

It is appropriate that I remind everyone that the administrators from the committee and all the
sections do their work on a voluntary basis. These people generally give up their time and do
sacrifice some of their own participation for others because they have a passion for our sport. The
best way to help these people stay motivated is to lend some assistance occasionally when required.
All sections constantly need more people to assist with timekeeping and recording at our regular
events, without them we don’t have events. If anyone knows of people willing to assist please
contact your section delegate
The amalgamation was designed for more participation, I think we have achieved that with many
members enjoying the benefits of being able to participate in more than one sport and only having to
pay one annual subscription. As we complete our fifth year I can report that the club had a
membership of 306 (which includes 16 life members) during 2005-06, the most yet and compares
favourable with the 284 members from the 2004/05 year.

It is also timely to remind members that our financial year commenced on 1 April and subscriptions
are now due, these will be set at the AGM. The club is funded by subscriptions and any shortfall in
revenue must be made from club events (e.g. Marathon, Tour of the Wairarapa, Trusthouse road and
XC series), rent of the clubrooms, equipment and services or grants. The revenue generated by these
events is not guaranteed and is difficult to estimate and maintain. The club also received substantial
grants from Trusthouse and Fagan Motors, which also ensured our events could be continued at a far
lower cost than expected. Ultimately the benefits of this funding are passed onto members and we
are able to maintain lower annual subscriptions than for many similar clubs.

Costs to the club include affiliation fees, insurances, power, member support, morning tea, prizes
and purchase of equipment and maintenance. The rent of the sportsbowl and grounds exceeds
$1400.00 per year. Our major purchase during 2005 was the new start and finish flags, which give
us a more professional appearance at the marathon, Tour of the Wairarapa and other events. During
2006 we are investigating the purchase of road signs and cones to assist with traffic management
and the Health and Safety for cycling events and the marathon, this will be a major purchase and the
club will be investigating the best cost options. Many of our costs can be offset by income from the
marathon and the Tour of Wairarapa, which the club jointly hosts with the Wairarapa multisports
club. However this revenue is not guaranteed from year to year and is at the mercy of competitor
loyalty and the weather.

Given the above information the outgoing committee recommends that subscriptions remain the
same as the 2005/06-year.

   Senior members (18yrs plus)                             $50
   13 to 17 years                                          $20
   12 years and under                                      $15 (up to $40 per family, kids only)
   Family subscription (parents & kids under 18yrs)        $100

Our recommendation may not cover all costs but it is feasible to expect some continued alternative
revenue sources, however it is unknown at what level to expect.

The club does have financial reserves, but we expect that this reserve be available for future club
committees and members. Interest received from this reserve is used to maintain lower subscription
fees, support for members competing in external events and maintaining club facilities and
equipment. We do not wish to profit excessively from community charity trusts, fee-paying
competitors or our sponsors. It is intended that our expenditure be closely matched to our income. In
simple terms “any money we make goes back into our sport”.

The benefits for people who renew their club membership are as follows;

        Membership ensures the clubs existence.
        Subscriptions help fund the facilities and provide new equipment for club members.
        The existence of a club ensures events are organised locally.
        Allows for participation in 3 sports for one subscription fee.
        Access to national and international events and information is easily available.
        Support for coaching and the sharing of ideas is available.
        The club provides the opportunity for members to compete, train and socialise with like-
         minded people.
        Membership offers reduced fees to competitors in the cross-country and road series and
         cycling events.
Many thanks is extended to Trust House, they allow the club to use their website to post information
and to Graeme Roberts for updating this information. During the year the club has decided to
develop our own domain name, this will make it easier for club members and those interested in our
club events to find us. From now on we can be found at

I also wish to express our gratitude to Ray Lee who has done a tremendous job as club caretaker at
the sportsbowl, Ray spent many hours checking and ensuring the clubrooms are in a tidy and
functioning condition. Ray has retired from this position and thankfully Norm Chu has volunteered
to become caretaker.

Special thanks to Judy Brown for her radio presentations each Saturday morning, Judy does a lot of
homework to ensure all 3 sections, their activities and results are broadcast to the Wairarapa.

I’d like to thank Scott Lyttle for donating one of his New Zealand cycling shirts to display in the
clubrooms. In time this will be proudly displayed on the wall and hopefully become an inspiration
for other Masterton athletes.

It has been very pleasing to hear the progress, which the Track and Field Section has made this year
and the section appears to be getting stronger over the last couple of years. With John Eccles still
trying to retire from some of his roles, it is pleasing to note that others are prepared to “step-up”.
Already a committee has been formed for the 2006/07 year, however they will still need additional
helpers on the nights and parents should consider where they could help. Remember we’re a
sporting club, not baby sitters. As a helper experience is not necessary, just a willingness to assist
where you can. The Harriers and Cycling sections appear to be functioning well with good club
member support, however it must be remembered that it takes a solid effort by many to make these
sections work. Occasionally it may be worth asking if you can help out behind the scenes with,
setting courses, timing and recording of events etc. If you’re injured don’t stay home, come and help
out on the sideline.

As a special thank you from the harrier section I would like to thank Len Francis and Dothery Reid
who regularly stand on the side line in all types of weather to assist with the time keeping.

In closing I offer my congratulations to all the many club members for their efforts over the year. I
express many thanks to all those who ran, jumped, threw, cycled, marshalled, time kept, recorded,
made tea, gave results to the newspaper, internet or radio, marked courses, came last, came first,
encouraged or just watched, our sport needs you all. And in conclusion I wish you well for the
2006-07 season and hope that you enjoy yourself and achieve any goals you set yourself.

Graeme Butcher.
Athletics Masterton

Section Reports.
Track and Field
This report of the 2005/06 Track and Field season opens much the same way as previous years, the
fact that there were far too few parent helpers, for oh so many children (161 members). While the
latter is great to see it’s impossible to focus on talented individuals or the many others trying so hard
in each group without the assistance of parents.

The season’s first half saw great attendance with excellent weather, unfortunately February and
March bought a complete reversal.
I cannot thank enough the efforts of club stalwarts, John Eccles and Len Francis along with the
valuable group leaders of Tony Creagh, Chris Hanson, Judy Brown, Alan Stuart and Reece
Trubshoe. Also providing regular assistance was Andrea Sutherland and Tony Price.

Highlights of the season has been the expediential rise in Athletes competing at Interclubs,
Secondary events and both Regional or National Championships. I believe this can only raise the
profile of Track and Field in the Wairarapa and perhaps more local newspaper attention is

Wednesday 23 March was the end of season potluck tea. It was a pleasure to see wide-eyed children
spying the clubs silverware. Two new cups have been donated, bring the total to six, more than
enough inspiration for children to try harder. At nights end a meeting was held and it is with relief, I
write that the 2006/07 season will be a starter.

In conclusion I wish to thank the club for six years of entertainment and wish to advise I have now
relinquished my position as Section delegate. I wish the section and the club all the best for the

Track and Field Outstanding Performances

                          North Island Colgate South Island Colgate Wellington
                          Games                Games                  Championships
                           st                   nd
Stevie Paine (G10)        1 1500m              2 1500m                1st 1500m
                          2nd high jump        1st high jump          1st high jump
                           rd                   nd
                          3 800 m              2 800m                 1st 800m
                                                                      1st 400m
                                                                      3rd 200m
                           nd                   st
Corrina Paine (G13)       2 800m               1 800m                 2nd 800m
                          3rd 1500m            1st 1500m              2nd 1500m
                                               3 long jump            2nd high jump
                                                                      2nd 400m
                                                                      3rd 100m
Vicky Paine (G14)                              1 400m                 1st 400m
                                               2 200m                 2nd 100m
                                               3rd long jump
Kurtis Paine (B10)        3 100m               2nd 100m
                          3 long jump          2nd long jump
                                               1st discus
                                               3rd 200m
Amy Sutherland, C Paine, Sam Cates, V Paine    3rd 14 yr. girls relay
Alice Mills (G 9)                                                     3rd shot put
Courtnay Fafeita (G12)                                                2nd shot put
                                                                      2nd discus
Josh Greig (B14)                                                      1st high jump
                                                                      2nd long jump
                                                                      3rd 200m
Bevan Brown (B10)                                                     3rd 400m
Amy Sutherland (G13)                                                  1st 80m hurdles
                                                                      2nd steeplechase
Sam Cates (G13)                                                       2nd long jump
                                                                      3rd 200m

Stevie Paine also came 2 nd in the 1500m (5.08) and 3 rd in the long jump at the Pacific School games
in Melbourne.
Congratulations to Corrina Paine, Sam Cates, Amy Sutherland and Courtnay Fafeita for their
selection in the Wellington Provincial team to compete in Auckland during April 2006.

Reece Trubshoe
Track and Field Section.

Cycling Section
The cycling section of Athletics Masterton has had another active year with group rides organised
on Monday and Wednesday evenings and another on Sunday morning at 8.00am. Our section races
on a Tuesday evening at a varity of venues, which attracts good fields of riders and some new club

Several riders achieved National recognition with Scott Lyttle representing NZ at the world Cycling
Championships, Jessie Bucknell represented NZ in Australia as a triathlete and Sue Lyttle won the
Veteran 2 Women’s NZ Road Cycling Championship.

We again held our Open event, the Clark Cup, reverting to the course around Lake Wairarapa,
hoping this would attract more Wellington riders. Twenty-four riders took part and enjoyed a perfect
days racing. This event, which first took place in 1958, needs to be actively promoted with possibly
a sponsor and a full complement of officials on the day, national distribution of entry forms and full
internet coverage.

The tour of Wairarapa fun ride was again a major fundraiser for our club and the Wairarapa Multi-
sports Club. We need to be aware of our commitment to supply club members for the many official
duties needed to run this event, on the lead up and the actual day of the ride.

We need to be aware that with the emphasis on safety in sporting events, our club races need not just
riders but people to be involved in official capacities, i.e marshalling, timekeeping, judging, setting
upstart and finish areas etc. As our events are held on open roads, rules of the roads need to be
observed, especially keeping to the left of the centre line.

Tony Matthews
Cycling Delegate.

Harriers Section

      Athletics Masterton, as a club can take heart in the fact that it has grown to be one of the
      strongest in terms of numbers and the achievements of its members within the Wairarapa. The
      Harrier Section is a good example of this and as far as achievement goes, our runners show
      that age is no barrier, with the young and not so young competing with great success locally,
      nationally and internationally.

      The Trusthouse cross-country series had another good year with many people enjoying the
      courses set by Eric Barber with the help of Gavin Graham, Mark Ordish, Phil Brady and
      Willie Simonsen. The setting of some of the courses was made difficult due to an extra wet
      season, resulting in new ground needing to be found to run on, however this made the events
      more challenging and enjoyable to competitors. Our grateful thanks goes to all involved in the
      organisation of the series and those who braved the conditions to take part in the races.

      Fagan Motors were again the major sponsor of the successful Wairarapa Country Half and
      Full Marathon which was run under the guidance of Race Director Graeme Butcher. Graeme
and his devoted Marathon Committee do a tremendous job with the organisation of Athletics
Mastertons biggest event. Grateful thanks go to all the organisers and to the helpers, who give
up their time to help on the day, these are the people who really make our Marathon.

The Trusthouse Summer Series was again a success, attracting an average of 70 competitors
per event, many had their battles with other runners mentally and physically, with some of the
older runners using experience to put the younger ones off their game (this occasionally
Rangitumau, the longest run in the series is still supported by many runners, a race slightly
challenging but with a lot of history. Thanks to Graeme Butcher, Graeme Roberts, Gordon
Reid and their helpers.

Wellington Centre Championships

   Mark Eagle                 Wellington Provincial Marathon Champion Masters Men

   Claudia Baechle            Wellington Provincial Marathon-2nd Masters Women

Club Champions of 2005-06
Women's Cross Country                  Sue Bankier
Men's Cross Country                    Mark Eagle
Women's Road                           Linda Hannam
Men's Road                             Tony Price

Other Out Standing Individual Efforts

 Stevie Paine
Dorne Cup Trentham                             1st girls under 12
North Island Cross Country Champs Taupo        1st girls under 12

 Graeme Butcher
IAU 100km World Cup (Japan)                    55th place
National 100km Championships (Taupo)           1st place - NZ Champion.

I would like to thank all those people who have run, taken times, made cups of tea, set courses,
stood on course and given encouragement and everyone who has been involved with the
Harriers section over the 2005/06-year.

A special thanks you to all our sponsors, especially to Trusthouse and Fagan Motors for all
their support over the year.

Tony Price
Harrier Chairperson.