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Grant Prideco Drilling Products Services Product Management Dept Lake Robbins by banger18


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                                                                                     Drilling Products & Services
                                                                                     Product Management Dept.
                                                                                     1450 Lake Robbins Dr., Suite 400
                                                                                     The Woodlands, TX 77380
                                                                                     United States of America
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                                           Grant Prideco DPS Bulletin
                                                                                                   DPS Manager,
                                       Field Inspection Procedure and Machining
                              Title:                                TM                               Marketing &      Jim Brock
                                       Information for Used Platinum Hardbanding
                                                                                                   Product Mgmt:
                           Bulletin                                                                      Manager,
                                       PC-Procedural Bulletin                                                         Dan Hannahs
                            Type:                                                                Metallurgical Eng
Bulletin Information

                           Bulletin                                                                Manager, Field

                                       PC-8.0-2007Nov1-EXT                                                            Dan Morgan
                       Designation:                                                                Service/Claims

                                       0                                                           Approval Date:     Nov 1, 2007

                         Rev. Date:    Nov 1, 2007                                                    Distribution:   EXT - External

                                       Sandy Steely                                              Distribution Date:   Nov 1, 2007

                           Field Inspection Procedure and Machining Information for
                                         Used PlatinumTM Hardbanding
                                                                        1 November, 2007
                                                                Note: Internal Reference EN-SP-07
1. Scope
   1.1. This procedure defines the equipment, inspection methods and acceptance criteria for field
        inspection of used Grant Prideco PlatinumTM Hardbanding.
       1.1.1. This procedure shall encompass both dimensional and visual attributes.
       1.1.2. This procedure shall include procedures for removing Grant Prideco PlatinumTM

2. Inspection Equipment
   2.1. Cleansing agent (detergent or solvent).
   2.2. Grinder with wire wheel.
   2.3. Steel brush.
   2.4. Two steel rulers. Each 12” long with 1/64” increments.

3. Preparation
   3.1. Prior to inspection, the PlatinumTM HB hardbanding area shall be cleaned with detergent or
   3.2. Cleaning shall be sufficient to allow for visual examination.
   3.3. All foreign material shall be removed by cleaning and/or buffing with a wire wheel on a
        grinder and/or a wire brush.

Page 1                                                                                                        PC-8.0-2007Nov1-EXT
4. Inspection
   4.1. With one 12” steel ruler placed on the PlatinumTM HB parallel to the product design axis, use a
        second steel ruler to determine the height of the PlatinumTM HB relative to the OD of the
   (Note: The tools used to determine this dimension may vary. As long as the measuring increments
   allow for the accuracy required, and the gauges are controlled as per HLAP04, differing methods
   are acceptable.)
       4.1.1. PlatinumTM HB with less than 1/16” wear shall be dispositioned “Return to field ‘as
  OD wear of PlatinumTM HB prior to reapplication is 1/16”. See figure

         4.1.2. Eccentric PlatinumTM HB wear relative to the OD shall not exceed 1/32”. This anomaly
              shall be dispositioned “Machine PlatinumTM HB to reduce eccentricity to less than 1/32”
              relative to the OD.” See drawing below.

Page 2 of 4                                                             PC-8.0-2007Nov1-EXT
    4.2. The following anomalies shall be cause for removal of PlatinumTM HB by machining or other
         approved methods.
        4.2.1. PlatinumTM HB with cracks greater than 0.050” wide.
        4.2.2. PlatinumTM HB with circumferential cracks greater than or equal to 180° of the tool
             joints circumference.
        4.2.3. PlatinumTM HB with blowholes, spalled material, etc.
        4.2.4. PlatinumTM HB with porosity in an area approximately 1 inch in diameter shall not have
             more than 5 pinholes and no pinhole depth shall be greater than 1/16”. Depth of porosity
             will be measured from the surface of the hardband using a 1/16” diameter rod. The
             diameter of any single pinhole in the porosity will not exceed 1/8”. Any area of porosity
             greater than 1” in diameter or pinholes that do not fall in the above criteria shall result in
             the part being rejected. See drawing below.

    4.3. Surfaces that have had PlatinumTM HB removed shall be inspected for cracks.
    4.4. Inspected material displaying no anomalies other than wear greater than 1/16” shall be
         dispositioned “Rehardband As Is.”

5. PlatinumTM HB Removal
       5.1.1. PlatinumTM HB shall be removed by machining or grinding.
   is required that a lathe or a lathe with an OD grinding attachment be used to
                   remove PlatinumTM HB.
   is recommended that a RNMN 42 CBN insert be used at 300 surface feet per
                   minute with a feed rate of 0.006” to 0.010”.
   5.2. If the customer ‘requires’ an increased PlatinumTM HB OD, the PlatinumTM HB OD shall be
        turned down 3/32” per side (3/16” on diameter) prior to applying additional PlatinumTM HB
        for an increased diameter. See drawing below.

    5.3. PlatinumTM HB with defects described in items 4.2.1 through 4.2.3 above:
        5.3.1. shall have all of the PlatinumTM HB removed.
        5.3.2. shall have a 5% Nital (or similar product) etch inspection performed to ensure all
              PlatinumTM HB has been removed (PlatinumTM HB will resist discoloration.)

Page 3 of 4                                                                PC-8.0-2007Nov1-EXT
         5.3.3. shall have a bidirectional magnetic particle inspection performed.
    of any size shall be reason for rejection.
         5.3.4. shall not exceed a maximum removal depth of 0.250” per side (0.500” on diameter).
    joints with removal greater than 0.250” per side shall require the application of
                    a butter pass before the application of PlatinumTM HB.

Page 4 of 4                                                                 PC-8.0-2007Nov1-EXT

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