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1. Western India Vegetable Products in 1947.Now?

2. <Evanescence>What connects the song to a place in North India called
Mitsubishi Lancer..HM

Audience:In fast food and reataurant biz what are "volcano Marks"?
Spill of Cold drinks

3.Danish for play well. Product has fans ranging from kids to geeks and
robotics experts.What?

4.In the 1930s a Stanford University Engg Proffessor encouraged the
students to remain in the area and start new ventures rather than to go
and work in the east for large corporations.What did this lead the
students to start?
Silicon Valley

5. <lry elsn.jpg>In order to prevent the baby Zeus from being swallowed
by his father Kronos, the mother Rhea dressed a stone in swaddling
clothes. Raised to manhood in a cave, Zeus came back and made his father
disgorge the stone, which was treasured as a relic. Which relic?

6.<html.jpg>Original Logo of? (Hint: At the beginning people didnt visit
it thinkin it to be somehow related to porn)

7.World 1st filter cigarettes?

8.What am I referring to if u have chip jewellery?
      out dated comp

Audience Q: <kiss> Identify the brand

9.Where do u find the only digital watch by Rolex?
      Centre court , Wimbledon

10.What is the Fifth Element in the world of computing?

11.<b a a.jpg>Identify the landmark?

12.Applying thought. Whose Slogan?

13.What are drugs that are sold under their chemical description as
oppossed to their brand name called?
Generic Drugs
Audience: In computing terminology what are Clippit, Rocky and Genius?
      office assistants


15. He lives in Ecology House, a 66 thousand sq ft house costing 97
million on the shores of Lake Washington?
Bill Gates

16.<mer.jpg>Identify the Branded lady?

17.Brittania bears.
Googles, Giggles, Snuggles

18.What gets it name from the fact that it was first manufactured in a
place next to the Temple of Juno Monetta?


Audience: <mac.jpg>Identify the brand.

20.What are Idiot lights in cars?
Tell tale indicators in cars

21.NDA minister who once modelled for Bombay Dyeing?( Clue: The heavenly
danseuse in BJP)
maneka Gandhi

22.<hd1>&&<hd2>&&<hrly dvdsn>Connect.

23.What is a road block in advertising parlance?
Same ad running in diff channels at the same time.

24.Who is calle dthe granny of Kottayam?
Malaya Manorama

25.<j.jpg>Connect this place in Oak Brook Illinois to Ronald Mc Donald

26.Connect Arbaaz Khan, Cosmopolitan in India and MTV?
Malaika Arora

27. <Nescafe-open up>Identify the brand.

Audience:How do we better know Pheeroze Jeejabhoy Towers?

28. Which Auto co literally means "I roll"?<abba song>
29.In the early 19th Century a merchant named Don Facundo Maso emmigrated
from Spain to Cuba.His product was sold only to pirates,In order to gain
acceptance from the common ppl for his product he purchased a tin roofed
factory.In it lived a colony of bats on the rafters.He let them stay as a
sign of good luck.And lated the bats became his trademark logo?The BRand?

30.<t.jpg>Identify the brand.

31.Car Radio, Walkie Talkie, Pager-- all 1st manufactured by?

32.First called Galvin Manufacturing, Was into the production of Battery
Eliminators.Which Co?

Audience:<trblur>Identify the video game.

XTRA 1: A small town so called in south-west France , near Bordeaux gave
a Frenchman named Antoine de    La Mothe a title , that eventually gave
rise to a brand name . Name the brand .
Cadillac - the Frenchman's full name was Antoine de La Mothe sieur de
Cadillac . He was the founder of Detroit in 1701

XTRA 2: What could have been Neon , Lyric , Pepper or Silk    ?
XTRA 3: When he was 18 yrs old, he used to sell illegal devices that
allowed free long distance phone calls. This was at a place called
Homebrew Computer Club. He made his first free phone call to the Pope at
Vatican. (Clue: Newton)
      Steve Wozniak

XTRA 4: What was launched in 1994 as 'Jerry's Guide to the World Wide
Web' ?

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