Report of workshops on evaluation of MTP and CBIA by armedman1


									             Report of workshops on evaluation of MTP and CBIA
           intervention to improve rational use of medicines in the
                   community and hospital supported by WHO.

       Even though public medicine budget is severely limited problems of
inappropriate use of medicines such as overusing antibiotics, injections and poly-
pharmacy commonly occur in health facilities such as hospitals and health
centers in Mongolia. This has a negative impact on health outcomes and
treatment costs.

       Training module, called CBIA (= Cara Belajar Ibu Aktif; Mothers’ Active
Learning Method), utilises a self-learning process. Information printed on the
pharmaceutical package or package inserts are used as the training material.

       MTP, an abbreviation for Monitoring-Training-Planning, is an approach
which combines the three strategies. It applies an adult learning process, which
consists of learning and description of practices, reflection of previous experience,
problem-solving, and setting up the target of improvement. In addition, it is
unique because it involves the target prescribers to decide what to do to improve
practices. This approach has been field-tested and proven effective to improve
prescribing practice in health facilities, such as public hospitals, private hospitals,
as well as public health centers. The MTP strategy is cost-effective and self
initiative tool to improve drug use practices.

       MOH has organized MTP and CBIA intervention in Central Clinical
Hospital as selected a pilote hospital from 2005 and has extended it
through regions. Under this intervention MOH organized two workshops in
Orkhon aimak /Northern region/ on 26-28 June 2007 and in Khentii aimak
/Easthern region/ on 04-06 July 2007. 28 participants from DarkhanUul,
Selenge, Orkhon, Khubsugul, Bulgan, Arkhangai aimaks participated in
the Northern region workshop. 26 participants from Dornod, Dornogobi,
SukhBaatar, Khentii aimaks partiticipated in the Easthern region workshop.

       Programme and schedule of workshops on MTP and CBIA
intervention in improving rational use of medicines approved by the vice
minister MOH A.Otgonbold.

       Dr Sri Suryawati short-term consultant from WHO undertaked
consultancy on workshops for 2 aimaks with working group from MOH.

       The main goal of workshops was to train the 54 participants from 10
aimaks     on how to implement the monitoring, training and planning
intervention in a focused rational use of medicines in pilot hospital and a
small group interactive intervention in improving rational use of medicine
among consumers.

         Subjects of presentation by the Mrs Sh.Enkhtuya, D.Chuluuntsetseg
and Mrs T.Oyunbileg supported by Dr Sri Suryawati were as follows:

      Introduction to MTP and MTP guidline
      Conducting MTP in hospital
      MTP to improve medicine use in hospital
      Strategies to improve medicine use by the community
      Patients perception about disease and treatment
        Problems of medicine by the patiants
      CBIA to improve medicine use in the community
        Results of treatment MTP and CBIA in Central Clinical Hospital
      MTP to implement in Drug therapeutics commitees of Hospital
   By the programme of workshop organized 6-8 working group on
evaluation MTP & CBIA. The working group introduced and discussed of
each groups presentation.

      All participants were very pleased for organizing and they had a
good impression about workshops. The participants had certificate of
attendance from MOH and WHO Representative in Mongolia.
      At   present   time organized     working groups in aimaks who
participated in workshop and continue to train MTP and CBIA in hospital.

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