Report of Tax Strategy Group meeting on 17 July 2000 by armedman1


									            Report of Tax Strategy Group meeting on 17 July 2000

1.       Arrangements for future meetings
The TSG will meet every Tuesday morning from 12 September up to Budget Day in
December. It was agreed that the start time would be at 11.00 am.

2.       Role of the TSG
         The Chairman emphasised the importance - if the group was to be effective - of
         members of the group identifying all issues/proposals for discussion within the
         group. It was agreed that the TSG plays a useful role in addressing the
         administrative and political problems that issues may create. The group is not a
         decision making forum but was there to ensure that issues which need
         consideration are fully teased out.

3.       Draft List and Rota of Subjects for Discussion (TSG 00/01)
         There was a discussion on the Draft List and Rota.

      Structure of Discussions
      There was general agreement that the agenda should be structured in such a way
         as to leave scope for the group to focus on priority issues particularly in meetings
         coming up to the Budget - Childcare, Anti-inflation measures, Design of Income
         Tax System, Environmental issues.
      Timing of Topics
     Income Tax
         It was agreed that the topics of Childcare and BES should be moved to earlier
         meetings. It was confirmed that the paper on Income Tax would include material
         in relation to the taxation of those on the statutory minimum wage.
         D/Finance indicated that a paper would be needed arising from the Commission
         on the Rented Residential Sector and it was agreed that this would be added to the

     Indirect Taxes
         It was agreed that some closely related topics would be grouped together e.g. Vat
         and E-commerce would be taken together.

     Social Welfare
      It was agreed that the two PRSI items would be grouped together and a gap left
         between them and the social welfare expenditure paper.

4.       Any other business
         It was noted that there was a Government decision about the Calendar Tax Year
made and an announcement will be made shortly.
   20 July 2000

Attendance list

Department of Finance:
Michael Tutty
Brigid McManus
Vincent Palmer
Joe Mooney
Liam Murphy
Bob Bradshaw
Jimmy McMeel
Godfrey Craig

Revenue Commissioners:
Dermot Quigley
Michael O’Grady

Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment:
Peter Fisher
Maurice Roche

Department of the Taoiseach:
Gerry Hickey
Martin Mansergh

Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs:
Mel Cousins
Tom Mulherin

Paul Haran
Katherine Bulbulia

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