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									                                                                                      Paper 08/02

 Report of the Meeting of the University Equality and Diversity Committee of 25 September 2008
               to the College Equality and Diversity Committee of 15 October 2008

The following items were discussed at the meeting:

1.     Convenor’s Business

       Staff Committee:

       It was reported that this had been revised about a year ago with a new membership structure,
       and a focus on strategic policies concerning staff. It was looking particularly at enhancing
       leadership capacity in the University (principally aimed at academic managers) and at
       ensuring a uniform adoption of appraisal across the University. The new University
       Strategic Plan has a target of achieving 85% appraisal across the University by 2012.
       Colleges will be expected to play their part in rolling this out, and will need to report on

       The Committee agreed that there should be more of a “coaching or mentoring” ethos within
       the University, to help people to find solutions and develop their careers.

       Professor Waterhouse is also discussing issues relating to the promotion of women in the
       University, focussing principally on academic staff, and looking at Reader/SL levels first.

2.     Pay Audit:
                                                                                       Appendix 1
       A report entitled First Equal Pay Audit from pay modernisation was circulated – see
       executive summary attached. This showed that no glaring discriminatory effects had arisen
       from the introduction of pay modernisation. It did show that the University was missing
       ethnicity data on almost 25% of staff, and disability data on approximately 99%. HR will be
       looking in the first instance at how ethnicity data can be collected.

3.     EOTAG Actions and Update

       It was confirmed that further analysis of staff and student data is being undertaken, but
       progress is slower than hoped. A report will be produced perhaps in November 2008, and a
       seminar organised most likely in the New Year.

4.     Dignity and Respect Policy

       The Committee received an update on the progress towards a new Dignity and Respect
       Policy. A framework is being created to manage this work which is likely to go to the
       November Staff Committee meeting, with a plan on how a policy can be created which will
       promote a positive working culture. The work is taking into account both staff and student
       aspects. It was confirmed that a consultation paper would be circulated widely within the
       University so that all can contribute, and in particular those areas such as Health and two
       Schools in CMVM which have initiated significant work can play an active part.
5.    Leadership Fellowship Foundation

      The Committee members will have expected to receive a survey on the Leadership
      Fellowship Foundation in April. The user test of the draft survey showed that it was too
      long, so it is being reviewed and it is possible that a new survey will be circulate in the New

6.    Reports from Various Groups:
                                                                                    Appendix 2
      A report is attached on Widening Participation, and from another Viki Galt, the Disability
      Information Officer in Information Services.

7.    Summary Report from the Gender Equality Scheme Implementation Group

      This is new group which has been set up to advise on implementation of the Gender
      Equality Scheme. It will be consulting with all the recognised trade unions. It is concerned
      that there has been a lack of action and the first focus is to take forward action in Colleges
      and Support Groups: it is not clear how this will be done.

      Key concerns appear to be academic promotion rates for women; staff development (as a
      key to achieving improvement in equality and diversity issues); occupational segregation
      especially for portering and clerical/secretarial staff; and the need for further Athena Swan
      Awards for Schools in CSE and CMVM.

Janet Rennie
26 September 2008

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