Welcome to a new, exciting, and yet challenging season of cross-country preparation. As your coaches,
you will find us accessible, eager to help, and always supportive to all of those that tries to improve their
running skills. This handout will help you understand the basic premises to becoming the best runner you can
be. If you ever have any questions feel free to call me at a reasonable time or e-mail me whenever.

                                                THE BASICS
        The summer training program is a very important step in a carefully planned year-long group of four
“macro cycles” which lead to the ultimate development of a high school runner determined to be a part of the
best team we can assemble. Our four cycles are similar to seasons and are as follows: summer training, cross-
country, winter training, and track.

        No year can be truly successful without a determined effort to get the most out of your summer. In the
summer we are trying to build strength and aerobic efficiency to be developed much like the foundation of a
building. The greater the depth and breadth of the foundation, the higher and stronger the building will be that
is to be built. Our goal is to emphasize strength, in order to reduce injury, increase the effectiveness of speed
work, and heighten the enjoyment of competition. Knowing that, anyone who doesn’t train in the summer,
really has an unfair chance to become the best runner they can be!

        Our trainings will be based on a “Quality-Recovery” philosophy. Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
are our “quality” days, while Tuesdays and Fridays, are our “recovery” days with Wednesday as a “medium
quality” day. Sunday was created as a day of rest and therefore we will keep it that way. Put simply you can
take a day of total rest or active rest such as biking, swimming, or any other activity you so choose.

        We will work to improve aerobic strength as well as neuromuscular speed throughout the year and
there are many ways that we hope to accomplish this. They include, but are not limited to, proper warm up, a
steady diet of aerobic running, hill training, speed training, core strengthening, resistance running, form
development, and most importantly racing techniques. Over our summer, a “quality” workout will involve at
least one and sometimes both of these training building blocks.

         Remember, we will be doing the “quality” workouts together each week. More than any other
thing…more than coaching, more than desire and dedication, more than speed work…. Your teammates make
you fast!!!! So, the Monday, Thursday, and Saturday runs are the most important runs during the week to
attend. Your teammates will help to pull you along to your goals! However, if you find yourself unable to
attend a workout once in a while stick with the training schedule and create you own run. How about a 5-miler
easy on South Mountain (aerobic strength)? Perhaps a 30-minute tempo around the park in your neighborhood
followed by some strides (neuromuscular speed)? Maybe just a 20 minute recovery run that allows your body
to rest and stay fit at the same time?
                                              THE TYPICAL WEEK
        Like I stated earlier hard days are the days we meet (M-Th-Sa), therefore most the other days will be
recovery days. This will allow maximal mileage with minimal potential for injury. Look at the following
typical fifth week of summer training.

Monday         Quality run 37 – 55 minutes
Tuesday        Recovery run 19 – 29 minutes
Wednesday      Steady run 26 – 39 minutes
Thursday       Quality run 37 – 55 minutes
Friday         Recovery run 14 – 21 minutes
Saturday       Long run 42 – 63 minutes              Total minutes: 175 – 263

        Our varsity has a goal of reaching “2700 minutes” a number that has arisen from the varsity boys hitting
an average 240 minutes over our now shortened 10 week summer. I realize that many new runners will have
difficulties in reaching these fairly lofty goals, so I have accommodated them with the following breakdowns.
Look at these tables and see that miles accumulate easily, and consistency is the key. If you are out of town on
vacation or at camp that is no problem. You can always take your shoes with and still put in your miles.
Remember speed is a critical factor to be competitive in racing and you will always race like you train! My
thoughts as a coach has been to adjust for age, experience, and the number of weeks, hence the goals for the
summer will be:

1st year runner (Rooks) 1800 minutes (No experience at all. Average 180 per week for 10 weeks)

2nd year runner (Vets) 2150 minutes (1 year experience or more. Average 215 per week for 10 weeks)

Varsity runner (Varsity) 2700 minutes (Expecting to compete for a varsity spot. Average 270 for 10 weeks)

                                           “SONS OF THUNDER”
        Every runner who complete all of the 2700 minutes and attends 90% of the practices will be enshrined
into the elite club known as “The Sons of Thunder”. This group was created in 2002 when we won our first
state championship and now has grown each season. It is not an easy feat…..we don’t accept applications, only

                                         SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING
         Every Cross Country runner should keep in mind that although running is the foundation of what we
use to train our bodies there are things such as general strength and core that will help us! We will do some of
these activities during our trainings and once you learn them they can be done on your own. Also, C 40 will be
available at D.V. on Mondays and Thursdays from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. See handout.

        Desert Vista Cross Country athletes must be dedicated, motivated, and intelligent with respect to
their training. You are the runners of the future, and you must own and maintain the reputation of our school
for the years you compete here. It is tremendous sense of accomplishment to look back on a summer and
rejoice every time you race well as a result of the hard work you put in. You can’t get back any of the training
days that you miss and you never want to rely on “I’ll just do it better the next time.”

        Have fun…communicate well…stay focused…. plan and budget your time…prepare yourself for the
struggle that will make you into one of the best runners in the nation!

Coach Hanson      E-mail coachhanson@qwest.net Phone 480-704-1977 WEBSITE – www.ThunderCC.com

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