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Before the first rain

The director’s cut

18 February – 7 March 2009
Previewing from the 13 February 2009

John Buckley Gallery
8 Albert St
Richmond VIC 3121
T + 61 3 9 428 8554
F + 61 3 9 428 8939
                                                                                                                   Emma van Leest
                                                                                                                  Requiescence 2008
Press release                                                                                                          archival paper

Front Gallery
Emma van Leest
Before the first rain

Paper cutter Emma van Leest has returned from an Australia Council residency in India with a new series of works, which
are marvelling both in their beauty, and the exquisite skill of their conception. In this exhibition Van Leest draws upon the
rich imagery from traditional Indian culture and daily life in New Delhi. The title, Before the first rain, refers to the stifling
heat of the Indian summer and the heady anticipation of the first monsoon.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (honours) from RMIT in 2000, Emma van Leest has held over ten solo
exhibitions in Australia including December Saints (Seventh Gallery, Melbourne 2005); A homage to a private place, (First
Draft Inc, Sydney 2006) Wintergarden, (Federation Square 2007) and Wayfaring, (John Buckley Gallery 2007)

Her work is sought by curators and collectors alike. In 2008 she was included in the exhibitions New Victorians, at the
University of Sydney and Paper Cuts at 24Hr Art Contemporary Art Space, Darwin and has been collected by
PriceWaterHouse Coopers Collection and private collections throughout Australia, the US, Indonesia and New Zealand.
Van Leest has also been commissioned for a number of high profile projects including her Wintergarden installation at
Federation Square (2007) and Melbourne’s State of Design Festival (2007) Her work can also be seen gracing the cover
and website of singer songwriter Josh Pyke’s latest album Chimney’s Afire (2008).

In 2006 Van Leest was been awarded a New Work grant and Skills and Art Development Grant from the Australia Council
and, in 2007, an Australia Cultural Fund Grant, which she used to take up an artists residency in Indonesia in 2007 and
the Sanksriti Kendra artists residency in New Delhi, India in 2008.

Main Gallery
Some recent painting
The director’s cut

In the midst of the suffocating summer heat, the crash of the stock market still ringing in his ears, John Buckley hits the
streets of Melbourne scouring artists studios in search of new painting. If anything can lift the current mood du jour, it’s
the emotive response one has - exclusively - when encountering an artwork –a picture that removes your feet from the
gallery floor and catapults them into that pleasurable bit of your psyche you have neglected whilst busy pouring over the
ASX announcements of the Fin Review.

In this exhibition John Buckley presents a personal survey of new painters whose work he has encountered and admired
with some diverse and intriguing results.

Including works by Peter Fifer, Paul Williams, Christian Lock, David Noonan, Raafat Ishak, Irene Hanenburg and others

8 Albert Street, Richmond 3121, Victoria | Hours 11 – 5 pm | Wednesday – Saturday | |

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