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									                         THE 1818 SOCIETY
 Volume 2, Issue 8                                        DECEMBER 2006

                                                    Stephen Eccles informed the meeting that the
                                                    Pension Fund is in excellent shape, thanks in
                                                    large degree to the quality of the investment
                                                    and analytical work of Bank staff who work on
                                                    the Pension Fund. Mr. Eccles’ introduction
                                                    was followed by a presentation of the Bank’s
                                                    management team on pension finance. The
       28THANNUAL MEETING.                          contents of this presentation were recently sent
                                                    to all retirees in a booklet, entitled “Staff
The Annual Meeting and Dinner of The 1818           Retirement Plan, 2005 Annual Report”.
Society was held on October 11, 2006.               Eva Meigher and Bank staff explained changes
Adrienne Nassau chaired the business meeting        that occurred in the plan during the year and
with aplomb, including concluding it within         how cases are handles and settled.
one minute of the allotted time.                    A few but significant Medical Insurance issues
After adopting the proposed agenda and              were raised at the podium and from the floor.
approving the minutes of the last meeting, the      There was in particular a broad-based unease
chair recognized retirees who had been              among participants about how doctors are paid
especially active in the affairs of The Society     and retained under Aetna’s PPO system. John
during the past year. These included: J. Blaxall,   Kendall also noted that some retirees residing
A. Bracher, R. Chopra, H. Denton, S. Eccles,        in Germany had complained that some of their
C. Fogle, H. Goris, F. Hall, R. Halperin, C.        benefits were less than those of US-based
Jones, D. Jones, J. Kendall, A. Keyserlingk, H.     retirees.
Levy, E. Meigher, K. Nordlander, D. Ritchie, S.     Proposals to change three bylaws of The
Sigurdsson, J. Shivakumar, M. Takahashi, Y.         Society were unanimously approved. The first
Abe, A. Vaughn, G. Votav and C. Ziegler.            better aligns the wording with what The Society
The Treasurer noted that the accounts of The        does. The second reduces the eligibility period
Society had been audited during the year.           of potential Society members from ten to five
Assets at the end of the year were about            years in the Bank Group. The third change
US$59,000.       The one-time fee for new           increases the number of directors to nine.
members to join The Society had been raised         The recommendations of the Nominating
during the year from US$10 to US$30.                Committee were unanimously approved. Ram
The Bank’s Chief of Security explained the          Chopra and Ricardo Halperin did not wish to
rationale for the new security measures, which      be re-elected. Charles Ziegler’s term was
were introduced last September as announced         extended for another two years. Four new
earlier.   He cited specific terrorism threats,     directors were elected for two years: Uma Lele,
theft, people living in the Bank, and a large       Jean-Yves Maillat, Shawki Barghouti and
number of ID cards in circulation.                  Constance Morris Hope.
2   Volume 2, Issue 8                                                                   December 2006

 CALENDAR OF EVENTS                                      Tenth Dutch Reunion:
                                                         Dates:                           Fall, 2009.
                                                         Place:                           Noordwijk,
          CHILEAN CHAPTER.                               For this tenth anniversary of the Dutch 1818
                                                         Chapter, the group will return to where it all
A year-end reunion is going to be organized on a         started: het Zuiderbad in Noordwijk. For more
date to be determined shortly. For further               information:    Robert-Jan  van    der     Lugt
information about future activities, please contact
Miguel Schloss (, or
Silvia Lay de Schloss ( tel. 56-2-       FRENCH-SPEAKING CHAPTER
                                                         The Fall meeting of the French-speaking Chapter
                                                         took place in Belgium from October 20 to 22,
           DUTCH CHAPTER.                                2006. It was a great visit which allowed those
                                                         living in France to meet old friends living in
Seventh Dutch Reunion                                    Belgium. It included a diversified program,
Dates:                      September 8-9, 2006          including talks with officials from the European
Place:                      Rotterdam.                   Parliament and the European Commission as well
The Dutch chapter had a reunion in Rotterdam             as to the Special Bank representative in Brussels.
September 8/9. As it turned out many members             The group visited the Royal Museum of Central
had been in Rotterdan as children, some during           Africa in Tervuren, the port and cathedral of
the war, and as students. For many it was                Antwerp, and had a magnificent dinner at the
interesting and moving to return to their city, now      Castle of Bois-Seigneur-Isaac, the home of our
so different and modern, but still with much of the      friend and colleague Bernard Snoy. Details and
old identity. On the program was the usual dinner        photos can be found on the site
and chapter meeting in the Bilderberg Park Hotel,        For information about
but also a very interesting afternoon touring the        future activities, please contact Olivier Lafourcade
city in a historical tram and by boat through the        (e-mail:
harbour. The skyscrapers and the China/Asia/
Africa town, together with museums are all close
to the Parkhotel, the venue of the meeting. This           GERMAN-SPEAKING CHAPTER
hotel is in the heart of Rotterdam, along the
avenue where the well-to-do merchants of                 For information about future activities, please
Rotterdam lived a century or so ago. All in all, it      contact      Dieter   von   Samson;      e-mail:
was a successful reunion. Details are on the 1818;
Dutch website.                                           (tel. 49-2241-396766)

Eigth Dutch Reunion                                                  JAPAN CHAPTER
Dates:                      September 14-15, 2007
Place:                      Zuthphen                     The Japan Chapter plans to have its First Annual
Zutphen is a charming 2000 year old Dutch town.          Meeting of the Japan Chapter on March 24, 2007
The group will stay in Hotel Eden at the market          in Tokyo. Detailed plans to be announced shortly.
square. The program includes a city walk with a          The Japan Chapter has an open policy for
visit to the famous "Walburgis" church with its          eligibility of its membership. It encourages all
"Librije" (16 century church library). Bicycling or      Japanese who have worked for the Bank Group to
boating is optional. After dinner there will be a        register with the Japan Chapter irrespective of
chapter meeting as part of a visit to a nearby castle.   their membership status in The 1818 Society.
For more information please contact Ineke and            Accordingly, the founders of the Japan Chapter
Kees de Haan                             would appreciate it if each Japanese member of
                                                         The 1818 Society would invite those who might be
Ninth Dutch Reunion:                                     interested in joining the newly established Japan
Dates: 2nd or 3rd weekend in September 2008              Chapter of The 1818 Society. Contact email
Place:                      Hague or Harderwijk.         address: Harutaka Hamaguchi (Director Elect of
For suggestions and/or information: Robert-Jan           the Japan Chapter), Kenedix, Inc. NTB-M Bldg.
van der Lugt; e-mail:                 7F 2-9, Shinbashi 2-chome, Minato-ku,
3   Volume 2, Issue 8                                                                December 2006

Tokyo 105-0004 Japan,                                The
Tel 03-3519-2739; Fax 03-3519-2533                     website has more details on the 2007 Reunion.
E-mail :, or
Masayoshi TAKAHASHI                                          ENERGY SECTOR GROUP                           For information or to be put on the e-mail list of
                                                       the Energy Sector Group, please contact Eugene
               UK CHAPTER                              McCarthy, at tel. 703-509-1945; e-mail
Spring Reunion and 19th Annual Meeting:
Dates:                  18 - 20 May, 2007                     WATER SECTOR GROUP
Place:                  Palace Hotel, Buxton,
                                                       Cultural Heritage Approach and Components
                                                       in World Bank Financed Urban Projects:
All 1818 Society members are welcome. For
                                                       Date:    Wednesday , January 10, 2007
further information, please contact Andrew
                                                       Time:                    11.45 a.m.
Spurling (Tel. 0118-942-7310; e-mail: DMSpurling
                                                       Place:                   MC-C1 Dining Room
                                                       The above topic will be presented by Gianni Brizzi
          FLORIDA CHAPTER                              (recently retired from the Bank), in association
                                                       with a current WB staff member. The presence of
2007 Reunion:                                          a photographer has been requested. At the
Dates:                      February 6-9, 2007         meeting, we will read news from water and urban
Place:                      Miami, Florida             sector retirees. Former colleagues are hereby
                                                       invited to send relevant news to Dick MacEwen
This reunion is open to all World Bank retirees.       (see email address below). The news will also be
The organizers have lined up the Winter Haven          posted on The 1818 Society website.
Hotel (on Ocean Drive) and the Blue Moon Hotel          Please note that the text of the presentation made
(on Collins Avenue) in South Beach.              For   by A. Locussol and K Ringskog at the luncheon of
reservations, call 1.800.553.7739 and mention the      September 8, 2006 has been posted on The 1818
"World Bank". You may also make reservations           Society website under the heading “Sectors”. For
on line. Go to or                further information or inclusion in the mailing/e-          Then go to      mail list of the Water Sector Group, please contact
reservations to input the dates and click on           Dick MacEwen (tel.: 1-703-734-0367; e-mail:
corporate reservations. It will prompt you for
dates and the password which is "World". This
will take you directly to the booking engine.          New Members
 Please advise Karin Nordlander by no later than
January 15, 2007, whether you are attending and
which activities you would like to participate in.             We extend a warm welcome to the
Karin’s telephone number is (561) 447-9499, email      following retirees who became members, mail 4301 N. Ocean Blvd.         of the Society since the last Bulletin:
Boca Raton, FL 33431. Reunion agenda:
      • Tuesday February 6 - Welcome dinner at         Adel Fahmy Bichara
          Quinn's in South Beach.
                                                       Hilarion Bruneau
      • Wednesday February 7 - Guided tour of
          the Seminole Museum and nature walk to       Margaret Clark
          learn about medicinal plants. Airboat tour   Kevin M. Cleaver
          in the Everglades.                           Chesaline M. Cuffley
      • Thursday February 8 - Visit to the             Luis T. Fernandez
          National Hurricane Center. Farewell          Eleanor E. Fink
          Dinner at Grazie in South Beach.             Michael Foley
      • Friday February 9 – Morning tour of
          South Beach Art Deco and departure.
                                                       Adeline Francois
Note the website for the Florida Chapter which         Jennifer L. Hammerly
you can access through the 1818 Society website        Todd C. Hanson          or     directly   at
4   Volume 2, Issue 8                                                   December 2006

Friedrich Konigshofer                         eight other infusions that he received
Elke Kreuzwieser                              intravenously.
Dominique Lallement                           After a few dicey days with irregular
Lars C.W. Lund                                progress, Elvar started showing steady
Ernst Lutz                                    signs of improvement. After a week, he
Meherji K. Madan                              became stressed over the breathing and
Marcel Masse                                  feeding tubes. As the doctors discussed
Danette K. Metcalfe                           the pros and cons of maintaining the
 Ian P. Morris                                tubes, Elvar took matters into his own
Cecilia J. Nieva                              hands on his eighth day and pulled them
Maria E. Nikolov                              out. By then his lungs had cleared; he was
Marta Irene Peralta                           off nitric oxide; and he received air that
Yvonne Playfair-Scott                         was only slightly enriched with oxygen.
Nelida Rasson                                 He arrived in good health at his parents’
Julia Richardson                              home on Nov. 9, 2006.
John D.N. Riverson
Arun P. Sanghvi                               Please note that I plan to send the final
Martin R. Slough                              copy of the next Bulletin issue to the print
Graham R. Smith                               shop on Thursday, January 18, 2007.
Tsion Tesfaye
J. Cielito A. Trinidad
Tom C. Tsui
Mark D. Wilson                                The 1818 Society’s Website
James D. Wolfensohn
                                               Much of the information in the Bulletin
News and Notices                              can be found in a greatly more detailed
                                              version on the Society’s website:
From the Editor.                     The website
                                              is updated regularly and enables 1818
I became a grandfather on October 23,         Society members to find information that
2006. I have no plans to turn this column     is timely and relevant to many of us.
into an account of personal events, but
please bear with me this once. My             Maintaining Your Healthy             Brain:
daughter’s firstborn, Elvar Sebastian, born   Elder Care Seminar.
in Manassas, was at birth a strapping lad
of nine pounds and twenty-two inches.         Are you concerned about memory loss?
He also had severe breathing problems         Alzheimer’s disease is not an inevitable
because of excessive liquid in his lungs.     part of aging. Growing evidence suggests
Shortly after birth, he was transferred to    that each one of us can manage certain
the neonatal intensive care unit at           risk factors to stay brain healthy. The
Georgetown University Hospital.         To    topic is presented by Jane Work, PhD.
maintain his blood oxygen level at 100        Please join the seminar on November 28,
percent at all times, he received near-pure   2006 at 12:00 in Room J1-050 for an
oxygen for several days; to decrease his      informative discussion on promoting
pulmonary pressure he received doses of       optimal brain function throughout life.
nitric oxide. I counted a battery of some     Registration is not required.
5   Volume 2, Issue 8                                                         December 2006

    World Bank Group Retirees Association           “Fitness and Fun”
                The 1818 Society
        Postal Address: P.O. Box 27388              On Tuesday, December 5, from 2.00-4.00
          Washington DC 20038-7388
                                                    pm, in JB1-080, the Retirement and
           Telephone: (202) 458-1956
              Fax: (202) 522-2417                   Assisted Living Committee (RALC) will
        E-mail:              hold its next event, on "Fitness and Fun".
      Website:               What are the opportunities in the
                                                    Washington Area? What new activities
            Board members - 2006
                                                    would you like to take up? Is it too late to
Shawki Barghouti , Frona Hall, Constance Morris
Hope, Alexander Keyserlingk, Uma Lele, Hernan       get started? This session will cover a
Levy, Jean-Yves Maillat, Adrienne Nassau            range of topics related to how we can
(Chairman), Charles Ziegler, John Blaxall           improve our health and keep ourselves fit
(Honorary Member).                                  and in good spirits. It will start with a
                                                    short film on the 1999 Senior Olympics,
                 Officers - 2006
Adrienne Nassau – President – (E-mail:              followed by brief presentations by                             representatives from local organizations
Catherine Fogle - Vice President                    (i.e. YMCA, Sibley Hospital, and the
Tauheed Ahmed - Treasurer                           World Bank Fitness Center.) Members
John Kendall - Secretary
                                                    will then be available to speak about their
Society Operations Coordinator: - Annabel Bracher   own fitness activities at Topic Tables
                                                    around the auditorium, ready to share
       Retiree Representatives on Bank              information with you.
               Group Committees
Stephen Eccles - Pension Finance
Ricardo Halperin - Alternate, Pension Finance       Action to take now:               Consider
Eva Meigher - Pension Benefits                      participating: Do you run, swim, hike, ski,
A. Keyserlingk, Alternate - Pension Benefits        do yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, Karate? Play
                                                    soccer, squash, tennis, golf? Participate in
                 Publications:                      exercise classes, cycle, or do any other
Bulletin - Sverrir Sigurdsson – Editor (e-mail:,                              sports you think fellow 1818 Members
Newsletter - Jim Casey – Editor (e-mail:            would enjoy? Would you be prepared to                              share your enthusiasm? If you do, please
                                                    contact     Guy     de      Lusignan      at
                Chapter Contacts:          or at 202-337-3356.
Chile - Miguel or Silvia Schloss
France - Olivier Lafourcade; e-mail:                Local YMCA offering Fitness classes.
Germany - Dieter von Samson ; e-mail:               The local YMCA is offering fitness classes;                         at Chevy Chase Presbyterian, Chevy
(tel. 49-2241-396766)
The Netherlands - Robert Jan van der Lugt           Chase Circle, Washington, Concord St.
(e-mail:;                        Andrew's United Methodist Church, River
 tel. 31-71-3613860.fax: 31-71-3612345).            and Goldsboro Roads, Bethesda, Potomac
Japan - Masayoshi Takahashi (e-mail:                United Methodish Church, S. Glen and                       Falls Road, Potomac, and Witley Part at
United Kingdom - Roger Slade (e-mail:               5450 Whitley Park Terrace, Bethesda. Fall
Florida – Karin Nordlander (e-mail:                 Season is now underway. Winter session                              starts on January 2, 2007. Cost for eight
6   Volume 2, Issue 8                                                     December 2006

weeks is $120 (seniors $90) plus Annual        For more information call 301-942-9292
Program fee ($95). Register at the classes.    or email
2006 Annual Meetings Speech Online.  
 The annual meetings speech of President
Wolfowitz is now on the Society’s website      Job Openings in Water & Sanitation
( The speech
can be accessed by clicking on the news         The Bank’s Water and Sanitation
headline “Wolfowitz Speech at 2006             Program (WSP) has job openings for a Sr.
Annual Meeting” and then clicking on the       Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and
button “Speech”.                               a Sr. Social Marketing Specialist. Funding
                                               is provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates
Volunteer Tutor Opportunities                  Foundation.
                                               The Sr. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Three hundred students in Montgomery           will work on Hand-washing and
County are looking to you for help.            Sanitation projects. The task manager is
Founded in 1963, the Literacy Council of       looking for candidates with strong M&E
Montgomery County (LCMC), Maryland,            skills that could be applied to sanitation
is a private, non-profit organization          and hygiene programs, not necessarily a
dedicated       to    helping   adults    in   strong WS&S specialist.
Montgomery County learn to speak, read,        The Sr. Social Marketing Specialist will work
write and understand English.                  on a Hand-washing project. Although the
LCMC trains volunteers to tutor one-on-        ideal candidate will have had prior
one or with small groups of students who       experience in the sanitation and hygiene
live or work in Montgomery County. It          sectors, this is not a requirement. The
provides training programs in Basic            focus is on finding candidates with strong
Literacy, and English as a Second              marketing skills who can apply these skills
Language.                                      to social objectives such as hand-washing
The tutor meets with the student/students      with soap and improved access to
twice a week for one hour. You, as a           hygienic sanitation.
tutor, set your schedule and location with     Interested external candidate should go to
your students allowing total flexibility.      the website below for a detailed
Prospective tutors do not need to have         description of the postings, including
prior experience in education. The only        duties     and    desired     qualifications.
requirements are fluency in English and        Interested candidates must do so via the
the desire to assist an adult to read and      link below.
write in English.                    
You start by attending a one and a half-       lt/main?menuPK=64262364&pagePK=6
hour orientation during which you will be      4273550&piPK=64273555&theSitePK=1
introduced to organization and training        05843
methodologies. The training workshops
are usually spread over two Saturdays and      Artists’ & Writers’ Corner
last a total of twelve hours.
Your commitment is for six months –            Art Exhibit: “Transcending Cultures”
Your impact is to provide your students        The World Bank Group Staff Art Society
with skills for life.                          will hold its 2007 Art Exhibit
7    Volume 2, Issue 8                                                      December 2006

"Transcending Cultures" on January 11th           Bank staff, who will introduce her new
through February 23rd, 2007, in the H             book.      The event will be held on
Building lobby, 600 19th Street NW.               Wednesday, January 10, 2007, 12:30-
Opening reception will be on Thursday,            1:30pm in MC13-415. The book, Journey
January 11th, from 5:30pm - 7:30pm in             Across the Four Seas: A Chinese Woman's
the H Building lobby. World Bank Group            Search for Home, is a true story of how
staff, including retirees, are invited.           Veronica's mother brought her family
Please direct questions to Cynthia Angeles        from Hong Kong to the U.S. after
( or to Wendy              surviving 50 years of turbulence in Asia.
Plotkin-Mates                                     It is a tale of courage and the Chinese
(                      cultural emphasis on family and
                                                  education. Veronica will describe the
Art Society: “Art Talk”                           process of recording her mother's life and
The World Bank Group Staff Art Society            read excerpts from her book. She is also
and the World Bank Group Art                      the author of Nightfall in Mogadishu, a
Department will co-host a lunch-time              thriller published in 2000. Both titles are
"Art Talk" with Veronica Li, a former             available at the World Bank Infoshop.

                                    IN MEMORIAM

    We regret to inform you of the deaths of the following, to whose families we extend our
    sincere sympathy:

    Maria Luisa Balana, 54, of Montgomery Village, Maryland, spouse of Arturo Balana, on
    October 14, 2006

    Joan Gladstone Brown, 86, of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, on October 31, 2006. She
    retired from the Bank in 1984.

    Daphne Glass, 73, of Homosasa, Florida, on October 23, 2006. She retired from the
    Bank in 1995.

    Orma Hawkins, 74, of Fort Washington, Maryland, on October 30, 2006. She retired
    from the Bank in 1988.

    Gunter Heyland, 77, of Salernes, France, on October 9, 2006. He retired from the Bank
    in 1989.
8    Volume 2, Issue 8                                                    December 2006

    Mario Kamenetzky, 79, of Jacksonville, Florida, on October 22, 2006. He retired from
    the Bank in 1988.

    Kathleen Kay, 90, of Chevy Chase, Maryland, spouse of John Kay, on October 22, 2006.

    Herbert E. Langley, 92, of Vero Beach, Florida, on October 6, 2006. He retired from the
    Bank in 1987.

    Kuo-Chang Ling, 84, of North Potomac, Maryland, on October 7, 2006. He retired from
    the Bank in 1987.

    Carmen Lord, 85, of Vancouver, Washington, surviving spouse of Melvin S. Lord, on
    September 13, 2006.

    Salma Mawly, 70, of Dubai, UAE, surviving spouse of Said Mawly, on September 16,

    Sheila Mitchell, 83, of Swinton, Manchester, United Kingdom, on September 2, 2006.
    She retired from the Bank in 1986.

    Onkar S. Murthy, 95, of Chennai, India, on September 21, 2006. He retired from the
    Bank in 1976

    Flora Muthusami, 85, of Trichirapalli, India, surviving spouse of Immanuel J.
    Muthusami, on August 24, 2006

    Francis K. Pearman, 76, of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, on October 9, 2006. He retired
    from the Bank in 1987.

    Pieter Roeloffs, 77, of Medan, Indonesia, on September 16, 2006. He retired from the
    Bank in 1986.

    Stuart S. Scales, 88, of Windermere, Cumbria, United Kingdom, on November 1, 2006.
    He retired from the Bank in 1978.

    Lucian Sprague, 80, of Woodbridge, Virginia, on October 4, 2006. He retired from the
    Bank in 1988.

    Varadachari Srinivasan, 76, of Mumbai, India, on October 25, 2006. He retired from the
    Bank in 1990.

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