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Economics for Public Sector Managers

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									                                           Building leadership in public management and policy

                           		Economics	for	Public		
                             Sector	Managers

                           		ANZSOG	Executive	Workshop
                              Course leader
                           		 Professor	Ross	Guest

          Lechée	Donato	
     	T	+61	3	9285	9116
                                                   Message from the Dean
                                                		 Thank	you	for	considering	ANZSOG’s	Executive	Workshop	as	part		
                                                   of	your	professional	development.
                                                		 Participating	in	an	ANZSOG	initiative	is	 		 I	invite	you	to	take	a	closer	look	at	ANZSOG	
                                                  about	meeting	the	educational	requirements	          by	taking	part	in	our	executive	workshops	
                                                  of	future	public	sector	leaders.	Each	               where	we	strive	to	bring	out	the	best,		
                                                  workshop	is	tailored	to	the	specific	needs	          in	the	best.
                                                  of	our	Government	partners.	By	taking	part,	
                                                  participants	are	introduced	to	a	range		
                                                  of	valuable	knowledge	and	skills	sets,	
                                                  analytical	thinking,	and	decision-making		
                                                  that	aim	to	strengthen	their	ability	in	their		 		   Allan	Fels,	AO
                                                  role	and	in	turn	the	community.
                                                		 Of	the	many	special	features	of	the	School,		
                                                   I	am	proud	of	the	life-long	learning	experience	
                                                   participants	gain	to	help	drive	change	
                                                   —that	in	turn	brings	about	better	policy	
                                                   implementation	and	service	delivery.

		ANZSOG	Executive	Workshop	
  Economics	for	Public	Sector	Managers
   Who should attend?                          		 The program
		 This	workshop	has	been	designed	for	middle	 		 Economics	is	the	science	of	decision-making.	This	program	aims	to	help	public	sector	
   and	senior	managers	who	have	not	had	any	      managers	to	make	better	decisions	in	allocating	scarce	resources,	in	pricing	and		
   prior	economics	education.	                    delivering	public	sector	goods	and	services,	and	in	regulating	private	sector	activity.
                                                		 The	program	will	explore	the	forces	of	supply	and	demand	that	drive	market	outcomes		
                                                   and	the	economic	approach	to	evaluating	costs	and	benefits	of	public	sector	activity.		
                                                   It	will	facilitate	public	sector	managers	to	appreciate	how	their	decisions	are	influenced		
                                                   by	the	macroeconomic	framework	in	which	the	public	and	private	sectors	operate.
                                                		 The	skills	and	knowledge	learned	at	this	workshop	will	enable	participants	to	make		
                                                   an	economic	case	for	or	against	a	policy	and	be	able	to	understand	and	respond		
                                                   to	an	economic	brief.

                                                  Participant benefits
                                                		 At	the	end	of	the	program	participants	will	be	better	equipped	to:
                                                	•	understand	how	markets	work	and	the	potential	for	markets	to	deliver,	under	the	right	
                                                   conditions,	socially	preferred	outcomes
                                                	•	understand	why	free	markets	can	sometimes	fail	to	deliver	the	best	outcomes	for	society		
                                                   and	how	this	provides	the	motive	for	much	of	the	activity	of	the	public	sector	in	correcting	
                                                   market	failure
                                                	•	apply	the	economic	way	of	thinking	to	decisions	facing	public	sector	managers	about		
                                                   how	to	deliver	and	price	public	sector	goods	and	services,	including	decisions	about		
                                                   when	government	services	should	be	outsourced	or	privatised,	and	when	user-pays		
                                                   charging	is	appropriate	and	when	it	is	not
                                                	•	understand	how	the	macroeconomic	environment	impacts	on	the	public	sector	and		
                                                   vice	versa,	through	prices	such	as	interest	rates	and	exchange	rates
                                                	•	appreciate	the	importance	and	role	of	the	public	sector	in	promoting	national	productivity.

                                                  Learning approach
                                                		 Excellence	in	teaching	and	learning	is	central	to	ANZSOG’s	mission.	ANZSOG’s	programs	
                                                   offer	a	stimulating	and	intellectually	rigorous	learning	experience.	Course	curriculum	combines	
                                                   lectures	with	participant	discussion	based	on	the	analysis	of	real	public	sector	case	studies.
	‘The	program	will	
  explore	the	forces		
  of	supply	and	
  demand	that	drive	
  market	outcomes	
  and	the	economic	
  approach	to	
  evaluating	costs		
  and	benefits	of	
  public	sector	activity.’

                              Course leader                                        Workshop fees
                             		 Ross	Guest                                  		 $AU2,000	(incl	GST)
                             		 Ross	Guest	has	a	record	of	high	
                                achievement	and	student	satisfaction	in	    		 Fees	include	all	meals	during	the	course		
                                teaching	these	types	of	courses	through	       and	all	materials.
                                both	ANZSOG	and	Griffith	University.	He	is	 		 ANZSOG	Alumni	receive	a	15%	discount.
                                committed	to	a	student-centred	approach	to	
                                teaching	and	learning.                         How to register
                             		 He	is	a	Professor	of	Economics	in	the	Griffith	   		 Fax
                                Business	School	and	is	an	Adjunct	Professor	      		 Complete	and	fax	the	registration	form	to:	
                                                                                     +61	3	9285	9101
                                at	ANZSOG.	He	currently	teaches	Public	
                                Economics	at	Griffith	and	also	coordinates	       		 Indicate	your	preferred	payment	method.
                                the	Queensland	delivery	of	the	ANZSOG	
                                Executive	Masters	subject,	‘Government	in	        		 Mail
                                the	Market	Economy’.	Professor	Guest	has	         		 Complete	and	send	the	registration	form	to:	
                                18	years	experience	in	teaching	university	          ANZSOG	
                                economics	at	various	levels	in	Victoria	and	         PO	Box	4023	Parkville		
                                Queensland	and	holds	formal	teaching	                Victoria	3052	Australia
                             		 He	was	awarded	in	2006	a	Citation	for	       		 Lechée	Donato	
                                Outstanding	Contribution	to	Student	            T	+61	3	9285	9116	
                                Learning	by	the	Australian	Learning	and	
                                Teaching	Council	(ALTC)	and	is	an	Associate
                                Fellow	with	the	ALTC.	His	current	research	
                                program	is	concerned	with	the	economics	
                                of	population	ageing	in	Australia	and	other	
                                countries.	He	has	published	many	articles	
                                on	this	and	other	topics	in	national	and	
                                international	journals,	and	was	an	invited	
                                participant	at	the	Australia	2020	Summit.
		About	ANZSOG
		 ANZSOG,	the	Australia	and	New	                       executive	level,	and	also	sponsored	by	               ANZSOG
                                                        the	participants’	respective	department.	           		 PO	Box	4023	Parkville	
   Zealand	School	of	Government,	                       ANZSOG	sources	world	experts	to	develop	               Victoria	3052	Australia	
   is	a	consortium	of	governments,	                     the	strategic	leadership	and	managerial		              T	+61	3	8344	1990	
   universities,	and	business	                          skills	of	senior	public	sector	executives              F	+61	3	9349	5849	
   schools	dedicated	to	delivering	                                                                            ACN	102	908	118	
                                                      	•	the	Executive	Workshops	operate	
                                                                                                               ABN	69	102	908	118	
   tailored	programs	that	meet		                         throughout	the	year	and	offer	middle	to	
                                                         senior	managers	customised	courses	that	
   the	real	world	challenges	of	                         meet	specific	educational	needs	identified		
   public	sector	managers.	                              by	ANZSOG	government	partners.
		 With	its	unique	structure,	ANZSOG’s	               		 The	Case	Program	is	responsible	for	
   programs	are	drawn	from	its	networks		                producing	original	case	studies	based		
   of	inter-government	jurisdictions	and	                on	real	public	sector	situations	that	are		
   access	to	leading	international	academics	            used	for	teaching	purposes	in	the	School’s	
   and	practitioners.	The	programs	feature	              executive	programs.	There	are	over	70	
   a	dynamic	mix	of	innovative,	world-class	             case	studies	in	the	library	that	offer	quality,	
   professional	development	education	and	               topical	cases	in	public	sector	management	
   training	in	the	craft	of	public	administration,	      development	that	focuses	on	current	events	
   policy	and	management.	                               and	issues	in	Australia,	New	Zealand,	
                                                         Commonwealth	Nations,	and	the	Pacific		
		 ANZSOG	has	three	flagship	programs:	
                                                         and	South	Eastern	Asia.
   Executive	Programs	and	Workshops,	the	
   Case	Program	and	the	Research	Program.             		 The	Research	Program	aims	to	develop	
                                                         innovative,	cutting-edge	research	into	public	
		 ANZSOG’s	Executive	Programs	and	
                                                         administration,	policy,	and	management.	
   Workshops	offer	a	post-graduate	
                                                         The	program’s	distinctive	approach	favours	
   qualification	and	a	range	of	executive	
                                                         networked,	collaborative	research	that	
   courses	that	aim	to	strengthen	the	
                                                         delivers	practical	solutions	and	outcomes	
   leadership	and	management	capability		
                                                         for	government	whilst	offering	a	number	of	
   of	future	public	sector	leaders:
                                                         research	activities,	such	as	public	lectures,	
	•	Executive	Master	of	Public	Administration		           conferences,	and	publications.	
   is	a	two-year	part-time	graduate	program		
                                                      		 Along	with	ANZSOG’s	programs,	the	
   for	middle	management	sponsored		
                                                         School	holds	a	number	of	collaborative	
   by	the	participants’	department.	The		
                                                         initiatives	with	its	partners	and	key	national	
   program	is	taught	by	leading	academics		
                                                         and	international	networks	that	provide	a	
   and	practitioners	from	Australia	and		
                                                         platform	for	policy	development,	research,	
   New	Zealand;	past	presenters	have	
                                                         and	analysis.	
   included	Prime	Ministers,	Premiers		                                                                     		 Printed	on	a	FSC	Mixed	Sources	Certified	
   and	a	number	of	chief	executives		                 		 For	further	information	about	the	School’s	           paper	containing	recycled	post	and	pre	
   of	government	departments                             programs,	activities	and	forthcoming	                 consumer	waste,	and	FSC	pulp	from		
                                                         initiatives	please	visit	our	website		                well-managed	forests	and	controlled	
	•	Executive	Fellows	Program	is	a	three	                                                                       sources.	This	paper	is	manufactured		
   week	residential	program	tailored	at	the	                                                                   by	an	ISO	14001	certified	mill.

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