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  AREAS in Alice Springs:
  More information on DRINKING IN PUBLIC
                                                                                         89518452 or go to the website www.nt.gov.au/justice.
                                                                                         For more information contact Licensing and Regulation on
         what you need to know                                                                                            contact details
   Alice SpringS
   public in
   Drinking in
                                                                                        Highway, Alice Springs or by downloading from the website
                                                                                        Business Centre, Peter Sitzler Building, 67 North Stuart
                                                                                        Applications for permits are available from the Territory
                                                                                     that allows consumption of alcohol in a public restricted area.
                                                                                     The organisers of events and functions can apply for a permit
                                                                                     and sporting events and weddings, with a special permit.
                                                                                     at events and functions such as public festivals, community
                                                                                     Alcohol can be consumed in the area covered by the decision
                                                                                                              Applying for a permit
 Drinking in public in Alice Springs – what you need to know
background                                      What does this all mean?                             Where you can drink
To help tackle anti-social behaviour and        The decision means people are not allowed to         These are the places you can drink in public
alcohol-related problems in Alice Springs,      drink alcohol in public areas without a permit       without a permit:
the Alice Springs Town Council applied to       (see back page on how to apply for a permit).
the NT Licensing Commission to make the         Public areas include parks, streets and the river.   • licensed and private premises (homes)
town a public restricted area.                  The declaration covers the area bordered by:         • the picnic area at the Telegraph
The Alice Springs community has been                                                                   Station Reserve.
frustrated and concerned about alcohol          • North near to the Motor Vehicle Registry
misuse issues and public safety and residents   • East to include the Ross Highway and the           What are the penalties?
have widely expressed their concerns.             former Chateau Hornsby
                                                                                                     The public restricted area will be enforced
On 9 May 2007, the Commission declared
                                                • South to the Adelaide turnoff and                  by the police.
a public restricted area over the town.
                                                • West to include White Gums and Ilparpa.            The penalties for consuming alcohol in a
This declaration takes effect from
                                                                                                     public restricted area without a permit are:
1 August 2007.
                                                See the map on the inside of this pamphlet.          • Confiscation or ‘tip out’ of alcohol by police
In making the decision, the Commission
took into account the need to minimise          The area covered by the decision will be             • On the spot fine of $100 or
alcohol related harm in Alice Springs and the   clearly identified with signs. This entire area
                                                                                                     • Taken to court where the maximum fine is
public interest including the need to protect   is now called a Public Restricted Area.
                                                                                                       $500. The court also has the power to make
community well being and harmony.               There will be also signage at public areas             a prohibition order – which can prohibit or
                                                such as parks, and the river bed to make               limit the person’s access to alcohol.
                                                clear where no drinking is allowed.
                                                Alcohol can still be consumed in licensed
                                                premises and in private residences.
                                                However, should you wish for your house to
                                                be alcohol-free, you can apply to Licensing
                                                and Regulation for assistance to get your
                                                house declared alcohol restricted.
                                                The Alice Springs public restricted Area
                                                                                                                                    Motor Vehicle
                                                                                      West Macdonnell                                 Registry
                                                                                       National Park

                                                                                                                                                           End of the
                                                                                                                  Flynn’s                                 sealed road

                                                       Simpsons Gap

                                                                                                                                                                        Emily Gap




                                                                                                                        Roe Creek

                                                restricted Areas - what to look for
                                                This symbol (right) shows you where you cannot
                                                drink in Alice Springs. Look for the signs which
                                                have this symbol.                                                                                   Star denotes notable landmark

          From 1 August 2007 – no drinking
in designated public places in Alice Springs.

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