Report of Three-Monthly CWLR meeting in UP by armedman1


									Report of Three-Monthly CWLR meeting in UP
December 28th, 2006

Venue: Gandhi Bahwan, Lucknow

Participants: Mr.Kaushal Kishore and Neelam Prabhat (GEAG), Naaz Raza (Bahin),
Naish Hasan (Tahreek), Dr.Arvind Khare (c), Raj Mani (Rashtriya Jan Vikas Sansthan),
Tanveer Ahamad (Warsi Sewa Sadan), S.A Abbasi (Gramin Vikas Sansthan –Mau),
Dr.Mazhar Rashidi (Pratinidhi), Mustakeem Ahmad (Manav Vikas Parishad), Anis Bhai
(Gramin Yuva Evem Bal Vikas Parishad) and Samreen Usmani (Sathi All for


Identifying state level leadership: Women (Who? Where? How?)
Statement The leader should have the capability of representing the state nationally and
even at the international level (as and when required).

Discussion: It took some time to develop an understanding within the members about the
fact that the women leaders we are talking about are one who will represent CWLR and
its Women Resource Rights Agenda in UP and need not be a chosen and accepted by all
the organizations working in UP as their leader unanimously. It was thought that the best
way is to select some dynamic women from the member organizations, call their meeting
and let them select leaders from among themselves. Then we can do the capacity building
of those leaders to carry work further.
Some names suggested at the meeting were- Miraj Bano (WSS), Naaz Raza (Bahin),
Leelavati (Nari Sansthan), Saraswati (MJS), Kalpana (Gramonnati Sansthan) and Naish
Hasan (Tahreek).
Discussion with all these women will be carried out in first week of February. In the
meanwhile the members can suggest more names if they want.

Identifying Local Leaders: Representatives of the state chapter of CWLR
Statement: The local leaders are expected to share the responsibility of carrying out
WRRA programme in the state.

Discussion: As many individuals were attending the meeting for first time not much
discussion could take place on this issue. But some old members and friends like Bahin,
WSS, GEAG, Tahreek and Rashtriya Gram Vikas Sansthan are adopting the WRRA
programme in some or the other ways in their main programme agenda.

Identifying areas for resource mapping:Possibility- Gorakhpur, Jaunpur, Fatehpur ????
Resources- How/ when/where?

Discussion: As a follow up of the resource mapping training held Bhopal in October,
2006 it was felt that now we need to initiate the work on ground level. This exercise can
be helpful in finding out the possibilities of what land can be transferred to women and
how to apply. It was decided unanimously that Jaunpur and Fatehpur can be the two
places where this work can initiated as a pilot and later c an be replicated in other regions
of UP. As far as the resources are concerned some members suggested contacting Action
Aid (UP)/Oxfam (UP) and CASA.
Follow up- Had an informal meeting at Oxfam. They suggested submitting a concept
letter on the resource mapping exercise and dropping the proposal by March or April for
consideration in next annual budget. The concept letter is in process and will be sent

Information Centre: Requirement- Connectivity, Skill, Regular information fed,
Human resource, infrastructure, location ????????

Discussion: An information centre on women, land and resources need to be set up in UP.
(The actual plan is to have the centre in each village connected to districts-state and Delhi
but we should select a location to start this work as a pilot).
Some suggestion on location came up like Barabanki, Azamgardh, Fatehpur,
Siddharthnagar and Jhansi.
It was decided that Barabanki due to its proximity with the state capital can be an ideal
place for the centre. Mr.Mazhar Rashidi and Mr.Mustakeem Ahmad from Barabanki took
the responsibility of carrying out this task in Barabanki. It was decided that a proposal for
Information Centre will be given to MS Swaminathan Foundation for financial support.

Work to be followed up
  - Discussion with suggested women leaders
  - Sending concept note and proposal to Oxfam
  - Drafting Information centre proposal for Barabanki and Jhansi

Note: Due to our involvement in the World Social Forum process the above mentioned
task can be geared up in Feb. In the meanwhile the local UP partners can work on the
proposals at their level.

Report Prepared by:

Samreen Usmani

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