Destinations of Leavers from HE 2007-2008 University of Derby Buxton

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					Destinations of Leavers from HE 2007-2008
University of Derby Buxton

                                                                                                  8. Assumed to

                                                   further study

                                                                                                                                    Graduate job
                           3. Voluntary/

                           unpaid work

                                                                   available for
                                                   4. Work and
                           2. Part time
                           1. Full time

                                                                   study only

                                                                                                                      9. Refusal
                           paid work

                           paid work

                                                                   5. Further

                                                                                       7. Other

                                                                   6. Not


 Events Management          3                                                1                         3                             1                 2
 Hairdressing Salon Mngt    2                                                                                                        2
 Hospitality Management                                1            1                                 1                                                1
 Outdoor Activities Mngt             3                                                                                               2                 1
 Sport & Rec Mngt           1                                                                                                        1
 Travel & Tourism Mngt      6                1         1            1                                 1                              4                 4
 International Spa Mngt     5        2                 2                 1                            1                              4                 5
 C HE Supporting                     1                                                                                               1
 FD Hospitality             1                                                                                                                          1
 FDA Beauty and Spa                                                 5
 FDA Football Studies                                               2
 FDA Hairdressing &         3                          1                                                                             4
 Salon Mngt
 FDA Outdoor Activities                                1            4                                             2                                    1
 FDA Public Services                                                2              1
 JHS                        22       2                 2            5    4                             2                           18                  8

Employment destinations and employers by programme of study

 Course                      Examples of graduate jobs                             Examples of graduate
 Events Management           • Events Officer                                      • NHS
 Hairdressing Salon Mngt     • Lecturer                                            • Wirral Metropolitan College
 Hospitality Management
 Outdoor Activities Mngt     • Integrate Co-ordinator                              • Stockport East Cheshire High
                             • Outdoor Instructor (Team Leader)                      Peak Cerebral Palsy Society
                                                                                   • World Challenge/Waitrose
 Sport & Rec Mngt            •   Sports Admin Officer                              • Fenland District Council
 Travel & Tourism Mngt       •   Award Hostess                                     • Springfield Hospital. Ramsey
                             •   Conference Consultant                               Healthcare
                             •   Operations Intern                                 • Business Travel
                             •   Teacher for Children with Migrational             • I-To-I
                                 Background                                        • Mittelschule Latsch
 International Spa Mngt      •   Spa Therapist                                     • Moddersall oaks health spa
                             •   Advanced Spa Therapist                            • James Watt College of Further
                             •   Physiotherapist                                     and Higher Education
                             •   Lecturer in Beauty & Complementary
 C HE Supporting             •   Lecturer/Coordinator                              • University of Derby Buxton
 FDA Hairdressing &          • Lecturer – Hair & Beauty                            • Truro College

Destinations of Leavers from HE 2007-2008 Buxton                                                                                                   Page 1
 Salon Management            • Lecturer                              •   University College Birmingham
                                                                     •   NWRC
                                                                     •   South Staffordshire College
 JHP                         • Teaching Assistant Level 2            •   Manor Adventure
                             • Assistant Manager                     •   Macclesfield Hospital
                             • Self-employed Partner in Jewellery    •   Torbay Council
                               Business                              •   Field and Trek
                             • Operational Military Working Dog      •   Plain English Campaign
                               Handler                               •   PBS Holdings Ltd
                             • Marketing Coordinator                 •   Curry’s
                             • Outdoor Activities Instructor         •   University of Derby
                             • Mathematics Pivotal Learning Mentor   •   Derbyshire County Council
                             • Sports therapist                      •   Belle and Jerome
                             • Editor                                •   British Army
                             • IT Director                           •   Total People
                             • Account Manager
                             • Associate Lecturer/Researcher

Employment and Labour Market Trends

A new survey published by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) has revealed that
many employers are still accepting job applications from graduates, despite a fall in recruiter
confidence. A total of 124 graduate recruiters responded to the survey, all from a wide range of
industry sectors.

Confidence snapshot

Four in five graduate recruiters said they felt either the same or slightly lower levels of
confidence about the UK economy than they did three months ago. However, one third of
employers surveyed said they were still actively seeking applications from graduates in 2009.
Carl Gilleard, AGR Chief Executive, said:
'It is really important that graduates coming into the market this year do not despair and assume
that there are no jobs whatsoever out there. As today's snapshot survey shows, though there is
certainly nervousness amongst recruiters about the impact of the recession on their business,
not all have shut up shop by any means and a very significant number are still looking for bright
graduates to take on.'

Tourism – the UK tourism industry is worth just over £110billion and employs more than 1.3
million people. It is an area where having experience has always been beneficial but in a
competitive job market this takes on an even greater significance
Graduate schemes are not common, though some do exist within the larger, multinational
companies. For example, most of the major hotel groups offer graduate schemes. Many
graduates who enter these schemes have completed a tourism and hospitality degree, though
most of these companies accept any degree subject.
Small to Medium sized Enterprises are unlikely to use the testing and assessment techniques of
larger companies, or follow lengthy recruitment procedures. SMEs are more likely to advertise
their vacancies through the local press, university careers service bulletins, local graduate
vacancy listings, jobcentres, and word of mouth, rather than rely on their reputation and a
presence at graduate recruitment fairs. Students therefore need to take the initiative and be
creative and persistent to find these opportunities.

Destinations of Leavers from HE 2007-2008 Buxton                                                  Page 2
Sport and Leisure – this has been a high growth employment sector in the recent past. Some
developments such as the Smoking Ban in public places (21 bingo halls closed in Scotland in 1st
year of ban) and the general economic downturn have depressed parts of the sector however
the trend, partly stimulated by the 2012 Olympics, is still in an upward direction.

Events – the industry, which promotes itself as multi-sensory marketing published a survey of
over 500 events employers indicating that they were not sure if qualifications available in the
events field met there needs. This partly reflects their lack of engagement with and
understanding of formal education and training providers. Students and graduates need
therefore to be able to articulate clearly their relevant skills both verbally and in writing whenever
they interact with the sector

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