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All our food is “Home Made” and created from quality fresh ingredients.

We recommend you select 5-6 hot (H) and 5-6 cold (C) items, this will give you a good selection and
will ensure everyone at your function will have plenty to eat. When you make your selection please
give us a call, email or fax us and we will get back to you with a quote based on your preferred
selections with a price ranging from $12 to $30 per head depending on your selections.

We come to your home and prepare the food on-site and serve continually to your guests, all you
need to provide are serviettes and you can enjoy your party with your guests without having to worry
about the food. We need access to your fridge/freezer, sink, oven and microwave. We recommend
that you do not have to have extra food such as nibbles etc and advise your guests not to eat before
they come.

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                           Item                                      Hot/Cold     Type           Select
Asparagus with Prosciutto & Grilled Cheese                              H         Pork
Baby Potatoes with Pancetta & Gruyere                                   H         Pork
Baby Potatoes with Chicken & Corn                                       H        Chicken
Blinis (type of pancake) with - Smoked Salmon & Dill                    C        Seafood
Blinis with Smoked Chicken & Mustard                                    C        Chicken
Bruschetta’s Basil & Tomato:                                            C       Vegetarian
Chicken Caesar on Baby Cos Leaves                                       C        Chicken
Chicken Wings — soy, honey, garlic, dry sherry                          H        Chicken
Chive Pancakes with Sausages & Caramelised Onion                        C        Chicken
Crab & Celeriac Remoulade Cups                                          C        Seafood
Fish & Coriander Cakes                                                  H        Seafood
Frittatas — Kumara/Asparagus                                            C       Vegetarian
                          Item                                 Hot/Cold          Type        Select
Frittatas — Red Onion, Cheese & Vegetable                           H          Vegetarian
Frittatas — Roast Kumara & Spinach                                  H          Vegetarian
Frittatas — Smoked Ocean Trout & Asparagus                          H           Seafood
Frittatas — Tomato, Fetta & Pancetta                                H            Pork
Frittatas — Zucchini                                                C          Vegetarian
Lamb and Pine Nut Triangles                                         H           Seafood
Lamb Pikelets Minted                                                C            Lamb
Lamb Sticks with herb Yoghurt Dip                                   C            Lamb
Lettuce Cups — Radicchio & Thai Crab Salad: Mini Prawns
                                                                   H/C          All Types
Cocktails: Pork San Choy Bau
Marinated Lamb Cutlets — Mongolian/Tandoori or Greek                H            Lamb
Meat Balls — Beef (breadcrumbs, onion mixed herbs, egg)             H            Beef
Meat Balls — Chicken (chives, curry, ginger, French
                                                                    H           Chicken
Mushrooms Stuffed with Spicy Crab Meat or Smoked Turkey
                                                                    C           Seafood
& Swiss Cheese
Pastry — Curried Spinach Triangles                                  H          Vegetarian
Pastry — Curry Puffs                                                H            Beef
Pastry — Spinach & Cheese Pastries                                  H          Vegetarian
Pastry — Vol au Vonts - Seafood, Chicken & Mushroom,
                                                                    H            Variety
Fresh Asparagus & Salmon
Pastry — Samosas - Beef or Vegetarian                               H            Variety
Peking Duck Pancakes                                                C           Seafood
Pies: Mini Cottage, Burgundy Beef, Moroccan Lamb, Aussie
Beef, Chicken & Leek, Thai Chicken Curry, Fish Chowder,             H           All Types
Lamb Marsala, Veal Goulash
Pizza’s Mini — Smoked Salmon or Chicken: Pesto Prawn &
                                                                    H           Seafood
Prawn and Crab Cakes                                                H           Seafood
Prawn Lemongrass Sticks                                             H           Seafood
Prawn Remoulade                                                     C           Seafood
Prawn Spicy & Tomato Salsa Tartlets                                 C           Seafood
Prawns with Sundried Tomato Aoili served on Baguettes
                                                                    C           Seafood
Slices with Basil
Quiches — Mini Crab, Bacon, Zucchini, Dill, Cream, Lemon:
Crab Fennel & Herb: Goats Cheese & Zucchini Flower
                                                                    H           All Types
(seasonal): Prosciutto & Roasted Capsicum: Smoked
Roast Beef on Croutes                                               C             Beef
Salmon Cakes with Herb Mayonnaise                                   H           Seafood
Salmon with Lemon Grass Skewers                                     H           Seafood
Sandwiches Finger — Assorted                                        C           All Types
Satay Chicken Kebabs                                                H           Chicken
Sausage Rolls — Mini                                                H         Pork/Seafood
Smoked Trout Mixture served on Toasted Naan Bread                   C           Seafood
Spirals                                                             C             Pork
Steamed Chilli Prawns                                               H           Seafood
Steamed Dim Sims — pork mince with prawns, capsicum,
                                                                    H         Pork/Seafood
mushrooms & shallots
Tarragon & Lime Scallops                                            C           Seafood
Thai Chicken Patties with Pesto                                     H           Chicken
Thai Chicken Salad in Wonton Cups                                   C           Chicken
Yakitori Chicken Skewers                                            H           Chicken

        Julie’s Finger Food Coachway Pty Limited
        ABN: 40 054 753 963, PO Box 2444 Carlingford NSW 2118
        Tel: 9686 4698 Fax: 9686 4697, Email:

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