District Name:                   Kamloops/Thompson

District Number:                 School District #73

Developed by:                    Arlene Currie

Date Developed:                  December 30, 2004; Amended March 14, 2007

Current School Name: Norkam Secondary School

Principal’s Name:                Norkam Secondary School – Mr. Alan Dodd
                                 S.D. #73 – Transitions Advisor - Mr. Greg Howard

Board/Authority Approval Date:

Board/Authority Signature:

Course Name:                     Level Four Hairdressing (Theory) – Hairdressing 12C

Grade Level of Course: 12

Number of
Course Credits:                  4

Number of
Hours of Instruction: 120 hours

Prerequisite(s):                 Students enrolled in Level Four Hairdressing (Theory) – Hairdressing 12C must have
                                 successfully completed:              Introduction to Hairdressing (Theory) – Hairdressing 11A;
                                 Introduction to Hairdressing (Applied Skills) – Hairdressing 11C; Level Two
                                 Hairdressing (Theory) – Hairdressing 11B; Level Two Hairdressing (Applied Skills) –
                                 Hairdressing 12A; Level Three Hairdressing (Theory and Applied Skills) – Hairdressing
                                 12B; and must be simultaneously enrolled in Level Four Hairdressing (Applied Skills) –
                                 Hairdressing 12D. Students enrolled in Hairdressing 12C must:

                                      have completed all grade 10 and 11 academic course requirements;
                                      possess a service oriented personality;
                                      have a serious interest in Hairdressing as a career choice;
                                      complete an oral and written interview;
                                      attend Norkam Secondary School full time.

Special Facility:                Classroom equipment with a teaching area, lab area (*Hairstylist Stations), and public
                                 washrooms in close proximity.             (*Hair Stylist Stations should be equipped with mirrors,
                                 counter tops, electrical outlets, hydraulic stylist chairs, shampooing sinks/chairs, portable
                                 dryer chairs, locking cupboards for product/supplies storage), telephone, DVD/VCR, TV,
                                 overhead screen, tables and chairs (to accommodate a maximum of 18 students),
                                 appropriate regulated ventilation, full-spectrum overhead lighting, washer and dryer.

SD #73-BAA Hairdressing 12C Framework (resourced from CIABC curriculum)                                                   1
Special Equipment:
1. Students will be expected to purchase a textbook and study guide:
                                 Salon Fundamentals
                                 Published by Pivot Point International Inc.,
                                 1791 West Howard Street, Chicago, Illinois 60626                   1-800-886-4247

2. Students will use professional hair products (purchased by the school from suppliers dealing exclusively
     with licensed hairdressers).

3. Students will be expected to purchase professional equipment (which will be required for the duration of the
     entire Hairdressing Program) ~ see list below. Cost for these may vary depending on price availability.

     Professional Equipment:

          1 pair of cutting shears                           1 styling steel lift comb                       1 styling brush
          2 cutting combs                                    1 large round brush                             1 short-haired mannequin
          1 vent brush                                       1 comb-out brush                                6 large clips
          1 box small clips                                  2 colour brushes/bowls                          2 tail combs
          6 large clips                                      1 colour cape                                   2 wide-toothed combs
          1 long-haired mannequin                            1 spray bottle                                  Assortment of permanent wave
          1 pair thinning shears                             1 cutting cape                            rods

Course Synopsis:
Level Four Hairdressing (Theory) – Hairdressing 12C is the sixth of seven courses in a comprehensive Career
Preparation Trades Program designed for grade eleven and twelve students (male and/or female) who have a
serious interest in exploring hairdressing as a viable career choice. Upon successful completion of the five
learning units of Hairdressing 12C, students will have a firm grounding in the theory of hairdressing fundamentals
including:       Basic Electricity, Anatomony and Physiology, Advanced Hair Cutting                                 (Clippers and Razor),
Advanced Permanent Waving; and Advanced Hair Colouring.

Organizational Structure:
This entire SD #73 Career Preparation Trades Program is comprised of a total of seven hairdressing courses.
All eligible students may enter this Career Program in either grade 11 or grade 12. Students will be expected to
complete all seven Hairdressing courses in the order in which they have been laid out in this document. These
seven will meet the requirements of the grade eleven and twelve elective courses required for graduation by the
British Columbia Ministry of Education, including 120 hours of salon work experience (for full credit as an
additional program course). Students enrolled in the Hairdressing Program must achieve 75% of higher on all
Hairdressing Program Applied Skills courses and 80% on all Hairdressing Program Practice courses in order to
qualify to challenge the CIABC certification examinations. Students enrolled in this program must also complete
all other grade 11 and 12 academic course BC Ministry of Education graduation requirements.

      Unit           Title: Level Four Hairdressing (Theory) – Hairdressing 12C                                                Time
     Unit 1          Basic Principles of Electricity                                                                          15 hours
     Unit 2          Anatomy and Physiology                                                                                   25 hours
     Unit 3          Advanced Hair Cutting (Clippers and Razor)                                                               20 hours
     Unit 4          Advanced Permanent Waving                                                                                25 hours
     Unit 5          Advanced Hair Colouring                                                                                  35 hours
                                                                                           Total Hours                       120 hours

SD #73-BAA Hairdressing 12C Framework (resourced from CIABC curriculum)                                                            2
SD #73-BAA Hairdressing 11A Framework (resourced from CIABC curriculum)   3

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