Choosing the right Medicare claiming option

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					                    Claiming Choices Update
                      Latest information on electronic claiming channels

August 2007

                Choosing the right
              Medicare claiming option
By Medicare Australia                                      EFTPOS provider called Tyro Payments will have an
                                                           integrated Medicare Easyclaim solution with HCN’s
The Medicare claiming channel your practice                PracSoft and BlueChip software later this year
chooses can make a big impact on productivity, cash        – they are also looking to work with other software
flow and patient service.                                  providers.

Medicare Australia recognises that no two practices        “We are hearing some practices say the lack of
are the same. Medicare Easyclaim provides another          integration means twice the data entry and more
electronic claiming method for practices to choose         chance of errors,” said Rona. “To minimise this,
from – alongside Medicare Online which is already          EFTPOS terminals will have shortcut menu keys
used by around 6000 practices for both bulk bill and       for provider and common item numbers. Swiping
patient claiming or solely bulk billing.                   cards is also faster and more accurate than keying
Medicare Deputy CEO, Rona Mellor, said practices
are encouraged to weigh up which claiming channel,
or channels, suit them and their patients best.
                                                           “We know Medicare Easyclaim
“There’s no one-size-fits-all claiming solution, so with    will be a big improvement for
Medicare Easyclaim we’re giving practices another
option,” Rona said.                                               many practices…”
“We expect some practices, especially those who            There are no reconciliation issues for doctors using
didn’t make the shift to online, will use Medicare         Medicare Easyclaim for patient claiming. However,
Easyclaim exclusively. Some practices have told            those using it for bulk bill will need to use their
us they will use Medicare Easyclaim for paying             unique public key interface to access reports through
patients and use the Medicare Online solution for          Medicare’s Provider Directory System.
bulk billing. Yet others have said they would prefer
to use Medicare Online for both bulk bill and patient      “We know Medicare Easyclaim will be a big
claiming. In short, practices can choose the option,       improvement for many practices, and that it’s
or combination of options, that best suits them and        something over 80 percent of patients who pay
their patients.”                                           to see their doctor want to use. As we did with
                                                           Medicare Online, we’ll be listening and fine-tuning
“Less paperwork seems to be the biggest advantage          the system as we go,” Rona said.
for the 16 000 practices we’ve spoken to, followed
by faster payment and more certainty around ‘pay           Visit for more
doctor’ cheques,” she added.                               information on electronic claiming channels.
                                                           Practices can also call their local Medicare Australia
There are some items Medicare Easyclaim can’t              representative on 1800 700 199 (call charges apply
process, including DVA and Australian Childhood            from mobile and pay phones only) or talk to their
Immunisation Register.                                     EFTPOS or software provider.
Medicare Easyclaim is being offered as a standalone
solution to begin with, meaning it doesn’t interface
with practice management software. A new

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