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									Choosing the right CFL

Energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights are available in different styles

Energy-efficient lighting will help                 Being able to compare will make it         Which fitting?
you save on your power bill and                    easier for you to ensure that you have
                                                                                              Make sure you check the fitting
help our environment.                              the right wattage, size and fitting.
                                                                                              before purchasing your new compact
Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are                                                          fluorescent light. CFLs are available in
                                                   What wattage do you need?                  different shapes, lengths and sizes and
an energy- and cost-effective lighting
alternative for your home. Compared                                                           for different fitting types including screw
to common incandescent light bulbs,                 Incandescent          Compact             and bayonet fittings.
CFLs last 6 to 15 times longer and use              Light Bulb            Fluorescent Light
about one fifth of the energy.                                                                 Choose the right colour/tone
                                                    25 Watt               7 Watt              • “Warm white” or “Soft white”
CFLs are fluorescent tubes
                                                                                                 provides a light very similar to that
shaped to fit an ordinary light fitting.
                                                    40 Watt               8 to 10 Watt           of an incandescent bulb, somewhat
They save energy by reducing the
                                                                                                 yellow in appearance;
wattage needed in a light fitting while
producing the same amount of light.                 60 Watt               11 to 13 Watt       • “White”, “Bright White”, or
                                                                                                 "Medium White" bulbs produce a
When purchasing a CFL, there are a                  75 Watt               15 to 16 Watt          yellowish-white light, whiter than an
few simple steps that you can take to                                                            incandescent bulb but still on the
ensure that you choose the right CFL                                                             warm side;
for you and your home.                              100 Watt              18 to 20 Watt
                                                                                              • “Cool white” bulbs emit more of a
                                                                                                 pure white tone; and
Take your old light with you                        150 Watt              28 Watt
                                                                                              • “Daylight” is a slightly bluish-white.
To take the guessing out of your CFL
purchase, take your old incandescent                 Not all CFLs are the same
light bulb with you.                                 quality, so look for brands
                                                     offering the longest life.
Now fit your new compact                    Further information
fluorescent light                                                                   Remember, take care!
                                           The Switch to CFLs fact sheet
• Turn off the light fitting                contains further information relating   • Do not put your fingers in
                                           to CFLs, including:                       the light socket.
• Allow a hot bulb to cool
  before touching                                                                  • Never use screwdrivers, pliers
                                           •   the incandescent light phase out
                                                                                     or other devices to remove tight
• Grasp the bulb lightly but firmly         •   environmental and economic            or broken light bulbs.
  and turn counterclockwise (if
                                           •   benefits of CFLs                     • If you can’t remove a light
  bayonet fitting) or unscrew until
  it is released from the socket           •   what to do if a CFL breaks            bulb by hand, or if the light
                                           •   disposal of CFLs.                     fitting is broken or damaged,
• Insert a replacement bulb lightly
                                                                                     contact your licensed electrical
  but firmly into the socket, and turn      Please:                                   contractor to make any repairs
  it clockwise until it's snug, or screw
                                           • visit our website at                    and make it safe.
  clockwise until firmly in place
                                              • Do not change a light bulb
  (if screw fitting)
                                           • phone the EPA Customer Service          if the light fitting is damaged
• Turn the light fitting on
                                              Centre on 1300 130 372.                or broken.
• Dispose of the used bulb.

                                                                                                                        EPA 00790_September 2008


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