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      The Official Newsletter of the Paso del Norte Dressage Society
      West Texas         September 2009         Southern New Mexico

President                            President’s Message                             Calendar
Michelle Dorsey
(915) 877-1553            I would like to thank Helen       September 12-13
Vice President                Knopp for her delightful presentation       Ellie Stine Masek Clinic
Jennifer Moore                of her trip to Vienna at our August         Contact Nancy Torrell 575-541-8322
(915) 740-5104                meeting. The slideshow of the horses       September 16       and the countryside were awesome.           PdNDS Membership Meeting
Secretary                                                                September 20
Carla Hibbs (915) 449-8674             Our next meeting will be held      Schooling Show, Three Neener Farm               Wed. Sept 16 here at my home at 824         8521 Bosque Road, Canutillo, TX
Joy Smith (575) 824-3169
                              Wild Sage Ct. As usual it will be a         Karin Lencyk “L” to judge              potluck. This meeting will be of a          Contact Jen Moore 915-740-5104
Amigos Committee              more serious nature. On the agenda         September 26-27
Niki Johnson (575) 240-3701   are the USDF Convention, the                Tracy Lert Clinic      Biomechanics      symposium,       the      Rainbow’s End Farm
Carol Lucas (915) 857-7728    nominating committee for 2010               Contact Karin Lencyk 915-851-2026             PdNDS board members, and the future
Norma Price (915) 542-2776
                                                                         October 3-4 Hans Biss Clinic
                              of our Amigos show.                         Contact Roberta Fenning
Schooling Show and                                                        915-494-1237 or
                                       Inside the newsletter you will
Membership Coordinator                                                   October 10-11
Joy Smith (575) 824-3169      find    the    new     2010     PdNDS
                                                                          Biomechanics of the Horse and Rider              membership form. According to our            Symposium with Tracy Lert
Newsletter Editor             club’s bylaws, membership dues need         Contact Michelle Dorsey
Chuck Dorsey                  to be paid by November and are
                                                                          915- 877- 1553
                              delinquent after February. So please
                              plan on getting your dues in to Joy in a
                                                                         November 1
                                                                          PdNDS Year End Schooling Show
                              timely manner, and remember to
                                                                          Three Neener Farm
                              check the “Go Green” box if you wish
                                                                          8521 Bosque Road, Canutillo, TX
                              to receive the newsletter via email
Contents                                                                  Ann Hayes “L” to judge
p.1 President’s Message                                                   Contact Jen Moore 915-740-5104
                                       Also inside the newsletter
    Calendar                  you will find a form to fill out if you    November 14-15
p.2 PdNDS Meeting Reminder    wish to audit the Biomechanics              Becky Langwost Barlow Clinic
    Sep 09 Region Message                                                 Contact Michelle Dorsey
                              symposium. I had a very good
p.3 Biomechanics Symposium                                                915-877-1553
p.4 Tracy Lert Biography      response for demo riders and have a
                              great group of riders and alternates for   December 12-13
p.5 PdNDS Membership
      Application Form        our educational offering. Please invite     Tracy Lert Clinic
p.6 Sep 09 Schooling Show     everyone you know to come and take          Rainbow’s End Farm
      Entry Form              advantage      of    this    wonderful      Contact Karin Lencyk 915-851-2026
p.7 Biomechanics              opportunity.                               December 12-13
    Audit Entry Form                                                      Ellie Stine Masek Clinic
                              See you soon, Michelle                      Contact Nancy Torrell 575-541-8322

                            PdNDS MEETING REMINDER

                WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2009, 7:00 PM
                             * POTLUCK *

                   At the home of Michelle Dorsey, 915-877-1553
                      825 Wild Sage Court, El Paso, TX 79932

Directions: From I-10 East or West exit at Exit 8, Artcraft Road, and proceed West on Artcraft
to the first traffic light and intersection at Upper Valley Road. There is a small shopping plaza
with a Subway and Dollar General on the corner. Turn right (North) on Upper Valley and
proceed a short distance to the first stop sign at Borderland Road. Turn left (West) on
Borderland and proceed approximately two blocks to Morrill Road. Turn right (North) on
Morrill and go two blocks to Wild Sage. Turn left on Wild Sage and go to the end of the cul-de-
sac where you will find number 824.

                      SEPTEMBER 2009 REGION 5 MESSAGE

         We have many USDF programs scheduled in our region for the remainder of the year. September
5-6 we have the Jr/Yr Clinic with George William at Autumn Hill in Longmont, CO. Utah Dressage
Society is starting an “L” program with session A October 24-25, in Park City, UT. The Adult Clinic
series, “The Quest of the Pyramid” with Charlotte Bredahl Baker, will be held November 14-15 at Los
Cedros in Scottsdale, AZ. For more information about these programs go to the USDF website.

       Our Regional Championships will be held October 16-18 in Albuquerque, NM. The fairgrounds
have improved the facilities and a barn watch after hours will be provided for the show. For more
information, contact Donald Simpson at

        GMO Delegates will be included on a list of USDF delegates to receive e-mail communications
containing pertinent information on issues that will come before the 2009 BOG meeting at convention.
The sooner the USDF office receives the name and email address of your delegate, the sooner your
delegate will begin receiving these important communications! You can check on your delegate status on
the USDF website.

          For more information about the convention and symposium in Austin, TX go to
This year the convention rates have been reduced to compensate for our economic woes. Plan and save
for it. See you there!

              We are initiating a Life Time Achievement Award for our region. The purpose is to recognize
     significant, longtime volunteer service to our region. Region 5 is on the frontier of dressage with many
     geographical and cultural challenges. Diligent efforts of individuals within our region encouraged the start
     and continued growth of dressage in our region benefiting our members. I would like to have five people
     for the selection committee: Dianne Stanley, our historical committee representative, and three others to
     represent different GMO’s in our region. Kay Lorenzen has volunteered to be on the committee and I
     would like to get someone from the northern tier to join us. If you are interested in serving on this
     committee and helping to develop this and other historical initiatives, please contact me as soon as
     possible. I would like to have this committee in place by September 1 with an October 15 deadline for
     submission of nominees. I am planning to announce the award at the convention. I still need volunteers to
     serve on the committee. If you are interested, please email Dianne or me (new email address).

     Happy Riding!

     Theresa Hunt
     Region 5 Director


                     October 10-11, 2009 (824 Wild Sage Court, El Paso, TX 79932)

                                 Hosted by Paso del Norte Dressage Society
                       Made possible by a generous grant from the Dressage Foundation

           This 2 day symposium will feature clinician and “S” judge Tracey Lert (see biography below.)

Day 1 will consist of a morning lecture covering horse and rider biomechanics as they relate to training of the horse
   and riding dressage tests. A review of the training pyramid will be included. The afternoon session will be
 demonstration horses and riders at various levels putting the theory discussed in the morning lecture session into

   Day 2 will allow anyone who wants to participate as a rider to ride the dressage test of their choice. Tracey will
judge the test and make suggestions on how to improve various movements. These will be 30 min sessions per rider.

                                       AUDITORS WARMLY WELCOMED!
                  Cost to auditors $10 per day and this includes your lunch and handout materials.

PLEASE CONTACT MICHELLE DORSEY at 877-1553 or email at, for more details. See
                                auditor sign-up form.

                                    TRACY LERT BIOGRAPHY

          Tracy Lert is a nationally known competitor, instructor, trainer and “S” judge. She is a member of the
USDF “L” Faculty and is a USDF Certified Instructor through Fourth Level. She has earned her USDF Bronze,
Silver and Gold medals on horses all trained by her from the beginning of their training. She has been on the USET
Training List with several horses over the years, including Queen’s Hunt, Laylock, Kasper, Legere and Lexus. She
is currently showing Lexus at Grand Prix and Udo at Fourth Level. Last year Udo won the USDF Third Level
freestyle and Open class for Region 7 and also won the California Dressage Society Third Level Freestyle.

        Tracy loves to teach and her students have placed well at all levels locally and nationally. Her students
have earned the USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.

         In her teaching she places emphasis on correct basics, especially as it pertains to the biomechanics of the
seat and biomechanics of the horse’s movement. She continues to educate herself with varied programs. She has
attended Hilary Clayton’s biomechanics seminar in Michigan and has attended the Global Dressage Forum in
Holland. She also attends judge’s training programs in the U.S. and Europe. She continues to train her own horses
with Lilo Fore and Sandy Howard. She has worked in clinics with Conrad Schumacher, Steffen Peters, Kyra
Kyrklund and Robert Dover.

         Her goal is to have horse and rider in good balance and communicating effectively through clear aids that
are correctly timed. When this can be achieved both horse and rider are in more stress free mind set and can learn
more quickly and easily.

                         2010 PdNDS MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

Name: ________________________________ Phone: (______)_________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: ____________ Zip: ______________________

Birthdate (all riders please): ______________________________________________________

GO GREEN! Please check here if you wish to receive the newsletter electronically only [ __ ]

Email address: _________________________________________________________________

USDF # (if you already have one): _________________________________________________
  Please look up your number and put it here. “On file” is not sufficient and requires others to look up information in
                                   order to process your membership. Thanks.

(_____) I DO NOT wish to have my name, address and phone number published in a PdNDS Member

Membership Category (check the applicable category)
        (_____) Single Adult or Junior PdNDS membership $40
        (_____) Additional family PdNDS memberships $10 per additional person (spouse and/or
children at the address). List primary member’s name above and the other names, birthdates and USDF
numbers (as applicable) below.

Name: _______________________ Birthdate: ____________ USDF #: ____________

Name: _______________________ Birthdate: ____________ USDF #: ____________

Name: _______________________ Birthdate: ____________ USDF #: ____________

Achievement Award Nomination for Horse Rider Combinations (Achievement awards are cumulative
over multiple competition years and are awarded for each level at the end of the year in which the
required number of minimum scores are obtained.

Rider: _______________________ Horse: _____________________ Level: _________

Rider: _______________________ Horse: _____________________ Level: _________

Rider: _______________________ Horse: _____________________ Level: _________

         Membership term is December 1 to November 30 in compliance with the USDF membership year.
Members receive the right to vote, hold office, receive the newsletter, participate in the PdNDS awards program and
are on the list for show premiums and clinics. If conditions of shows or clinics require limitation of
riders/participants, PdNDS members are given first consideration in registration. PdNDS members automatically
become USDF Group Members. Make checks payable to: Paso del Norte Dressage Society (PdNDS). Mail to
Joy Smith, 225 Luna Azul Drive, Chaparral, NM 88081.

                        September 20, 2009, Three Neener Farm, Karin Lencyk “L” to judge
Closing Date: September 13, 2009. No phone or e-mail entries will be accepted. Entries postmarked after the closing
date, sent without payment, or lacking information will be processed but with a $10 fee per error. Check your e-mail on or
after the Thursday before the show for ride times. Entrants without an e-mail address must call Joy Smith at 575- 824-3169 for

Definitions: O = Open, J = Junior, (Indicate which on the entry form), NTD = New to Dressage, (Rider has not competed prior
to June 1, 2007, TOC = Test of Choice, (Specify test on the entry form), MF = Musical Freestyle, (Specify level on the entry
form). Tests: The 2007 USEF Dressage Tests will be used for Training through Fourth Levels. FEI Tests 2009 Intro tests have
not changed.

                                                          Class List
1 O/J Intro A (w/t only)               8 O/J First Test 4                      15 O/J MF TOC (Specify)
2 O/J Intro B (w/t only)               9 O/J Second Test 2                     16 O/J Combined Training TOC
3 NTD Training Test 1                  10 O/J Second Test 4                    17 O/J Intro Test A Western
4 NTD Training Test 2                  11 O/J Tr-2nd Level TOC (Specify)       18 O/J Training 1 Western
5 O/J Training Test 2                  12 O/J Third TOC (Specify)              19 Prix Caprilli
6 O/J Training Test 4                  13 O/J Fourth TOC (Specify)             20 Bareback dressage
7 O/J First Test 2                     14 O/J FEI TOC (Specify)

Awards: Ribbon and small prize for 1st place; ribbons through 6th place. Directions: From I-10 take the Vinton Exit and
proceed West across Doniphan and the river. Turn left on the first street after the bridge on Bosque Road. Go about one mile
and turn right into the driveway marked Three Neener Farm (West side of the road) at 8251 Bosque Road. Dogs are welcome as
long as they are leashed. Food will be available. Jen Moore contact info: 915-740-5104

                                             Closing Date September 13, 2009
                Mail entries with full payment to: Joy Smith, 225 Luna Azul Drive, Chaparral, NM 88081
                                      Phone: 575-824-3169 / E-mail:

Rider's Name ____________________________________________________________________________________

E-mail Address __________________________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________ City ______________________ State _____ Zip _________

Phone _______________________ Horse's Name ______________________________________________________

ONE HORSE/RIDER PER ENTRY FORM (A maximum of 3 classes per horse are allowed daily)

Class Number                                     Test Name                               Division (Open or Junior)

____________________                             ____________________                    ____________________

____________________                             ____________________                    ____________________

____________________                             ____________________                    ____________________

Class Fees: $15 per class, $5 office fee. Total Fees Due $ __________ Penalty Fees $ ___________ (Office use only)

I enter this schooling show at my own risk and subject to the conditions of the Paso del Norte Dressage Society. I understand
that the officers and members of PdNDS, the property owner/manager and all others associated with this activity assume no
responsibilities for accidents, damage, injury or illness to the horses, owners, riders, employees, attendants, spectators, or any
other person or property in connection with this show. As indicated by my signature below, I hereby release the property owner,
sponsor, their officers, members and or co-sponsors of this show from any claim or right for damages which may occur to me,
my property, those persons accompanying me, or my horse. I also assume and accept full responsibility for any damages done by
me, those accompanying me, or my horse at this show.

      Signature (Required for all riders. Parent or guardian must sign if participant is under 18 years of age).

                                         AUDIT ENTRY FORM
                                      Paso del Norte Dressage Society
                   Biomechanics of the Horse and Rider Symposium Featuring Tracey Lert
                          Oct. 10-11, 2009, 824 Wild Sage Ct., El Paso, TX 79932

                                                  ENTRY FORM

                       Auditor Fee $10 per day (includes lunch)
                             And all handout materials

                     Please do not cut this form. Mail it in its entirety with full payment to:
                           Michelle Dorsey, 824 Wild Sage Court, El Paso, TX 79932
                                        (Make checks payable to PdNDS)

                                                  I wish to audit:

                                                   □    Saturday

                                                    □    Sunday

Name ____________________________________ E-Mail Address ______________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

City ______________________ State ______ Zip _____________ Phone ________________________

I attend this symposium at my own risk and subject to the conditions of the PASO DEL NORTE DRESSAGE
SOCIETY. I understand that the officers and members of PdNDS, the property owner/manager and all others
associated with this activity assume no responsibility for accidents, damage, injury or illness to the horses, owners,
riders, employees, attendants, spectators, or any other person or property in connection with this event. As
indicated by my signature below, I hereby release the property owner, sponsor, their officers, members and or co-
sponsors of this event from any claim or right for damages, which may occur to me, my property, those persons
accompanying me, or my horse. I also assume and accept full responsibility for my damages done by me, those
accompanying me, or my horse at this event. Refunds will be granted on an individual case basis.

________________________________________              _______________________________________
              Printed Name                                                    Signature

                        PARTICIPANT IS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE.


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