Pierucci Dressage by tyndale


									                                    Pierucci Dressage
                                       Goin’ Green
                       Pick Your Ribbon Color of the Rainbow Series
                                      Pot Luck-2010
                                    Far A Field Acres
                                    6080 Amicus Road
                               Ruckersville, Virginia 22968
          Sunday- February 21                               Sunday-March 21
          Judge- Carter Bass/Nancy Lowey- ‘R’s, VA          Judge: Helen George –‘r’, VA
          Closing date-February 14                          Closing Date: March 14

Entry Secretary-                            Scores to count for VADA-Charlottesville Schooling Show
     Entry Secretary                        High Score Award Program-2010
 C/O Far A Field Acres
     6080 Amicus Road,                      USEF dressage rules apply. Helmets required. All other
     Ruckersville, Virginia 22968           dress rules waived at discretion of management.
     Phone: 434.985.8544

Classes                                              Test of Choice (TOC)- specify on entry

Class 1- USDF Intro A                                 Class 11-Second Level TOC
Class 2- USDF Intro B                                 Class 12-Third Level TOC
Class 3-Training Level 1                              Class 14- Fourth level- TOC
Class 4-Training Level 2                              Class 15- FEI- TOC
Class 5- Training Level 3                             Class 16 USEA Eventing Tests-list test-
Class 6- Training Level 4                               BN, Nov., Prelim.- Test A or B.
Class 7- First Level 1-
Class 8 -First Level 2
Class 9- First Level 3
Class 10- First Level 4


AWARDS- ribbons awarded to all in each class. YOU get to pick YOUR color! Show High Score
Award (gift) at each show.
Overall 2 show series High Score Award for your horse awarded at last show. A cooler donated by
CRAWFORD SADDLERY, Ruckersville, VA. is the overall High Score prize, again, this yea.r Scores
will be averaged to determine overall show series high score winner.

$20.00 a class

      Mail entries to entry secretary (address above) –must be received by closing date.
      Send signed entry form, signed waiver, check and a copy of each horse’s current Coggins
       needed for your completed entry for each show. No exceptions.
      Make checks payable to Pierucci Dressage.
If inclement weather prevails (snow and ice) and show is cancelled by management refunds will be
given or entries can be forwarded to the next show in the series. No refunds will be given unless
requested with a vet certificate by closing date for a show that is not cancelled by snow or ice. Call the
phone number listed under ‘Secretary’ by Friday evening 6pm for show status if there is inclement
weather or check the web site www.pieruccidressage.com by Friday at 6:00pm.

   ATTIRE: Due to the nature of winter we encourage you to wear what ever it is that keeps you warm. Dress is
   informal! Helmets required.

   Ride times will be assigned by secretary. Posted ride times final. No ride time requests please.
   under ‘Secretary”. Times will also be posted by Thursday before shows on website by 6pm.

   RIDER NUMBERS: Goin’ Green, please! Please return your competitor number to the secretary before
   leaving the show grounds. Let’s help save the Earth!

   FOOTING: one stone dust warm-up arena outside- located behind the indoor competition arena. One
   felt/sand INDOOR competition arena. You may ride inside the competition arena before your test after the
   competitor in front of you completes his/her final salute.

   STABLING: no stabling available. Limited trailer parking so all efforts will be made to have your ride
   times reasonably scheduled as close together as possible.

   FOOD: This is a pot luck event’ schooling show’ party- starting as soon as you arrive. All competitors are
   encouraged to bring some of their favorite food to share with all! We will have a party table set up early a.m.
   for you in the aisle way and/or kitchen area depending on the weather.

   DOGS: only leashed dogs allowed but better kept in truck for warmth.

   From Route 29 travelling north turn left at Route 33 intersection in Ruckersville. Travel on Route 33 (2.1
   miles) .At second light turn left on Amicus Road. Follow 1.5 miles. Far A Field Acres is on the left side.
   Signs will be posted. Upon entering travel right for parking..

   From Route 29 travelling south turn right on Route 33 in Ruckersville and follow as above.

   Far A Field Acres is located off Route 33 on Amicus Road 2.1 miles form Route 29.

   SECRETARY’S OFFICE- Secretary’s office is located inside the central barn area. Bring your pot
   luck dish to the secretary and she will direct you to the Party Table or kitchen area.

   Be neat, be clean! We ask that you clean up after yourself and your horse! Thank you!

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