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					                                 Zoning Administrator's Report of the
                                 Plan and Zoning Commission Meeting
                                            June 21, 2007
                                                                                June 26, 2007
The Honorable Betty Humphrey, Mayor
and Members of the City Council
City of Richmond Heights, Missouri

1. PUBLIC HEARING: PETITION #2007-11: The Boulevard-St. Louis, LLC, Doug Huff managing
   member, seeking approval for a Preliminary Development Plan for Phase II of The Boulevard St. Louis
   Development. The property is located generally between Darst Ave. on the north, Highway 170 on the
   east, Brentwood Boulevard on the west and Antler Drive on the south side of the project.

Dear Mayor and City Council:
The above captioned matter was considered by the Plan and Zoning Commission at its regular meeting held
on Thursday, January 18, 2007 with seven of the current commission members present and voting.
Commission members present were Messrs. James Renz, John Murphy, Marcus Holmes, Kurt Kerns and
Chairperson Michele Kopolow.

Preliminary Development Plan
Phase II will be a total redevelopment of the middle 1/3 of the Francis Place redevelopment area. All existing
buildings and facilities will be removed. New underground utilities will be installed, including an extensive
underground storm water detention system.
Phase II has a site area of 4.74 acres.
A series of buildings would be erected along a continuation of the Phase I Boulevard Street.
The plan proposes new retail and restaurant space of approximately 176,825sf, a hotel of 160 rooms and a six
story parking garage providing 809 parking spaces.
As in Phase I, the new Boulevard will be landscaped, and provided with benches and distinctive crosswalks for
pedestrian use. The new Boulevard will provide access to the garage, to on street parking, and to the trash
facilities and loading areas.
Parking for the Phase II will be provided from a large parking structure on the east side of the site. The structure
will extend almost the full distance from Galleria Parkway to the end of the Phase II site. The garage will have
six stories above grade, and space for 809 cars will be provided. 804 spaces is the required number of spaces as
determined by Pace’s parking engineers, Desman Associates. Desman calculated the number of spaces The
Boulevard would require under a shared parking analysis. Desman based their analysis upon the study Parking
Generation by the Institute of Traffic Engineering and Shared Parking and the Dimensions of Parking by the
Urban Land Institute. Their parking study analyzed the monthly, weekday and even hourly variation in parking
demand, as well as the use of captive market (the interaction of the mixed uses) to determine the number of
spaces required for The Boulevard development.
The parking garage as shown extends over a portion of Antler Drive. This arrangement allows Antler Drive to
serve as an entrance to the garage. The Petitioner will need to negotiate a lease of this property from the city.

The building elevations show façade materials to be predominately of brick, cast stone, EFIS, glass and some
accent roofs with metal roofing.

The garage will use an architectural concrete panel.

Off Site
The Boulevard St. Louis will be providing St. Louis County Highway with additional property along Brentwood
Boulevard and Pace will construct another northbound lane.
Antler Drive will become a two way street and will be aligned with the entrance to the Galleria.
Phase II of the Boulevard St. Louis should continue the successful development of Phase I, and complement the
Galleria and the proposed development before the University Club Tower.
We believe the utilities and infrastructure with the new installations will be adequate to support the project.
The Richmond Heights Traffic and Safety Committee have reviewed the proposed improvements and foresee no
adverse effects on the provision of normal Fire, Police and Street Department services as relate to traffic safety.
The proposed development would meet the intent of a Planned Development District by providing relief from
zoning requirements designed for conventional developments in order to obtain the following objectives, as
stated under Section 405.260.A:
1. Environmental design in the development of land that is of higher quality than is possible under the
   regulations otherwise applicable to the property.
2. Diversification in the uses permitted and variation in the relationship of uses, structures, open space and
   height of structures in developments intended as cohesive, unified projects.
3. Functional and beneficial uses of open space areas.
4. Creation of a safe and desirable living environment for residential areas characterized by a unified building
   and site development program.
5. Rational and economic development in relation to public services.
6. Efficient and effective traffic circulation, both within and adjacent to the development site.

A Planned Development Mixed-Use is referred to the R-5 Multi-Family Zoning District and the C-2 General
Business District for the base line regulations of height and area. Modification to this standard may be made per
Section 405.260.E.
The approval of the preliminary development plan may provide for such exceptions from the above-referenced
regulations as may be necessary or desirable to achieve the objectives of the proposed planned development,
provided such exceptions are consistent with the standards and criteria contained in this Section and have been
specifically requested in the application for a planned development, and further, that no modifications of the
above reference regulations would be allowed when such proposed modification would result in:
   a. Inadequate or unsafe access to the planned development;

   b. Traffic volumes exceeding the anticipated capacity of the proposed major street network in the vicinity;
   c. An undue burden on public parks, recreation areas, schools, fire and police department protection and
      other public facilities, which serve or are proposed to serve the planned development;
   d. A development which will be incompatible with the purposes of this Chapter;
   e. Detrimental impact on the surrounding area, but not limited to visual pollution.
The burden of proof that the criteria above are not being violated shall rest with the developer and not the staff
or the Plan and Zoning Commission.
The development as proposed will meet the R-5 and C-2 development standards except:

   1. Density and lot coverage and height-The R-5 and C-2 Districts speak of calculating maximum height
      and density in different ways.
      One excludes parking garages from the equation the other counts all structures. The two districts do not
      really address such a mixture of uses, as The Boulevard will have. The Boulevard will exceed the
      maximum 35% lot coverage for buildings and structures for the R-5 District as well as the height limits
      of the C-2 District.
       Phase II of The Boulevard will have lot coverage for buildings and structures of approximately 68% and
       open spaces of approximately 32%. Project height will approach 150 feet to top of parapet.
   2. Front setback-The C-2 District would require a 15 foot front yard setback. The second phase of The
      Boulevard Development will meet the fifteen foot setback to Brentwood Boulevard; however, the garage
      will not meet the setback to Antler Drive, and would actually extend onto and over Antler Drive. Also
      the C-2 District permits a zero side yard setback, yet if provided should be at least five feet in width.
      For a portion of the building along the previous vacated Darst Court, the building is 1.5 feet off the north
      side property line.
Also the rear east side of the parking garage will be only a couple of feet off the property line from Highway
After hearing from the Zoning Administrator, Mr. Gerard Kaiser, representing the Boulevard St. Louis
addressed the Commission.
Mr. Kaiser gave a brief description of the project, describing the new Boulevard garage, and retail building.
He also described how the hotel will access the street level with a lobby only.
Mr. Kaiser then introduced Mr. Mark Randall, a design architect, to describe the design philosophy behind
Phase II.
Mr. Randall said that while building on the Phase I concepts they felt there were some areas to improve
They were attempting to incorporate a greater variety of building forms and materials. He descibed how the
new plaza at the north end of Phase II will provide a new center, tying the two phases together.
Mr. Kaiser said the slight bend in the Phase II buildings will give a nice visual effect bringing the buildings
into view.

He said the new plaza with the adjoining restaurants will bring pedestrians to this focal point, which will be
equipped with benches and fountains.
Mr. Randall told the Commission that they were working to make improvements to the garage elevation.
The Commission asked whether there was adequate service feature for the project. Mr. Kaiser said as in
Phase I, they were incorporating a couple of loading/trash features into the west retail building to service the
tenants. He said their goal was to hide these as they did in Phase I. Also trash and space for the large retail
buildings would be located on the lower level of the garage. Mr. Kaiser said their arrangement had worked
pretty well on the first phase.
The Commission and Mr. Randall discussed the height of Phase II compared to Phase I. Mr. Randall said
that the hotel will be considerably larger than Phase I, perhaps up to 50% taller.
Mr. Kaiser discussed how retaining Red Bud Avenue as a right in/right out only street, along with Francis
Place will help move traffic.
Mr. Kaiser discussed the landscaped median to be built on Brentwood Boulevard continued from Phase I.
The Commission and Mr. Randall discussed efforts and options to improve the appearance of the parking
garage, especially for the section along the new Boulevard.
Mr. Randall and Mr. Kaiser said when they come back for the Final Plan approval, they plan on beefing up
the landscaping, along with the garage elevation, and will have detail drawings of the bridge proposed from
the garage to the hotel.
The Commission discussed with Mr. Randall having some perspective drawings to show how the bridge
will look from street level.
The Commission asked the Petitioner if they were aware of the proposed conditions and if they had any
problem with them.
Mr. Kaiser affirmed their knowledge and concurred.
The Commission then considered the following conditions:

1. All signage shall conform to Chapter 3 of the Richmond Heights Municipal Code (including, where
   applicable, necessary sight triangles).
2. All landscaped areas shall be continually maintained, nourished and trimmed as needed. All plants shall
   be replaced as necessary.
3. An underground water sprinkler system shall be provided for all lawn and landscaped areas.
4. Dumpster enclosures shall be kept properly maintained and in a sanitary condition.
5. All parking spaces, aisle widths, striping, parking lot and driveway construction, including driveway
   aprons, will meet all the ordinance requirements and standards found in the Richmond Heights
   Municipal Code.
6. The Petitioner shall keep all roads, drives and parking areas sealed and repaired, and maintained free of
   debris. The property owner shall remove snow, ice, sleet, dirt and trash from all parking; drive areas
   and sidewalks, including the adjacent public sidewalk. Snow shall not be pushed onto Brentwood
7. Parking lot lighting will be at least 1½ foot candles average on the pavement. No light spillage will emit
   nor may any glare be cast, onto any neighboring properties.
8. All service utilities shall be underground.
9. All street curbs shall be of concrete, stone or other approved materials.
10. The new main street shall be marked to prohibit parking except as allowed in those areas shown on the
    site development drawing. Crosswalks, stop signs and street speed limits shall be marked with the
    approval of the Traffic and Safety Committee.
11. Except for temporary closing, not to exceed duration of 5 to 10 minutes, the Police and Fire
    Departments shall be consulted before the main street is closed for any extended period.
12. One to two fire hydrants shall be installed along Brentwood Boulevard as directed by the Fire
13. Petitioner must negotiate a lease with the City Council for the use of a portion of Antler Drive to
    accommodate the parking garage.
14. No signs of any kind may be placed on any window above the first floor.
15. During construction, Galleria Parkway and Brentwood Boulevard will be maintained unobstructed
    except as required to perform the necessary improvement to the roadways and utilities.
16. A performance guarantee of at least one hundred thousand dollars shall be made by the developer in a
    form approved by the City Attorney, to ensure necessary improvements are made to the streets,
    sidewalks, landscaping, etc. The funds may also be used by the City should it be necessary to restore the
    site if the project is abandoned.
17. Petitioner shall, within thirty (30) days of this meeting, notify the Zoning Administrator, in writing, that
    all the conditions as provided herein, are acceptable and that such conditions are understood and shall be
18. Petitioner, their assignees and lessees, if any, as well as their agents, servants, and employees shall
    faithfully observe the provisions, regulations and conditions set forth in the Final Development Plan,
    Zoning Ordinance and the City's Municipal Code.
19. Permittee shall cause a copy of the Final Development Plan to be filed for the record in the office of the
    Recorder of Deeds for St. Louis County at the expense of the Petitioner and provide proof of such
    recording to the Zoning Administrator and provide a Mylar copy of such plan to the Zoning
    Administrator as well.
The Commission then considered the material submitted with the application, and the staff report and voted
to report to the City Council that the proposed buildings and use should not adversely affect traffic safety,
nor substantially increase fire hazards, nor substantially, adversely affect the character of the neighborhood;
nor adversely affect the general welfare of the community; that the project should not overtax public
utilities; that it should not adversely affect public safety and health; nor adversely affect storm water runoff;
and that the project is consistent with good planning and conforms to the Comprehensive Plan. They report
that it can be operated in a manner that is not substantially detrimental to the permitted developments and
uses in the district and that it can be developed and operated in a manner that is visually compatible with the
permitted uses in the surrounding area.
The Commission then unanimously voted to recommend the Preliminary Development Plan to the City
Council with the aforestated conditions.

                                                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                                                      David Reary
                             Zoning Administrator
Amy Hamilton, City Manager