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									Report of Minutes for Monthly Meeting Held 4/20/07

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 according to ritual by Commander Earl Edwards.

Adjutant Bill Youngs read the minutes of the meeting dated 3/16/07. Commander Earl
Edwards called for additions, hearing none, the minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Larry Watkins gave the financial report for the month of
March 2006 as follows: We had Receipts of $42.04 and Disbursements of $896.92. We
currently have $15146.86 in the general account and $5799.63 in our rehabilitation
account. A motion was made by Al Tortolano to accept the treasurer’s report as given,
2nd to motion was made by Rod Ramier and the motion was carried.

Bills Against the Chapter: Other than the budgeted items, there were none.

Sickness & Distress: Peter Radonich has been out of action.

New Member: George Brooks attended the meeting and was sworn in by Commander
Earl Edwards.

Communications: Adjutant Bill Youngs had reminders of upcoming State and National

Committee Reports:

BBQ Committee: Al Tortolano reported that everything is on track for April 22nd.

Service Officer: Rod Ramier reported that in a news article in the U.S. News And World
Report dated, April 16, 2007, that each service has individual Physical Evaluation Boards
have in the past decade and more recently been under evaluation when being processed
for discharge. Medical evaluations state the nature of the injury and recommend
percentages that are way under the accepted norm. 20%-10% are being assigned to
single and double amputees not the 40%-60% that have been awarded in past decades.

Additionally the hospital committee report stated the National DAV has made up a
blanket statement commending the VA staff for their continuous high level of treatment
and support. Rod asks that we pass out copies to each doctor or nurse we come in contact

Unfinished Business: Elections were held in accordance to ritual and the following
officers were elected and installed by Past State Commander, Al Tortolano.

Commander:     Earl Edwards
Senior Vice:   Larry Bradley
Junior Vice:   Jewel Philips
Chaplain:      Bob Iso
Executive Committee:
Lionel Faunce – Chairman
Peter Radonich
Rod Ramier
Al Tortolano
Leonard Steinberg

Commander Earl Edwards appointed Larry Watkings as Treasurer and Bill Youngs as

New Business: Commander Earl Edwards received his Commanders plaque and wanted
to thank the membership.

Good of the Order: Commander Earl Edwards noted that the chapter has dwindling
attendance and more members need to attend.

Memorial Ceremony: Commander Earl Edwards conducted the ceremony according to
ritual at 8:15 PM and the meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on May 18, 2006.

Respectfully Submitted

Bill Youngs, Adjutant              Commander, Earl Edwards

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