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									                                               2572 Ohlone Drive
                                               San Jose, CA 95132-2630
                                               November 17, 2006

Dear Dressage Show Manager:

Since the late 1970's I have been involved with USEF recognized dressage shows and for last
several years I have performed the secretarial duties for the Gavilan Chapter CDS Summer
Show in August and previously some shows for SFP. I was the head scorer at the 1984
Olympics and have acted in that role in many shows. It appears that my first career (Software
Engineering) has been moved offshore and therefore I am available to take on new challenges
such as performing the secretarial duties for your Dressage show.

I would check every entry to ensure that all the relevant documents and fees are present,
enter each show entry into the Fox Village software (using my license) and deliver ride times
to the riders with reminders of omissions prior to the show. During the show I would staff the
office, collect omitted documents and fees, hand out numbers and perform other secretarial
duties. After the show I would enter the scores computed by the scorers into the Fox Village
software and send the reports to the relevant recognition agencies.

If there are enough laptop WinXP laptop computers available (I have one) I can create a
network and the scorers may use a computer to compute the scores (need at least one
computer for the scorers). Another computer could be used to display the scores. However,
computers require a reasonably clean and dry environment and modest temperatures. They
also require power. The secretarial duties may be performed with or without a computer at the
dressage show.

These duties would be performed on a fee plus expenses basis based on the number of rings
and days. Expenses would include printing (if a program is desired), postage, phone, travel,
room, board (for the days at the show) and any other expenses mutually determined to be
related to the show.


Robert Van Tuyl

home: 408 923-4403                                               eMail:
fax:  408 923-4409                                                cell: 408 799-6463

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