delaware by rishabhmishra


									University of Delaware and David Hamilton
1995 Terrapin Invitational Tournament
Tossup Questions

1. According to meteorologists, the rash of hurricanes that pounded the Atlantic
coast of the United States this season are simply making up for a hurricane lull.
FTP, name the current of warm water in the Pacific Ocean which has disrupted hurricane
formation for the past few years by generating powerful westerly winds.
Answer: _EL NINO_

2. This mathematician studied at Cambridge, but took up law after failing to find
a position in mathematics. In 1863, he became professor of pure mathematics at
Cambridge, where he worked on the theories on matrices and analytical geometry. His
most famous theorem in group theory states that a finite group can be represented
as a group of permutations. FTP, who is this originator of the theory of invariants?
Answer: Arthur _Cayley_

3. This sculptor received his first lessons from Abigail May Alcott, a family
friend. He studied in Italy under Thomas Ball, and returned home from Paris in 1886,
creating _The Angel of Death and the Sculptor_ in memory of his friend Martin
Milmore. He is more famous for his patriotic works, however, like the statue
commissioned by the towspeople of Concord in order to celebrate the centennial of
the famous Revolutionary War battle. FTP, who is this sculptor of _The Minute Man_
and the seated statue of Abraham Lincoln?
Answer: Daniel Chester _FRENCH_

4. An Australian graduate student in the early 1960s discovered magnetized stones
in an ancient fireplace where aboriginies had cooked their meals. Through the rocks'
thermoremanent magnetization, he proposed that the magentic field was the reverse
of the present one as recently as 30,000 years ago. FTP, what is this tool for
understanding the history of the earth that provides evidence that a fluid core
existed for at least three billions years?
Answer: _Paleomagnetism_ or _Fossil magnetism_

5. This journalist was famous for her critiques of others in works, compiled in
_A Month of Saturdays_, yet she also wrote poems and short stories in collections
like _Not So Deep as a Well_, _Enough Rope_, and _Here Lies_. FTP, name this member
of the Algonquin Round Table, known for her caustic wit as a contributor to _Vanity
Fair_ and _The New Yorker_.
Answer: Dorothy Rothschild _PARKER_

6. He was a Christian who had been educated in Hawaii and Hong Kong, and his political
theories were largely derived from Western thinkers. It was he who gained the
military assistance of Soviet Russia for his Nationalist party in 1923, which
included the founding of the military academy where Commandant Chiang Kai-shek
trained officer candidates in military science and party ideology. FTP, name this
founder of China's Nationalist party.
Answer: _SUN_ Yat-sen

7. The son of Chrysaor and Callirhoe, this monster lived on the island of Erythia,
in the far west near the river Ocean. He possessed a two-headed dog named Orthus,
who with his servant Eurytion, watched over his herd of red cattle. FTP, who was
this three-bodied monster, whom Heracles slew as part of his tenth labor?
Answer: _Geryon_
8. Precipitated by the Queen mother of France, Catherine de'Medici, and her distaste
for French Protestantism, this event began on August 24, 1572 with a purge of
Protestant nobility from the French court. However, it quickly spread to the rest
of Paris, and by the end of the year, thousands of Huguenots lay dead all over France.
FTP, what is the common name given to this series of religious purges during the
reign of Henry III, among the largest of their kind in all of Western Europe?

9. A worshipper of the god of business transactions, this famous dinner host starts
out his evening by making a teacher named Agamemnon the butt of his ignorant jokes.
As the night wears on, he becomes drunk and depressed. He eventually shows his
funeral clothes and the plans for his tomb to his guests. FTP, name this fictional
representative of Roman materialism in Petronius' _Satyricon_, later reincarnated
in spirit and name as a drunken sailor in Shakespeare's _The Tempest_.

10.   Three weeks before the 1944 presidential election, some polls indicated this
challenger could win by a landslide. Luckily the newspapers waited until the
election was over to report the results, since this New York Republican ended up
losing to Roosevelt. Four years later, however, the Chicago Tribune bet their
headline on him. FTP, who was this twice-defeated candidate for president?
Answer: Thomas _DEWEY_

11. This phenomenon was discovered by W. W. Garner and H. A. Allard of the U. S.
Department of Agriculture, while doing research on a mutant variety of the tobacco
plant called the Maryland mammoth. They discovered that flowering was induced in
the plant by day length, and that almost all plants could be categorized as short-day,
long-day, or day-neutral. FTP, what is the term for the response by an organism to
the duration and timing of light and darkness?
Answer: _Photoperiodism_

12. This writer described his travels in illustrated works like _Journal of a
Landscape Painter in Greece and Albania_. He was well-known for his precise
paintings of birds, and once even gave drawing lessons to Queen Victoria. His most
enduring works, however, seem to be the verses contained in books like _Laughable
Lyrics_ and _A Book of Nonsense_. FTP, name this codifier of the form of the modern
limerick and author of "The Owl and the Pussycat."
Answer: Edward _LEAR_

13. In harp seals it is twice as concentrated as it is in humans. Kangaroos, if
required, can produce two different types to meet special needs. Composed of vitamins
A, C, and D, casein, fats, salts, and various sugars, its composition varies with
the species, breed and condition of the animal. FTP, name this substance that all
mammalian species produce.
Answer: _MILK_

14. This dramatist and novelist was an important influence on existential drama,
as seen in works like _The Mountain Giants_ and _Right You Are! If You Think So._
Themes of social isolation and pessimism pervade his work as he explored the conflict
between illusion and reality. FTP, who is this recipient of the 1934 Nobel Prize
in Literature, author of _The Late Mattia Pascal_ and _Six Characters In Search of
an Author_?
Answer:   Luigi _PIRANDELLO_

15. First described in a 1962 issue of _Computer Journal_ by its inventor, C. A.
R. Hoare, this sorting algorithm runs in order n*lg n (EN LOG EN) time. The array
to be sorted is partitioned into two nonempty subarrays such that all elements of
the first subarray are less than or equal to each element of the second. The two
subarrays are then sorted by recursive calls to the algorithm. Since the subarrays
are sorted in place, no work is needed to combine them. FTP, what is this recursive
sorting algorithm?
Answer: _Quicksort_

16. The Roman Catholic Church stands virtually alone among the Christian Churches
in granting a declaration of infallibility in interpreting moral and religious
matters to its leader, the Pope. This little-exercised doctrine has been used to
announce the perpetual virginity of Mary and
her assumption into Heaven. FTP, name this doctrine whose name translates loosely
into English as "from the throne."

17. Born in the slums of Copenhagen, this novelist worked as a herd boy and
shoemaker's apprentice. With the help of a patron, he became a teacher, developing
a faith in the innate goodness of man. His five novel cycle _Ditte Menneskebarn_
tells the story of a poor servant girl, but he is most famous for a series about
a trade union leader and the struggles of the working class. FTP, who is this author
of _Pelle the Conqueror_?
Answer: Martin Anderson _Nexo_

18. This American general competed on the U. S. pentathalon team at the 1912
Stockholm Olympics. He served as an instructor at the Mounted Service School at Fort
Riley, Kansas, where he wrote the Army saber manual. Assigned to Pershing's staff,
he became the first American officer to receive tank training. In 1943, he led the
U. S. 7th Army's assault on Sicily, commanded the 3rd Army in the invasion of France,
and contained the Germans at Ardennes. In 1945, he was fatally injured in a car
accident, thus ending a long and distinguished career. FTP, who was this flamboyant
general, nicknamed "Old Blood and Guts?"
Answer: George Smith _Patton_

19. One part of this measure was to impose a small income tax, but that provision
was overturned by the Supreme Court in Pollock v. Farmer's Loan and Trust Co. It
reduced the tariff on coal, wood, and sugar and ended the McKinley Tariff Act's
popular reciprocity agreements with other countries. Most Democrats were displeased
with the measure, however, and Grover Cleveland let it become law without his
signature. FTP, what was this 1894 tariff act?
Answer: _Wilson-Gorman_ Tariff Act

20. This director published a collection of poetry, In Search of Mystery, in 1962,
which won the Premio Viareggio Prize. He became an assistant to Pier Paolo Pasolini
on the 1961 film Accatone. After his first film, The Grim Reaper, and successes like
The Conformist and The Last Tango in Paris, he was able to make the Marxist epic
Nineteenhundred. FTP, who is this director of The Last Emperor?
Answer: Bernardo _Bertolucci_

Written in Old English and existing in seven different versions, these texts
originate from the beginning of Christianity in England, and tell English history
from that period until the middle of the 12th century. FTP, name this work, which
includes a poetic account of the 937 battle of Brunanburh.

The discovery of this planet disproved the proposition known as Bode's law, which
predicted the position of the planets. Bode's law, based on a geometric series,
had in fact accurately described the positions of the seven previously known planets.
FTP, what was this eighth planet discovered?
Answer: _NEPTUNE_

In works like _Kingship of God_ and _Tales of Rabbi Nachman_, this Austrian-Israeli
philosopher was a major influence of twentieth-century Jewish thought, and is
sometimes credited with single-handedly recreating Hasidism as a mystical
movement. FTP, name this author of _I and Thou_ in which he forwarded the concept
that a dialogue must exist between man and God.
Answer: Martin _BUBER_

Delaware Bonuses

1. Identify the painters of the following works for ten points each, five if you
need more works.
a) 10) _Eight Bells_ and _The Adirondack Guide_
      5) _Snap the Whip_ and _The Life Line_
Answer: Winslow _Homer_
b) 10) _Sun Rising Through Vapor_ and _Frosty Morning_
      5) _The Slave Ship_ and _Rain, Steam and Speed -- The Great Western Railway_
Answer: Joseph Mallord William _Turner_
c) 10) _The Water Carrier of Seville_ and _Old Woman Cooking Eggs_
      5) _Las Meninas_ and _Pope Innocent X_
Answer: Diego _Velazquez_

2. Identify these models for the structure of the cell membrane for 15 points each.
a) In this model, named after its two formulators, the membrane was composed of two
layers of phospholipids oriented with their polar ends exposed at the two surfaces.
It accounted for the stability and lipid-passing characteristics, but didn't explain
the distribution and mobility of pores and specialized proteins.
Answer: _Davson-Danielli_ model
b) Proposed by Singer and Nicolson, this almost universally accepted model
incorporated the Davson-Danielli conception of a bilayer of phospholipids with their
hydrophilic heads exposed to both surfaces. However, the specialized proteins are
now thought to be inserted in the membrane rather than coating it.
Answer: _Fluid-Mosaic_ model

3. For 10 points each, identify the Shakespearean play by the given lines:
a) "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety."
b) "As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods; they kill us for their
Answer: _KING LEAR_
c) "If you have tears, prepare to shed them now."
Answer:   _Julius Caesar_

4. This economist of the Austrian School influenced American conservatives through
his lectures at the University of Chicago, where he was a professor of social and
moral science in the 1950's and 60's. In 1974 he shared the Nobel Prize for Economics
with Gunnar Myrdal of Sweden. For 15 points each, name both him and his oft-cited
1944 book in which he argued against progressive income tax and warned that controlled
economy and social legislation would lead to collectivism and ultimately
Answers: Friederich A. von _HAYEK_ (HI-yek), _THE ROAD TO SERFDOM_

5. Answer the following questions about the Nation of Islam.
 a) First, for 5 points each for first and last name, who was the founder of the
Nation of Islam?
b) Now, for 10 points, name the salesman that Elijah Muhammed described as his source
of truth about Islam:
Answer: Wallace D. _FARD_
c) The Nation of Islam's most famous minister was Malcolm X. The X part of his
name was particular to the time of his life during which he was affiliated with Elijah
Muhammed's organization. For 5 points each, give his surname before he converted
to Islam, and then his surname after he left the Nation of Islam.
Answers: _LITTLE_, _SHABAZZ_

6. Identify the Andre Gide works for ten points each.
a) Michel develops tuberculosis on trip to North Africa. He is cured, but his wife
Marceline falls ill while nursing him. He neglects her demands, encouraged by his
friend Menalque to give free rein to his passions, and she dies.
Answer: The _Immoralist_
b) Jerome is in love with his cousin Alissa, who refuses to marry him. She sacrifices
her own happiness to her sister, even when it is no longer needed, and she dies without
ever achieving the mystic joy that she had hoped for.
Answer: _Strait is the Gate_
c) A generation of restless youth adopted this work as a handbook of self-liberation
in the 1920s. A hymn in prose to the beauty of all experience, it exhorts youth to
cast off the conventional or artificial in order to receive all the joy of life.
Answer: The _Fruits of the Earth_

7. Identify the following "A" terms from hydrology for ten points each.
a) The term for a stratum of permeable rock, sand, or gravel that carries groundwater.
Answer: Aquifer
b) A bed of such low permeability that groundwater cannot flow through it, or can
only flow very slowly.
Answer: Aquiclude
c) The term for a well that flows to the surface spontaneously, usually created when
aquicludes lie both over and under an aquifer.
Answer: _Artesian_ well

8. Give the parents of the following Greek mythological figures for five points
a) Hermes
Answer: _Zeus_ and _Maia_
b) Eteocles
Answer: _Oedipus_ and _Jocasta_
c) Andromeda
Answer: _Cepheus_ and _Cassiopea_

9. Given the first few lines of an aria in English, name the opera in which it is
sung, for ten points each:
a) "Little lady, this is the catalogue / of the Ladies my master has loved."
Answer: _DON GIOVANNI_ (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
b) "Your tiny hand is frozen . Let me warm it into life."
Answer: _LA BOHEME_ (Giacomo Puccini)
c) " The flower you threw me / Stayed with me in prison. / And though its bloom was
swiftly gone, / its haunting fragrance lingered on."
Answer: _CARMEN_ (Georges Bizet)

10. Give the authors of the following works for ten points each, five if you need
more works.
a) 10) _The Man Who Was Thursday_
      5) _The Napoleon of Notting Hill_ and _The Innocence of Father Brown_
Answer: Gilbert Keith _Chesterton_
b) 10) _Sweet Thursday_
      5) _In Dubious Battle_ and _Cannery Row_
Answer: John _Steinbeck_
c) 10) "Every Other Thursday," a short story in the collection _Mother Knows Best_
      5) _Ice Palace_ and _So Big_
Answer: Edna _Ferber_

11. Answer these questions about our nation's first office-holders for the stated
number of points.
a) For five points, who was the first Secretary of State?
Answer: Thomas _Jefferson_
b) For another five, who was the first Secretary of War?
Answer: Henry _Knox_
c) For ten points, who was the first postmaster general, appointed by Washington
on September 26, 1789?
Answer: Samuel _Osgood_
d) For a final ten points, who was the five Secretary of the Navy, appointed by John
Adams in 1798?
Answer: Benjamin _Stoddert_

12. For 5 points each, I will give you a solid, and you tell me whether it is ionic,
molecular, macromolecular, or metallic:
a) silicon dioxide
b) water
c) carbon
d) sodium chloride
Answer: _IONIC_
e) sodium
Answer: _METALLIC_
f) iodine

13.   For 15 points each, name these production designers:
a) He helped design the spaceship models, the interiors, the droids, and the
creatures of the Star Wars trilogy. He also recently illustrated two books of Robot
stories by Isaac Asimov.
Answer: Ralph _MCQUARRIE_
b) A designer of the special effects of countless films, this sometime director
owns his own effects studio, EEG. He supervised the visual effects in the films
Blade Runner and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Answer: Douglas _TRUMBULL_

14. Everyone knows _Wuthering Heights_ for its classic love story between
Heathcliff and Catherine. But can you name some of the other characters and places
in this classic novel? For 10 points each, answer the following questions about
this book.
a) What was the name of Heathcliff's first wife?
Answer: _ISABELLA_ Linton
b) What was the name of Catherine's husband?
Answer: _EDGAR_ Linton
c) What was the name of the Linton estate which Heathcliff ultimately gained control

15. (30 points) Because of the French laws of succession, women could not rule as
Queens of France. This did not, however prevent some women from gaining powerful
roles in French government, some even becoming de facto rulers in place of underage
sons or inept husbands. I will give you the name of a French queen, and you give
me, for 5 points, the name of the king to whom she was married, and for 5 more points,
the name of the underage son for whom she served as regent.
a) Anne of Austria
Answers: wife of _LOUIS XIII_, regent for _LOUIS XIV_
b) Catherine de'Medici
Answers: wife of _Henry II_, regent for _CHARLES IX_
c) Maria de'Medici
Answer: wife of _Henry IV_, regent for _LOUIS XIII_

16. (30 points) Name the author from the clues, 30-20-10.
30) A resident of Rhodesia for many years, her works like _This Was the Old Chief's
Country_ are set in Africa.
20 points) _Martha Quest_, _A Proper Marraige_, _Landlocked_, and _The Four-Gated
City_ make up her Children of Violence series.
10 points) Her most famous novel is _The Golden Notebook_, published in
Answer: Doris May _LESSING_

17. Identify the year, 30-20-10.
30) Hinton Helper publishes _The Impending Crisis of the South_, 120 people were
killed in Utah by Indians in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, and Gustave Flaubert
publishes _Madame Bovary_.
20) Frederick Olmstead wins a competition to design Central Park and Giuseppe
Garibaldi founds the Italian National Association.
10) The Sepoy Mutiny begins in Meerut and the Supreme Court gives its ruling on _Dred
Scott v. Sanford_.
Answer: 1857

18.   The 1995 Nobel Physics Prize was recently awarded to two American scientists
whose contributions to the field of particle physics has been long overlooked.
a) First, for 10 points, who was honored for his proof of the existence of neutrinos?
Answer: Fred _REINES_ (RAYN-us)
b) Second, for another 10 points, who was recognized for his discovery of the tau
Answer: Martin _PERL_
c) Finally, name the two universities where Reines and Perl work, both in the same
state, for 5 points each.
_STANFORD_ University

19. Oh, those Soviets, how they enjoyed the invasion in their day. I'll name a
country and you tell me when the tanks came in. You'll get 10 points for naming
the year exactly, and 5 points if you come within one year.
a) Afghanistan
Answer: _1979_ (5 points for 1978 or 1980)
b) Hungary
Answer: _1956_ (5 points for 1955 or 1957)
c) Czechoslovakia
Answer: _1968_ (5 points for 1967 or 1969)

20. Identify the following parts of a sponge for the stated number of points.
a) For five points each, give the two materials which form the internal skeleton;
one is a crytalline material made of calcium carbonate, the other is a proteinaceous
Answer: _Spicules_ and _Spongin_
b) The term for the large opening at the end of the body through which water enters
the hollow inside of the sponge.
Answer: _Osculum_
c) The cells whose flagella beat inside the hollow inner portion of the sponge in
order to enchance water flow.
Answer: _Collar_ cells or _Choanocytes_

Intolerable extras

 (30 points) The IUPAC is one of the leading organizations trying to
standardize the language of chemistry, in order for chemists worldwide to
be able to understand and use each other's data, and to standardize the
often complex methods for naming compounds.

a) First, what does IUPAC stand for? You'll get 5 points for missing
only one word, and 10 points for getting all five correct.


Now for five points each, what is the IUPAC name given to the compound
commonly known as the following?

b)   acetone

Answer:   _2-PROPANONE_
c)   acetic acid

Answer:    _ETHANOIC ACID_

d)   acetaldehyde      (ass-it-AL-duh-hide)

Answer:    _ETHANAL_        (distinct from ethanOL -- ask for spelling to clarify)

e)   acetylene

Answer:    _ETHYNE_     (ETH-ine)

(30 points) This century's first third party candidate for
president, Theodore Roosevelt, received 88 electoral votes to his
Republican challenger William Howard Taft's 8. However, our most recent
third party presidential candidate, H. Ross Perot, received no electoral
votes. Answer the following questions about third party candidates'
showing in the electoral college for the stated number of points:

a) The six remaining third party presidential candidates in this century
are John Anderson in 1980, George Wallace in 1968, Strom Thurmond and
Henry Wallace in 1948, Norman Thomas in 1932, and Robert LaFollette in
1924. For five points apiece, identify the three who received any
electoral votes.


b) Now, within five electoral votes, tell me how many votes George
Wallace, Strom Thurmond, and Robert LaFollette received.

Answers:    Wallace: _46_ (accept _41 - 51_)
             Thurmond: _39_ (accept _34 - 44_)
             LaFollette: _13_ (accept _8 - 18_)

(30 points) The U's (ooz) of Burma -- now there's a catchy title
for a bonus. Answer these questions about Burma's famous vowel-named
statesmen for the stated number of points:

a) For 10 points, name the former high school headmaster who became
secretary-general of the United Nations after Dag Hammarskjold's death in

Answer:    U _THANT_        (oo   tahnt)

b) For 20 points, name independent Burma's first prime minister, who had
previously served as a foreign minister in Burma's Japanese-backed World
War II government.

Answer:    U _NU_     (oo     noo)

(30 points) Stanley Kubrick wanted "2001: A Space Odyssey" to be
"the quintessential science-fiction movie." To help him accomplish this,
he had an unearthly soundtrack, none of it composed for the film. For
ten points each, name the work, given its composer and the context that
it was used for in 2001.

a) The composer is Aram Khachaturian, and the context is Frank Poole's
jogging routine in the rotating drum of the spaceship Discovery.

Answer:   _ADAGIO_ from _GAYANE_   (accept Adagio, Gayane, or both)

b) The composer is Georgy Ligeti, and the context is the souvenir
photo-shoot of Tycho Magnetic Anomaly #1, better known as the monolith.

Answer:   _LUX AETERNA_

c) Again, the composer is Georgy Ligeti, and the context is the savage
voices accompanying Dave Bowman on his journey through the monolith.

Answer: _REQUIEM_ For Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two mixed choirs, and

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