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					BYU A Questions
October 25, 1995
Packet Editor: Bryce Inouye
Writers: Bryce Inouye, Norm Gillespie, Craig Harman, Eric Carlson


1. Originally a precinct sacred to an obscure hero, this place was later used as
a gymnasium. The general Kimon planted olive groves here, and only a century later
did it receive worldwide fame. When Aristotle was denied the presidency of the
school, he went to Macedon to tutor the prince. FTP, what was this famous school
founded by Plato?
Answer: The _Academy_

2. He was a gun runner and a pamphleteer. He was also a known activist throughout
his career and in 1777 founded The Society of Dramatic Authors for the protection
of dramatist's rights. Although he taught music to Louis XV's daughter and served
in the court as both an official and secret envoy, he supported the rebels in the
American Revolution with weapons and munitions. FTP, name this playwright whose
then subversive works were later adapted into operas by Mozart and Rossini.
Answer: Pierre Caron de _Beaumarchais_

3. Some of the guide fossils for this geologic time period include brachiopods,
pelecypods, sponges, and coral. Land was invaded, insects and amphibians appeared
and continents congregated around the earth's southern pole, during, FTP, what
geologic period commonly nicknamed the "Age of Fishes" that followed the Silurian
Answer: _Devonian_ period

4. This author's first novel of social realism, which featured the character Marcia
Gaylord and her husband Bartley Hubbard, was considered daring for its open treatment
of divorce. His best novel, published in serial form from 1884 to 1885 in The
Century, chronicles the life of an American paint manufacturer in late nineteenth
century Boston. FTP, identify this author of _A Modern Instance_ and _The Rise of
Silas Lapham_.
Answer: William Dean _Howells_

5. Stories of this woman are derived from Ctesias and the Greek historians, with
elements of the Ishtar myth mixed in. She is probably based on the historical widow
of Shamshi-Adad V who ruled after his death for three years. FTP, name this
semi-legendary wife of Ninus and co-founder of Babylon.
Answer: _Semiramis_

6. Harold is the author of The Anxiety of Influence and The Western Canon. Allan
was a professor of social thought at the University of Chicago, noted translator
of Plato and Rousseau and author of The Closing of the American Mind. FTP, give
the common last name, also shared by Milo, longtime compatriot of Opus the Penguin.
Answer: _Bloom_

7. These types of solutions most commonly arise when a hot solution of a solid at
equilibrium concentration in a liquid is allowed to cool. An example of a gaseous
solution in this state is an unopened can of soda. FTP, identify this unstable
situation, in which introduction of a small seed crystal will cause crystallization
until equilibrium is attained.
Answer:   _Supersaturation_ or _supersaturated_ solution.

8. Driven into the Lebanon mountains in the 7th century, this originally
monotheistic Christian sect has retained Eastern rites and the use of Syriac in their
liturgy despite formal ties to Rome. FTP, name this Christian sect comprising about
20% of the Lebanese population.
Answer: _Maronites_

9. The only naturally occurring one is IAA, or indoleacetic acid. In 1926, Dutch
physiologist Fritz Went suggested their existence after performing the following
experiment: He cut off the tips of several plants and placed their cut surfaces
in contact with agar, then discarded the tips and placed small pieces of the agar
on one side of the stumps, which grew away from the side on which the agar block
was placed. He named the agent which caused this growth with a Greek word meaning
“growth”. FTP, name these hormones which cause plant growth.
Answer: _Auxins_

10. This word appeared in Charles Graves' _Thin Blue Line_, the author having heard
it on an airfield in Yorkshire during WW II. The term was popularized when RAF pilots
used it to attribute mysterious faults in the engines of their planes to imaginary
elves. FTP, what are these critters who were featured in a movie by Joe Dante of
the same name?
Answer: _Gremlins_

11. Championed by Vachel Lindsay and best known as a poet, he wrote a series of
stories about Simple, a street-smart resident of Harlem. A major figure of the
Harlem Renaissance, his autobiographies are titled The Big Sea and I Wonder as I
Wander. FTP, identify this author of the poem which provided the title for Lorraine
Hansberry's Raisin in the Sun.
Answer: Langston _Hughes_

12. Developed in the fifth century .C., it was used mainly for social and business
purposes, but later was employed in religious and literary use as well. This form
of writing ran from left to right in horizontal lines, and continued to be employed
by the priests of Isis as late as 452 A.D. FTP, name this simplified form of
hieroglyphics, one of three languages found on the Rosetta stone.
Answer: _Demotic_

13.    Found in seven species ranging from Africa to Malaysia and China, these members
of the family Maidae are distinguished by their horny, overlapping body scales. The
long-tailed variety can have 46 or 47 vertebrae in the tail, a record for mammals.
FTP, name these unusual insectivores.
Answer: _Pangolins_

14. Its first home was in London. Then plans were made to move to Westchester
County, New York and Fairfield County, Connecticut, and temporary headquarters were
set up on the Bronx campus of Hunter College. After local protests, it moved
temporarily to Lake Success, New York, before John D. Rockefeller Jr. donated a
17-acre tract on the East River to serve as the home. FTP, what 50 year-old
organization is this?
Answer: _United Nations_

15. In July 1816, a government vessel bound for Senegal was wrecked; only fifteen
of 149 passengers survived. A scandal arose because of the incompetence of the
captain, who owed his appointment to the support of the monarchy. A young artist
took interest in the case, interviewing survivors, reading newspapers, and painting
corpses and guillotined heads in preparation for, FTP, what 1819 work, a momumental
canvas by the young painter Gericault?
Answer: The Raft of the _Medusa_

16. It is one of the few contributions of engineering to theoretical physics. First
proposed in 1824 and named for its French developer, it consists of two isothermal
and two adiabatic processes. FTP, name this cycle, which gives the maximum
efficiency of a real engine operating between two temperatures.
Answer: _Carnot_ cycle

17. Many place-name endings influenced by Old Norse are located in the northeast
part of England, including Northumbria, areas around Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby,
and Leicester, and East Anglia. This is because in the Treaty of Wedmore, signed
in 878 by King Alfred of Wessex and Guthrum, the Danish leader, the Danes agreed
to, FTP, what territory located behind a line running from near present-day Chester
to London?
Answer: the _Danelaw_

18. The theme of the poem is a voyage which ends with its beginning, and important
passages are the crossing of the Alps in book 6 and the ascent of Mount Snowdon at
the beginning of the final book. It ends with the poet at home in the Vale of
Grasmere. FTP, name this fourteen-book poem, subtitled “Growth of a Poet’s Mind”,
the autobiographical masterpiece of William Wordsworth.
Answer: _The Prelude_

19. It is based on Ferenc Molnar's "Liliom" and enjoyed a recent revival at Lincoln
Center in New York. It features such songs as "Blow High, Blow Low," "This Was A
Real Nice Clambake," and "You'll Never Walk Alone." FTP, name this Rodgers and
Hammerstein musical.
Answer: _Carousel_

20. His writings include _The Gases of the Atmosphere_ and _Elements and Electrons_.
While professor of chemistry at Bristol and at University College, London, he worked
with Lord Rayleigh in discovering argon in 1894. Later elements he obtained include
xenon, krypton, neon, and helium. FTP, name this Scottish winner of the 1904 Nobel
Prize in Chemistry.
Answer: Sir William _Ramsay_

21. The top line of his resume now reads "children's book author". With
illustrations by his daughter, in 1995 this man published The Little Baby
Snoogle-Fleejer, about a sea monster that befriends a boy. This all comes on top
of his previous experience as a poet, lecturer at Emory University, leader of an
effort to eradicate a parasite in Africa, member of Habitat for Humanity, and
freelance diplomat extraordinaire. FTP, name this Georgia peanut farmer.
Answer: Jimmy _Carter_

22. Europa Flats, Windmill Hill Flats, O'Hara's Tower and Little Bay are some of
the geographic features that characterize, FTP, what three-mile long British
territory surmounted by "The Rock".
Answer: _Gibraltar_

23.   "Arabs" convict Congressman -- no, this isn't a strange twist on the World Trade
Center, but rather a potential summary of a 1978 to 1981 investigation in which six
members of the House and a Senator were convicted of taking bribes from a fake Arab
sheikh. FTP, name this FBI investigation criticized for its entrapment-like methods.
Answer: _ABSCAM_

24. Jim Gordon made music history in 1993 by becoming the only convicted murderer
to win a Grammy. Convicted in 1983 for killing his mother with a hammer, he received
his award through the mail, for a song he co-wrote in 1970. FTP, name this rock
classic, always on the top five of all time list, which Gordon wrote with Eric Clapton
as members of Derek and the Dominoes.
Answer: _Layla_

25. Biological populations tend to grow exponentially at first, but then level off.
Ultimately it will stabilize at a particular size in a particular place for a given
species. FTP, give the two word phrase which denotes this level, often symbolized
by a capital K, and which you may also see posted inside of elevators.
Answer: _Carrying capacity_

26. This word means the rod on which flax, wool, or other materials are wound or
spinning, and has been used to refer to traditional "women's work." It is also used
as an adjective to refer to the female, and especially the maternal, side of a family.
FTP, what is this seven-letter word?
Answer: _Distaff_


1. Schliemann's excavations in Turkey unearthed what most scholars now believe to
be the actual site of Troy. Answer the following, 10 each:
1. At what hill did Schliemann dig to find the ruins of Troy?
Answer: _Hissarlik_
2. Schliemann dug right down through this layer, designated with a number and
letter, which most modern archaeologists believe to be the most likely candidate
for the Troy of the Trojan War.
Answer: Troy _7A_ or _VII A_
3. Later, Schliemann unearthed the foundations of a magnificent palace at Tiryns,
the city whose Cyclopean walls were ranked by Pausanias as one of the wonders of
the ancient world. Tiryns was supposedly the birthplace of what mythical Greek hero?
Answer: _Heracles_

2. Science can be intimidating. For five points each, and a five point bonus for
all five, identify the following works meant to bring science to the layman.
a) Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland and One Two Three...Infinity
Answer: George _Gamow_
b) The Immense Journey and Darwin's Century
Answer: Loren _Eiseley_
c) QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter
Answer: Richard _Feynman_
d) Chaos
Answer: James _Gleick_
e) The Emperor's New Mind
Answer: Roger _Penrose_
3. In Norse mythology, the universe was divided into nine worlds. Name these, 10
1. Described as a place of mist, cold, and darkness, it was the site of the fountain
Hvergelmir, from which flow the twelve rivers of Elivagar. Containing Nastrond,
the Norse equivalent of Tartarus, this was the lowest of the nine worlds.
Answer: _Niflheim_
2. This land of the giants, with its chief city of Utgard, was ruled over by
Answer: _Jotunheim_
3. The home of the flame spirits, it is separated by Andlang from Godheim, where
the Aesir dwelt. It was the home of the fire giants ruled by Surtr.
Answer: _Muspellheim_

4. If there's an physical effect being asked in quiz bowl, it must be named after
a scientist. Name these, 15 each:
1. The phenomenon of electrical conduction between an incandescent filament and
an independent cold electrode contained in the same envelope, when the second
electrode is made positive with reference to a part of the filament.
Answer: The _Edison_ effect
2. When an atomic nucleus emits a gamma ray photon, it must recoil to conserve linear
momentum. When an atom is firmly bound in a crystal lattice and cannot recoil, the
momentum is taken up by the whole lattice.
Answer: The _Mossbauer_ effect

5. Identify this wacky fellah:
30: During World War II, he worked for the Office of Scientific Research and
Development on such doomed projects as training pigeons to guide missiles.
20: Probably one of the nuttiest men ever to teach at Harvard, he raised his daughter
in a mechanically controlled environment called an "air crib" for the first two years
of her life.
10: His many books, such as _Beyond Freedom and Dignity_ and _Walden Two_ brought
his Behaviorist views to the general public.
Answer: Burrhus Frederic (B.F.) _Skinner_

6. For ten points each, identify the Dickens novel from the following first lines.
If you need another clue, you will receive only five points.
a) 10: "Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that
station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show."
     5: The title character marries Dora Spenlow and Agnes Wickfield.
Answer: _David Copperfield_
b) 10: "London. Michelmas term lately over, and the Lord Chancellor sitting in
Lincoln's Inn Hall. Implacable November weather."
     5: The plot concerns an interminable law case.
Answer: _Bleak House_
c) 10: "An ancient English Cathedral Town? How can the ancient English Cathedral
town be here! The well-known massive grey square tower of its old Cathedral? How
can it be here!"
     5: You may not have known the first line, but the last line is even harder,
since Dickens left this work unfinished.
Answer: _The Mystery of Edwin Drood_

7. Before Watergate, before Iran-Contra, there was Teapot Dome.
Answer the following:
a) For five points, name the Secretary of the Interior who secretly leased the oil
reserves of Teapot Dome without competitive bidding.
Answer: Albert . _Fall_
b) For five points, name the Secretary of the Navy who Fall persuaded to transfer
control of the reserves from the Navy to the Interior.
Answer: Edwin _Denby_
c) For five points each, name the private oil producers to whom Fall leased the
Answer: Edward F. _Doheny_ and Harry F. _Sinclair_
d) For a final ten points, name the California naval reserve which was also leased
along with Teapot Dome.
Answer: _Elk Hills_

8. Sum the following infinite series for ten points each.
a) The sum from n equals zero to infinity of x to the n over n factorial
Answer: _e to the x_
b) The sum from n equals zero to infinity of negative one to the n times x to the
two n over two n factorial.
Answer: _cosine x_
c) The sum from n equals one to infinity of one over n squared.
Answer: _pi squared over 6_

9. Identify the following terms from music, 10 each:
1. Latin for "fixed song", it is the main melody which is used as the theme for
polyphonic vocal music, and is prominent in Monteverdi.
Answer: _Cantus firmus_
2. This vocal style emphasizes excellence of sound and performance and is Italian
for "beautiful singing".
Answer: _Bel Canto_
3. The bass line of Bach's Air on the G String is frequently and erroneously played
pizzicatto. Players should instead follow this other Italian term, meaning "with
the bow".
Answer: (Col) _Arco_

10. Name these works of Thomas Carlyle, 10 each:
1. It was first published in 1836 in America, where Carlyle's follower Emerson had
prepared an enthusiastic audience for it. It consists of the life and opinions of
an imaginary philosopher, Professor Diogenes Teufelsdrockh, whose name translates
as "God-begotten Devil's Dung".
Answer: _Sartor Resartus_
2. Although later critics have called it a drama or prose epic rather than history,
Carlyle did intensive research in producing this 1837 work. A history in 3 parts,
its central motif is the nemesis that follows upon the oppression of the poor.
Answer: _The French Revolution_
3. This 1841 essay and lecture collection explained his advocacy of the need for
a strong figure as a nation's leader as the best cure for society's problems.
Answer: _On Heroes, Hero Worship, and the Heroic in History_

11. Even if you haven't read Alexander Pope's "Essay on Criticism," chances are
you know parts of it. Given one line of a heroic couplet from the essay, give the
missing line, for ten points each.
a) "Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring"
Answer: _"A little learning is a dangerous thing"_
b) "Good nature and good sense must ever join;"
Answer: _"To err is human, to forgive divine"_
c) "Nay, fly to altars, there they'll talk you dead;"
Answer: _"For fools rush in where angels fear to tread."_

12. Identify the place, 30-20-10
30- Willy Loman reports that he gets just a little past this city in Act I, Scene
1 of _Death of a Salesman_
20- It is the setting for Hello, Dolly.
10- Neil Simon showed us how to get "Lost in" this city.
Answer: _Yonkers_, New York

13. Given the first line of a nineteenth century historical document, give the
title, an author, and year it was written for five points each.
a) "A spectre is haunting Europe"
Answer: _Communist Manifesto_, Karl _Marx_ or Friedrich _Engels_,
b) "A court-martial has dared, by command, to acquit a man like Esterhazy, thus
dealing a supremely insolent blow to all truth and justice."
Answer: _J'Accuse_ or _I Accuse_, Emile _Zola_, _1898_

14. In 1839, Lord Durham issued a report, now known as the "Magna Carta of the
colonies," which recommended the union of Upper and Lower Canada and the granting
of full self-government.
a) The Dominion of Canada was created in partial fulfillment of Durham's
recommendation. For ten points, name the act which accomplished this.
Answer: _British North America Act_
b) The British North America Act divided Canada into four provinces. For five
points each, name them.
Answer: _Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec_

15. We all know Banquo, Macduff, and Fleance in Shakespeare's "Macbeth", but for
a trivial thirty points, name the three familiars of the Weird Sisters, and
traditionally what type of creatures they are, for five points each.
Answer: _Paddock, Graymalkin, and Harpier_ are _frog, cat, and bird or harpy_

16. Yes, you know about umbras, penumbras, and the like. But can you identify these
eclipse terms for ten points each.
a) The eclipse of a star other than the sun by the moon.
Answer: _Occultation_
b) The eclipse of the sun by Mercury or Venus.
Answer: _Transit_
c) The period of slightly longer than 18 years of eclipse cycles.
Answer: _Saros_

17. Name these American painters, 10 each:
1. A partner of Pater Maverick, he did an engraving of Trumbull's painting, "The
Declaration of Independence". A founder of the Hudson River School, his most famous
work, titled "Kindred Spirits", shows Thomas Cole and William Cullen Bryant looking
over a romantic landscape.
Answer: Asher B. _Durand_
2. At the urging of Joshua Reynolds and Benjamin West, he settled in England. He
did genre scenes, such as "Boy with Squirrel", but is better known for historical
works, such as "the Death of Major Peirson". His most famous narrative painting
is in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
Answer: John Singleton _Copley_
3. This pupil of Thomas cole is nearly as well known for his mansion named Olana
on the Hudson River as he is for any of his exotic landscapes, such as paintings
of the South American volcano Cotopaxi and the Parthenon.
Answer: Frederick _Church_

18. History is filled with would-be assassins. Given a would-be assassin, name
the famous person he or she tried to assassinate for ten points each. If you need
the year of the attempt, you will
receive five points.
a) 10-Joseph Zangara
      5- 1933
Answer: _F.D._ (Franklin Delano) _Roosevelt_
b) 10-Arther Bremer
      5- 1972
Answer: George _Wallace_
c) 10- Sarah Jane Moore
     5- 1975
Answer: Gerald _Ford_

19. Identify the following geographically derived culinary names for ten points
a) Cooked, and particularly fried, with onions.
Answer: a la _Lyonnaise_
b) A hot creamy sauce made from butter, egg yolks and vinegar or lemon juice,
flavored with shallots, tarragon, chervil, and thyme.
Answer: _Bearnaise_
c) In French cuisine, a dish cooked with spinach, usually in a mornay sauce. The
term is particularly applied to eggs, fish, and white meat.
Answer: a la _Florentine_

20. Everyone here should know that the code name fo the Normandy invasion was
"Overlord," but for ten points each, can you supply the code name for these other
World War Two operations?
a) Anglo-American invasion of North Africa
Answer: _Torch_
b) Hitler's planned amphibious invasion of England
Answer: _Sea Lion_
c) Allied invasion of Sicily
Answer: _Husky_

21. OK Funnies fans, for five points each, name the creators of the following comics
or comic strips for the stated number of points.
a) For five points, Beetle Bailey.
Answer: Mort _Walker_
b) For ten points, Hagar the Horrible.
Answer: Dik _Browne_
c) For fifteen points, The Katzenjammer Kids.
Answer: Rudolph _Dirks_

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